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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Back To The Drawing Board

We are basking in the afterglow of Christmas in our wee cottage on Curry Road. It was a wonderful time filled with family...and yes even a bit of creating (family needs their wee folk also). One would think that the days following, would be perfect for putting the feet up and hanging a vacation sign up on the online venues. Holiday handmade show season is finished for everyone...but the Trade Shows are just getting fired up. Trade show or no; it is a rare day that pens, needles,brushes or sculpting tools will sit idle all together in this home. There is always one tool in use at some time during the day or night. A dead giveaway of a truly creative soul.

Creating has always been a part of my soul, drumming to it's own beat and never mindful of weekends, holidays or even to be containing itself to a 40 hour work week. It tags along on vacations and soothes me when I am sick. It is known to have me jump out of bed at odd hours to dance a bit with my journal.  I am fortunate that although Tim can't fully grasp how the gears all work in my head....he sees the joy that wraps around me and is ever beside.

I am literally back to the drawing board as the February show is just around the corner. Tim shakes his head and keeps me fed as I sit for hours drawing. Yes...hours. The concepts may come quickly, but the inking can take many hours. It is delicate and non forgiving; but when complete, it reveals my heart and soul.  These inked labors of love will go on to become many things .... but best of all, they will bring more smiles than I can visualize.

It's dark now, and I am enjoying the glow of our tree as I write. The day has been full of orders to pack and drawings to work on. It's time for a hot cup of tea and my drawing board once again. Well...perhaps I'll take a few minutes to put together a custard pie before I sit to draw. We don't have such treats often...but tonight I am feeling a bit nostalgic. I'm missing the winter of a different time when I would sit at my Gram's table after dinner and draw, as she would make a custard to take the evening chill off from the house. It is a fine season indeed and no matter how much the creating part of me may rule, there are new memories to make in this wee cottage on Curry Road.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Making Christmas

Tim and I are celebrating a year together. When I sat my suitcase down last year, and two unruly pups walked in with me, it was a whole different house. There were three rooms in chaos as sheet rock and paint were coming together. We simply celebrated how we could, but mostly we celebrated being under the same roof. It took years and faith to be together, but it was right.

This year we are settled in and even though there is chaos still, it is of a different sort. There has been a big show in Ohio, a wave of wee folk that have been adopted as never before....and pattern orders that have not slowed down in December as they usually do. In it all, we are trying to find our way as to making the Holiday season ours by making our own traditions. It is our hope that some day, the kids will take from them as they start their own families.

It didn't take much arm twisting to decide that the theater is one thing that we would like to keep doing. Last year we saw the Albany Repertory Production of "A Christmas Story" and we loved it.  After a couple years of a slow economy and a reminder that supporting our area small business would help and create jobs, why not make the theater top of our list? The arts usually have the biggest and first cuts. We are just outside the city, why not take advantage of it all? This year, it was off to Proctors Theater (which has a long history of it's own) and "A Miracle On 34th Street".  I'm loving it all! This small town country girl has had a wonderful time seeing the city light up this holiday and I'm loving the window displays!

One tradition now has a great start. Now for our Christmas. Christmas Eve is spent with Tim's family and is always great fun. A dish to pass, gifts to exchange and babies to enjoy! Our Christmas day will be one of travel, as long as roads are passable, we will be there for my Mom and my girls. 

It is our Christmas Day meal that we have long pondered. Tim is Irish, I am a good mix of Scottish, Irish and Welsh....but mostly Italian. We decided that Christmas dinner should be a wink and a nod to the Irish/Scottish and Welsh  side of things. So off we go today, to see the local butcher to order our leg of lamb.We will make a side of colcannon and decide upon our dessert. It will all fall into place and we are both full of happiness, not only to be celebrating as a couple, but in starting our own traditions. Not to mention, supporting our local businesses. The circle goes round as we put our earnings into small businesses as many of my customers have done for me. Thank you everyone, for all of your orders and adoptions. You have kept me working and made it possible for us to  in turn keep others working or possibly creating jobs. I can't help but think that while it is nice to make Christmas for ourselves, we've done a greater thing by making so much more for others.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Blessings and Fate

I love olde pictures. Scratch that... I love olde things, especially pictures. I've adopted many a tintype, cabinet card and even given large framed portrait or two a home with me. Tim will often pick at me and tell me that these aren't even my family.... All the better, I say! I love to have them surround me, to wonder about their life or how they spent their days.  I hope that they find comfort here, knowing that they are loved and not forgotten.
Blessings has been a piece that I have wanted to make for myself, for several years now. I decided that it was time to take on this project when I came across these wings~how perfect are they?  She turned out so sweet, that I just had to share her on TDIPT. She is full of timeworn sweetness that touches my heart. I was reminded as I was giving her those wings; of a picture my Grandmother kept in her room. Mother and child, clipped from an olde postcard perhaps? Wrapped just so, with satin and velvet creating their background and clothing. There is beauty in the simplicity of it and most likely a story within the fabric scraps used. It was old when I was little, and now brings new meaning. Simple items within the home can become the biggest treasures. I look at Blessings and see many more possibilities in creating time captured angels and I am excited! From sweet to whimsy, my noggin is full of ideas that I have been writing in my journal the past couple mornings.  

Blessings refused to be photographed last night for TDIPT. Try as I may this morning, she didn't want any part of it until late. I have struggled whether to just keep her here with me, or offer her online. I finally decided to let fate show her the way home, be it mine or another. She is a good sized hanging; a nice 30 inches from bow to toe. Her wingspan is just over 17. I can only offer her to my US friends ~ with shipping and insurance she would be $40.00.
Until fate decides, she will hang hear at the bottom of the stairs where she can keep watch of our family. Should you want her to live with you, simply drop me a line at: thegoodewife.folkart@yahoo.com.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Small Show Love

Yesterday we did the last show of 2011. This was the second year that I have done this show in Canajoharie. It's small and delightful, hosted by the Arkell Museum. As you can see, we were a bit punchy. Yes, the silly bald man is in his glory here as I hurriedly make any last minute adjustments before the doors open.

I love shows, big and small. A young man stopped by my booth with camera in hand. He had, "The LOOK".  It is the reason that I love doing shows. You can see an instant connection being made; first in the eyes and then with the smile. It doesn't matter if they purchase anything, it is simply, "The LOOK" that makes all those long hours and sandwiches for dinner worth it all. He politely asked if he could photograph the booth and I for the local paper.....well of course! After photos and an interview, he had to bring one of my paper ornaments to live with him. He picked a wee little mouse in Regency dress that he had been eyeing through the whole interview. After he left, I thought back to one of his questions. He asked which I liked doing better, the really big shows or the small ones like this? Both was my reply. I am thankful to be invited to do the big shows, travel and meet people that I have enjoyed for many years in books and magazines. I have made many wonderful friends and we all gather at these shows, like family ~ enjoying catching up with everyone.  It is the small shows, though, that make my heart smile. To see the connection made; to enjoy the friends and family that stop by (especially when they bring pizza)...to give back to the community and people that gave me my humble beginnings. 

I am beyond excited as I look ahead and put my plans for 2012 in motion. Today, I will start some of my paper works for the first and biggest show of next year....opening in less than 2 months. The paper works will be where most of my time will be spent for a few months, but I am excited to plan a few pattern releases and  a sculpted Wee Folk or two. As Spring breaks out in new leaves and birdsong, I will be planning all the local shows. This Goode Wife can't wait to meet friends, family, and mostly watch for that look to come across so many faces.  

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh What Fun!

Even though I haven't been feeling too well this past month, I've had plenty to keep my busy. From commissioned work to an amazing amount of pattern orders~ my days remain full. Add to it, some show scouting for next year, and POOF a month has just vanished!

 I'm just finishing the last of  the wee folk and my last show of the season is Saturday. If you are in the region, it's at the Arkell, a wonderful little Art museum in Canajoharie. The area is beautiful. The show is this Saturday, the 10th from 11-4.  There is plenty to see and do there, a perfect way to spend the afternoon! Please do stop in and say hello~ I'd love to see you.

That said, I'm getting excited, not just for the Holidays, but for my new work that I will begin in earnest on December 26th. Already, I have been making notes, drawing and gathering supplies. 

As you can see, sometimes I'm a bit indecisive about what I want and have to put it on paper and see how they play out. Just like the fabric wee folk, these take on a life of their own at times. This is just the beginning of their journey. They will go on to Monahan Papers and then who knows. There is excitement in that! I am discovering a different world and am so inspired. I will settle down though and with my plan for next year in hand, I will begin to set it in motion, just before the New Year begins. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Changes....for now

I have written briefly about some changes I am making in my work...and I have been working on them....a little slower than I planned, but getting there. It seems that it is simply my turn to get a real good cold. I haven't had one in years, so you can bet this one has been ...nothing short of a grand one! That said, and finally feeling like I am truly on the mend... I will share the important stuff.

You will probably see some of my finished wee folk online a little heavier than usual during the holiday season. It is a great chance to adopt;  most some are one of a kind or limited....and I won't be revisiting them anytime soon.  I want to get them adopted as I am making time and way for my paper folk along with a few new things. I will be heading to the Market Square Gallery in February. The stuf 't wee folk need to take a back seat for now as I have lots of work ahead for me. It doesn't mean that I am done making wee folk, so never fear. I will be trying to put out some new patterns  as I concentrate on my work for the show, but I will not be making finished,stuf 't wee folk for online sales like I have been. At least not for quite awhile.

Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and see where you land. I wish there was enough of me to do all that I love with my creating...but in order to reach my goals, I have to adjust my time and creating to fit. I love this journey in paper and I have been given some great opportunities to share my wee friends here. Goode things do really come to those who wait...and my close friends and family will tell you that I have been waiting many years to be able to have the opportunity to draw and share as I have now. I am very happy that they will truly be all made in America, something that has been a difficult task. Perhaps though if I am very, very lucky, they will also help create more jobs here also...now wouldn't that just be the ultimate?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Simple Goods Show

I've watched the Simple Goods Show since it's very beginning and it has been on my "bucket list" since the photos of that very first show. Candy and Max have grown this show to be a very special event. I cannot tell you how honored I was when Angie asked me to be a part of this show, I don't know who was more excited for the chance to meet in person after a longtime online friendship, Angie Sutter or I! .
It was a long drive to Ohio...nearly 10 hours. We found a lovely diner to enjoy and meet up with Stephanie from Monahan Papers. It would take four of us to get this booth set up and filled!
I came in and found this beautiful sign that Candy made for me! That was just the beginning of the spoiling! The booths were all amazing, the meals were sooo good. We don't have the homemade noodle dishes like this in New York, so this girl was in heaven! Add to it,the Facebook friends and it made for one big family. I met up with some trade show friends and buyers. I can't tell you just how amazing it was! I know I will forget someone if I try and list them; but to all my friends that stopped by to see me and say hello, I miss you already! Angie, Jake and Mariah were right there for us and for anything we needed. I wish you were all closer, but then....we would be dangerous!
 There was a thirty foot blend of Monahan Papers and The Goode Wife. It was a chance for me to see my images printed in different ways and oh! The stamps! They were so fun! I am excited to be moving forward this way, and I will share more about that in another post, but for now, here are some booth pictures~

I love the antique wrap cutter, Stephanie has some wonderful display props.

The feather trees are beautiful, I loved the colors that were used.

There were even mini feather trees, to make vignettes.

You couldn't walk through our booth quickly, as there were so many items tucked in and about. You could always spot something that you missed at first glance.

I've done a version of this ticking mouse for over 6 years, but last winter, he evolved to a point that really speaks well to my heart. Both he and his sister have some new Holiday personalities, that still need a little nip and tuck, so they will make their appearance online.

Stephanie brought the glass display cases for the mice and elephant. I love how they look in them!

And a final look at the feather tree adorned with the new paper ornies, wax ones and dried oranges.
Thank you everyone for your well wishes, warm hugs and goode friendships. I had a wonderful time and have wonderful memories. 

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Busy Season

The wee Cottage on Curry Road, looks calm and serene from the outside, but since July, it has been a flurry of activity inside. The economy has been slow, but there is a big demand for handmade in America and patterns.... oh the patterns! Add to this regular family needs and a big show in November...and you have madness~ goode madness. I just can't seem to ever be caught up with pattern orders, but you will find no complaints here. I am also trying to get some drawings in to make some very special ornies for the show. They will be a part of the 2012 paper line at Monahan Papers ~ and I hope just the beginnings of fun paper dolls and kits just as a start. Oh the possibilities! This gal is Meg, inspired by my love of Louisa May Alcott and Little Women. She will make her formal and finished appearance on November.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Promises Kept

I am so amazed at the feedback that I have received on my paper journey. I have thought long and hard as to how I want to walk this path that has gone before me...and make it truly my own.  If you had asked me a year ago, if I would be working with my designs in this way, I would have thought that I didn't have a clue or want to do anything like this. I promised my Father, before he passed away, that I would share more than my dolls...I would share my sculpting and drawing. As I bring these wee mousies to life as ornaments, I see that beyond a promise kept, I am growing in directions that I would have never guessed. I am loving it along with adding a creative dash of my heart to them. I wonder now.....did he know? 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Paper Doll Fun

Today on TDIPT, I have two offerings. Not the usual for me, but fun nevertheless. The images are from my private collection, but I am sharing them for some really fun things for 2012...but that is another story.Until that story is ready to unfold, I wanted to play around with these people. I wanted to explore how someone else can add a bit of themselves to a paper doll and make them a reflection of who they are. Now, I'm not sure just how many of you would sit and make a coif... but, she would look great with a black mask, a funny Santa hat...you got it!

The photos of this era were just so serious, that giving them some lighthearted fun seems at least celebrate them. This way, they are not forgotten. I've often sat and thought about this woman and how hard her life must of been. I think about the childbearing, the laundry and the fields plowed. I would hope that she would be smiling down, knowing that she is embraced  and enjoyed by so many.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Goode Things Ahead!

I'm so excited, I can hardly keep everything under my hat...but I have to! Oh there is so much ahead on this journey and I know you will be just as excited as everything moves forward. If you are on the "Made In America" train, you will most certainly be pleased that there are companies out there, working hard to keep the economy forward.  Long hours, little sleep and lots of sweat equity follow a huge leap of Faith. We are two such people, both bringing something to the table, and the feedback has been amazing. Okay...and a little scary as we both find that neither of us has been prepared for the number of orders and inquiries as we play around with images, designs and ideas.

I am pleased to have my graphics going places that I never dreamed of, through the hard work of Monahan Papers. Above is a picture of the new wrap paper done on craft paper. The plain roll  to the far right is much bigger~ 50 ft, but the fun starts with YOU as it is your blank canvas to stamp and create. Click on the picture to visit the blog with all of the wonderful information on the wrap paper.  After that,  stop by Monahan Papers to see more goodies. You will probably want to bookmark both places to be on top of all the new things for 2012.

 A special congratulations to Linda Heard of Lindowen's American Country. Linda has the first order shipping out! Linda has been a dear friend; she has had the opportunity to watch us grow through the years, both separately  and now as Print Company and Designer. She's watched our growing pains and is always there cheering us on. Woohoo! I can't wait to stop by and visit!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Decisions & Dollhouses

My life has changed so much since last Winter. I'm in awe of it sometimes. A few posts ago, I wrote about how difficult it was to let my daughters decide where they wanted to live and go to school. It was a difficult decision for two girls that have friends and family along with small town life. It was just as difficult for a single Mom, who had always had her children close to her side. Choices are not always easy.  Sometimes, you have to walk a bit down the road and look back to see if it was the right thing to do. I was amazed at the emails by other women, such as myself, that went through the same thing. Sometimes, you need to be the voice and say that it's okay that life isn't perfect and living differently than what others perceive as normal, does not make you a bad person. As women and mother's, we feel judged if we don't walk a path that other's feel would define whether or not we were good. Oh heck,I never led a normal life, why start now? As long as it works for my family and I, it is the right choice. 

The changes are still evolving. After nearly 20 years of being a caregiver along with that of a single Mom...I have been adjusting to leaving the caregiver roll; becoming once again, just a daughter. It has come in steps and I can't begin to tell you what a joy it is. There has been a weight off my shoulders to know that there are wonderful caregivers and aides for my Mom. She simply needed more than one person 24/7 and an aide for a couple hours each day.  It is not a bad thing to say, "I can't". No matter how well you have done, or how much you love someone in this capacity.....the person may need things that you can't give them.  My Mom has been making wonderful friendships that go beyond a person's job.  She and one of her aides, Ann have become close as they share a love for reading, cooking and QVC. I can spoil her and have been able to make her those special things that she used to cook for us...we chat and talk of friends, family and good times...making goode memories along the way. Yes, it's different, but as I can see over my shoulder, it is better!  

For me, I have also been able to expand my love beyond the wee folk and in different media...I am enjoying it and finding that there aren't enough hours for me to do what I love and keep up with so many orders! In all of this, I am learning how to balance my life a little better. I can do things like hop in the car and visit a friend, or pick up needfuls.  I can make a date with my girls and shop til we drop for a Homecoming dress. What many take for granted, I have a great appreciation for.

The pictures above show one of today's deeds. A fresh coat of whitewash on my beloved doll house (thank you Tim!). It was given to me by a dear friend and holds many memories for my daughter Jesslyn, and myself. It is a reminder of my journey and more than that, it is a piece that has always captured my heart.  There is something about a doll house....sometimes, you just never grow up. My wee friends above are settling  back into their little home. The stove is in place. Although you can't see it in the picture, there is a warm orange glow  from the stove that flickers and keeps the wee home very cozy. Mrs. Flannigan is beside the stove, warming her frog.. Tinker Mouse is looking for the teapot. The clock isn't up on the wall yet, but Tinker is sure that it is time for tea! As she is scurrying about, their friend the Hedge Witch stops by with fresh herbs and some visiting to do. Who says we are too old for this? We have many difficult decisions, so many things that we have to do.. why not simply enjoy a piece of yesterday? Tomorrow will be here whether we do or not. 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Enjoying Fall and Looking Ahead

Oh how I love Fall! The smell of the leaves, the crunch of a crisp Macintosh apple, and the sounds of geese flying South. It's a bit different for me this year, however. I can't look out the windows and see my mountains, but everything else is the same. The cottage has had it's own transformation and is beginning to take on a bit of a well deserved face lift.

I have been spending most of my days packing pattern orders, it is certainly a good year for them and I am still working away on them on a daily basis.  I am trying to balance my work for the Simple Goods Show which is sometimes difficult, but I am so thankful to have work, were many have none.

Beyond that, I have been working on my business plan. I used to do it every 6 months, but with this economy, I need to be able to make quicker changes if need be. So far, it has worked out well and the decisions made for Fall are doing very well.  Forging ahead, I will be expanding my graphics. I am excited to see them in paper and as rubber stamps. Oh how fun to know that my designs will be used by crafters to create the hours away! I can see the handcrafted cards and postcards at Craft Shows and Home Shows. I'd like to see about some specifically for hand tags  or little boxes. I'm also excited to see my designs in fabric. I have lots of ideas for this one and if it works as well as I think, it could be a very cool thing!

I miss the shows very much. They are always my first love, and I will be doing more next year. I've scouted out a few and with careful planning and inventory, I think they will all be a success. I will be pulling in some of my papers as finished items into my booths...along with a few other mediums I am mulling and getting some stats on. Being an Artist, I will be building the designs and making molds of them, verses buying molds from a supplier and having the items be that which anyone can do... the Goode Wife will have her own line! This is still in the very beginning stages, but I hope that in late Winter, you will have some wonderful sneak peeks! 

It's a beautiful day out and there is so much to be done here. I hope that you are enjoying the turn to Fall and all the goode things that it embraces~

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


 Tonight on TDIPT Mercantile, I have only one offering, but deep within it holds so much for me, during these past couple of weeks. She holds within her my love of Puritan Gravestone carvings, and so her name."Remember" seems fitting. To me, it goes deeper especially these past couple of weeks. We will certainly remember the two hurricanes that have left their mark on this area. For me there was a couple of sleepless nights as I had "pump watch" in the basement. We were fortunate not to have the damage that others near us did, and thankful that we are on high enough ground to not worry about an evacuation. Oh yes, I will remember these events and never forget.

This past Sunday was another remembrance, that of the terrorists attacks. My heart has been with so many these past 10 years and it will be for the rest of my life. We will always remember. It's interesting how one inspiration can take such a journey and end up holding so much within an artist's heart.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Answers...I Get Answers.

As our lives change and time goes on, we often have questions that we ask ourselves. "Will I be happy?". "Will I know anyone?". No matter how goode the changes are...there are always questions and perhaps we never voice some, thinking they may be insignificant or silly.  As life changed for me a couple years ago with the passing of my Father, there were difficult decisions that my daughters and I had to make. I was moving an hour and a half South of our home. I wanted the choice of where they lived to be theirs...they are young ladies with good heads on their shoulders. As a child of a Military family, I did not have such choices. As a child moving was full of fun and adventure, but as a teen; I wished for roots and long friendships. Understandably, my daughters wanted to live with their other Grandparents and continue their schooling where they had roots and friends. As a Mom, it was difficult to let go.

As I left the area that I had yearned for when we traveled,  and later settled and raised my daughters; I had many questions. Home is truly where your loved one is and I love my new home...but I knew I would miss the mountains and the wee critters that lived around me. Moving to the Suburbs,would I have the wildlife that I loved so much? Today...I have my answer.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Farewell Irene

In the midst of any storm; you can huddle, plow through or keep things going forward with a lighthearted touch. This is what we returned to as Irene was reaching her peak of torrential rain. We had gone up North to make sure that my Mom and the house would be okay; that emergency supplies were brought out and accessible. We headed home a bit early  on Sunday and just in the nick of time as roads closed. So many of us were under a state of emergency. We were fortunate and fared better than those who lost their homes and their lives. 

I am just working on all my emails and orders as of yesterday~ there are so many! If I haven't answered you yet, I will and have started invoicing. I am behind with the flooding of Irene and the blessing of orders that have poured in. I will extend the Sale until midnight tomorrow. This way, those who have lost power and have attended to homes and families, will perhaps have something to smile and look forward to. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Trying New Things...And Loving It!

It's no surprise that I love to draw. I draw nearly every day in some form. I just never had the itch to take my drawings beyond, leaving that part to others. Perhaps it is just because I had no clue where to even begin! After much thought and with more than one deep breath, I jumped in the paper world yesterday....and I loved it.

It was way too damp to have everything go smoothly and I will tell you that dying crepe paper and tissue paper can be difficult. Tuesday had renegade pieces floating down the streets of Schenectady.....But even with the newbie bumps along the way, I had a great time and I am making a kit for the top Pumpkin Gal for next week....the lovely one in a crepe paper dress will come along, a few issues to correct, but I now have more inspiration and less resistance to this art form and I can see some fun things in the works. Oh yes, like I needed another media to captivate me!

You can see both girls at American Holiday Artists Studio Marketplace this month along with other pieces of fancy from my colleagues.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Site & Pattern Releases!

It is with great pleasure that I announce the opening of my new web site and home to all of my available patterns. (I did retire a couple). You can hitch a ride over by clicking on my Early Homestead Bee. She is one of the new patterns available. There are 7 new releases and a pattern sale to celebrate! There are 3 new non seasonal friends. The bee, above.....
Persephone Pig, dressed in Regency look.
And Esme, the cat. I think she needs a witches for October, though.
My Hedge Witch is a favorite. She is small, but full of personality!
Jeffrey shouldn't be sticking his neck out quite so far...
Dickens is a Holiday cutie!
and everyone's favorite~ the Santa trout!

These patterns along with all the others are on sale at the website only The sale runs for a week and ends on the 31st. Patterns are on sale for 7.00 each! I don't have Paypal buttons up just yet, but you can email me with your order and I will invoice you, or you can order direct with instructions on the home page. Have a goode time creating and enjoy!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Art Reflects Life

Today opens TDIPT Mercantile and with it , two of my friends! Elwood is a fun little Spider and he does indeed reflect my life right now, which is a Circus! Summer brings so many things to do along with times to gather with friends and family. It is a goode Circus around here, but a Circus never less. The concept for Elwood was drawn late last Fall and put away for another Fall. After looking at the sketch and playing around with it a bit more, he truly came to life with a jacket and top hat. The Ring Master was born! 

Out of the past came this gal too. In my very beginnings I had a witch rat called Nat, short for Natalie. Natalie has morphed over the years and was a piece that I would do only for Shows. I took her and revamped her once again, this time taking a more refined Art Doll look. Natasha is freestanding on her wire feet and tail. I am so pleased with how she came out. I was a little fearful with her face proportions, but she worked out beautifully. She is the inspire now, for another Rat friend to come.

I also am pleased to announce that I will be releasing new patterns along with a new site which will be home to all of my patterns. It has been quite the project to put them all together and to celebrate, I think we need a SALE. I am about a week behind in my schedule, so I am hoping that I can open at the end of this week! Keep an eye out here for the latest news and directions for the long awaited arrival~

Thursday, August 4, 2011


It is a very great honor to announce that I have been asked to be a part of the Better Homes and Garden's Holiday Crafts   magazine this year! It was VERY difficult to keep it under wraps since Spring.

 Last week when I was shopping, I saw it in the magazine section of the store~ I thought I still had another month to wait! With shaking hands I noticed the cover featured  a spider by my friend, Cathy Pendleton! You know her best from The Cheswick Company . she has been a favorite friend, colleague and part of the Heritage Show that we did in February until it's ending last year. When I opened the magazine, I was delighted once again to see friend Nancy Malay's snowman pictured on the Editor's page! Such fun~
After some page turning with still shaky hands~ I found it! Eliza's glove! The free pattern is bit bigger than the original and done for Halloween. They did a boo-ti-ful job with it! There are plenty of Fall and Winter projects to keep one busy and I have marked several for myself.  You should find it in your local Walmart, grocery or pharmacy, but if not, I found some here: http://equilter.com/cgi-bin/webc.cgi/st_main.html?catid=329

Ahh, but there is more news too! I am working hard so that by the end of next week, I will have a Picture Trail with ALL of my patterns in it...and some new pattern releases too. To celebrate, I do think there should be a pattern sale! I'm off to complete more pattern masters and get everything ready~ such an exciting time!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Always Learning

I was always the kid with my nose in a book and I loved school. When I was in grade school, I wanted to be an Anthropologist and had dreams of digging up bones, learning how they fit or deciphering Hieroglyphics. My travels as a Military daughter taught me that new places held opportunities, and to open myself to them. There are opportunities to learn about history, people and their spirituality, even if it was different from ours. My later High School and college years would find me engrossed in special classes such as Eastern Religions, the Mayan Culture and Avian Biology. Which I still step back to today. 

Most of my pieces have some kind of research done on them, be it the clothing, history or skeletal structure. My offerings for the new group that I am in, Olde Primitive Peddler, were no exception. I had just finished a commissioned piece for a vintage style elephant pull toy. Where better to go, for an inspire but Steiff? Interestingly enough,  with the antique riders, the trunks were all down and not up. Wasn't that bad luck? You will see Dharma has his trunk down. I learned that the trunk up for luck was pretty much an American idea dating back to approximately the 1920's. A trunk up, held luck, but a trunk down dispensed it....and so, Dharma reflects the elephant toys of old and it is my hope that he dispenses tons of luck in his new home. 

In the days of old, many a Healer or Midwife was accused of being a witch. They often lived outside of a village and near the hedges...or edges of a forest, where they could gather their barks and healing plants for their medicines. These brave women were sometimes called, Hedge Witches. This wise gal is made purposely with twig arms and legs; and dressed in humble fabrics made from cotton and linen. She holds my spirit in all that she is. 

Finally, my offering for Simply Primitives. I am certainly learning a new dance here...how to have enough offerings for 2 sites that open on the same date! It will all come together in time. Esme is made in primitive and early style. A favorite of mine. She is a bigger door greeter and I love that expressions can be meaningful and so very simply executed.  

Now the cleanup begins, some research starts alongside my creativity. Always learning... I like that.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fall Whispers

My mind is ever on the smells of apples, pumpkins and fallen leaves. Oh, how I wish someone could bottle the true smell of fallen leaves on a crisp Fall day! I enjoy every season, but Fall has always been a favorite and I love Halloween. 

When we were given the theme of Falloween on American Holiday Artists, I already had two wee folk in process and I've been excited to finish them. As each wee folk comes to life, I give thanks to be able to do this from my home. I've done the Power Suits, Conferences and business luncheons...I'm glad to spend my 60 plus hours a week right at work, not on a plane, locked in rush hour gridlock or trapped in a cubicle.

 I've never worked harder or longer ...or loved every minute more. Sure there are days that I'm buried under paperwork or pushed to work round the clock to meet a deadline and balance the rest of my life. I don't have sick time or get a paid vacation, I often don't have weekends or Holidays.........but I have watched my girls grow to young ladies. I've been to most every school event raising my hand in sign for "I Love You", so they could pick me out and know I was near. I've been able to run forgotten papers to the school at a moment's notice, driven them to school with a project bigger than they were.....and shared lunch in the Cafeteria.  Track and Field Hockey meets, Potlucks and Chorus Recitals; all made possible by my parents who gave me the opportunity.

 I had to lessen my work for nearly three years, but I have memories and time spent that are priceless. I know my Dad watches down as there are changes ahead for me...and so my black Falloween cat, Cedara is my way of paying it all forward as I promised him from the Hospital. With a wink and a nod to his favorite pet when he was growing up, to a name inspired by a beloved friend that holds an unspoken connection~ My art does indeed imitate my life.
Cedara has been spoken for and looks forward to her new home~ Thank you so much!