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These truly ARE the voices in my head.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Meet My New Friend

My days are very full here at The Busy House, and generally, I like it that way. Spring is beginning to bud here and that means a wonderful time for my allergies. It seems like it is the most beautiful of days that they love to trap me. And so, the past week has been...the dance. Medicine or no? Would I like to breathe from my nose or my mouth? and how about a tickling cough to top things off? And so, I have been in battle, and thankful when Tim can come for a few days and help me pack orders. I'm terribly behind in sending out orders and hope that this weekend will find me caught up(crossing fingers).

The good news is that my Dad has made it home after a 2 week stay in the hospital. We are all hopeful that this will end a continual infection that seems to hide itself quite well. The bad news is...I'm terribly behind. I only have 2 offerings for TDIPT today. Whatchagonnado? Well, as I can, I'm going to offer Boo Kitty as a pattern very soon. I hope to take the next two weeks and put together a couple of my friends here that you have been asking for as patterns. Keep fingers crossed and hope the allergy monsters steer clear of me.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Goode Easter To You

Both girls are home now and enjoyed coloring Easter Eggs with "The Big Kid", Tim. We all shared giggles as we wrote names and little messages on these little works of oval art. Molly kept close vigil, hoping that someone would give in with "The Really Cracked Ones" and share with her. Poor girl....

Tim is here and we will be enjoying a small but close family dinner. It will just be Tim, my Mom,the girls and I. My Dad is still in the hospital.He hopes to come home Monday, but I think it may be to early. They haven't found a source of infection, but stronger antibiotics are working and he can now eat. I haven't been able to visit with my sinus infection, so I'm really unsure about it all. They seem to send him home to early.

There are changes ahead for me, some easy, some more difficult. All in my art world will still remain, for that is a part of my very soul. My personal life will have changes and as I am ready I will share along the way. It is simply my time to grow and change. I have taught my children, to look to life's changes as an adventure and surely there will be one. For right now though I am at work making some new friends and patterns for you to enjoy. A goode Easter to you and yours, may you make goode memories and look towards the adventures ahead.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sharing Me

One never knows just how their words will be remembered by another ear or how we touch another heart by our actions. As time passes, we hope that what we do or say will be remembered as goode.

I sit here in front of a blank page and never really realize just how many people stop by and read my posts beyond friends and family. There are many of you however, that stop by regularly and enjoy this little spot of mine; perhaps with their morning coffee, or a cup of tea in the afternoon or evening. Over time, you have created a picture in your mind of who I am given details and stories I have shared with you. Some of you have followed my work and I since Crow Soup, or met me at a show. Some have collected my finished friends and others have made their own. Some have simply stumbled upon this tiny thread of a web of the Internet and settled in. Along the way, I've shared memories and pieces of life here in The Busy House as well as the Goode Comfort Cottage. There's critters, kids, MS and Autism. Some days take on a life of their own and others can be wrapped around like a fuzzy blankie. I can't say that I've ever met a functional family, but here we can but the FUN in dysfunction.

I am surprised when I learn that my details such as wire smiles, babushkas, or flounder eyes inspire other artists. Everything comes with a reason for it's being and it is simply my way of problem solving. It is my turn to smile, when I tell you that when I started this journey, I didn't know how to sew nor have I learned any great mastery of it it. It's simply a vehicle to tell my story, or introduce you to someone that has touched my heart or left an imprint in my memory.

I am simply me, no great story teller by far, although I am humbled by those of you that let me know that you enjoy my writings. I am neither the best at my art by a long shot. As my Dad told me long ago, there will always be someone better than you. It's not a competition, it is a way of life, a passion within that doesn't work 9-5, Monday through Friday. It's not someone sitting there dreaming up the next trend. There isn't a concept that hasn't been done, there is just you, making your art, telling your story, solving the problem and sharing your take on a concept in your own way. I don't make my art because there is an audience, but I'm darned thankful for the gift and to share it whether through my writing, my dolls or a pattern. Thank you Minnesota for picking up the phone and letting me know that I do touch lives and inspire, but know that so many of you do for me as well.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I LOVE This Part!

My offerings for Lemon Poppyseeds was scheduled to go up last night. It was apparent to me as the sun dipped below the mountain, that I just wasn't going to pull it off. You see, Helene just wasn't finished speaking to me. I had been trying to sort out drawings and patterns over several days and I pulled out two that tugged at my heart, just waiting to be made. Helene was one... but how to dress her?

Once she was stuf't and details sewn on, her spirit spoke. She reminded me of a long ago friend of the family. "Helene's" father was a diamond cutter and Helene was raised in the old South and a family fortune. She was ancient when I met her and oh, did I love her! She had a slight dowager's hump,and perfectly coiffed-in-a-beehive snow white hair.She was full of life and energy and all about what was proper. She and her husband had no children of their own and she enjoyed befriending a shy young teenager. Once her spirit whispered, the next step was to dress her and off I was yesterday afternoon, looking through my stash to inspire me.. and inspire it did with a shimmery piece of bronze fabric. as I played around I was taken back to a picture of my parent's wedding. The dress on dear Helene is styled as the one my Grandmother wore all those years ago. It took a lot of trial and error, but I pulled it off. I'm so pleased with this piece and she is so dear to me.My little friend Spumoni here was a sketch I did last week. We have all laughed as he was brought to life and Jesslyn asked last night if he could be named after her beloved mousie.

Finally, my inspiration doll, Rosaleen. Rosaleen was the other sketch I drew out last Spring. She was inspired by my friend and fellow artist, Janet from Beecharmer's Cottage. I have fallen hopelessly in love with her wax works and goat milk soap. Rosaleen's skep is an ornie made by Janet and it smells absolutely amazing. As Rosaleen came to life, I found myself humming a tune from another favorite, "The Secret Life of Bees". If you haven't seen this film yet, take a chance, it is a heartwarming story that will touch your heart and stay with you. Rosaleen is one of the character's and I have done her as a older woman, keeping the tradition of her other "sisters" alive.
I love when these dolls whisper to me and let my hands bring them to life and tell a story, if only just to me. They are my joy, woven with memories and people that touch my soul. I am truly blessed.