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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Waiting For Snow

As with some of my fellow Artisans, it has been difficult to create with a heavy heart. My heart has been with the families of Newton. Although heartbroken, they are not giving in to shadows. 

Today and in the next day or so, we should see some spits and sputters of snow. I'm ready, as you can see. I've pushed myself forward once again. Sometimes, friends will give you inspiration and renew your creativity. I usually do these mice in what is called a "stump", style doll. A chat with some friends, changed my direction with the little Mousels, I was now determined to make them free standing. They are well on their way....
As I finished their wee bodies, I stumbled across a small sled, and well....these two had a little different mission. 

My next piece is also close to my heart. I dearly love Canadian geese. I do miss hearing so many of them back North in Granville. I love to see them overhead and their beauty can bring a tear to this girl's eye. I'm like that, but now you know more of my heart. My work reflects so much of what I truly love. With Abby, I also knew that she needed to be dressed in Regency inspired. Nothing could have prepared me to the beauty of her as she came to life. There is such a warmth to her that the camera can't pick up. and so... on Jane Austen's 237th Birthday, comes Abby. 

And finally... a new Raven, Poe. I've been playing with the concept for months. I love it....He has a Winter Pine sprig...but I can see a heart...a crescent moon. Here we go again....back to creating.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

December Mist

Olde Kinderhook Santa

I look at this blank page and think...December? how did that happen so quickly? I blinked in August and it was October.. I blink again and it is December.


It is a dark and dreary New England day here. The trees are just silhouettes of sticks and the misty fog softens their usual stark appearance. It is damp and cold outside... a mix of smells, between the wet earth...the fallen leaves and wafting through out like a ribbon...wood smoke. Inside it smells of pine and spices as candle glow casts a warm light. The tree is set up and awaiting decorations, but it will be a few more days still. I have a few orders to get out  to the mail and then the reclaiming  of the Cottage begins. Creating has been such at such a fast and furious rate, that there has been no time for recovery. I need to do it within the next couple weeks. There are Holidays to celebrate and family to enjoy. A time for my work to truly take a backseat...at least until New Years.Then look out.

Olde Mantle Deer

I have notes and plans all laid. As much as I have the sketches and directions along with shows that I will fill the calendar with... it always changes. There is an email or a phone call and a door opens. I'm thankful for it all. It is a part of the journey. I'm excited... while some things I already know, there are the surprises along the way. Until next time... a few pictures of some of my favorite friends..

Olde Schenectady Santa