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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Oh What Fun!

Even though I haven't been feeling too well this past month, I've had plenty to keep my busy. From commissioned work to an amazing amount of pattern orders~ my days remain full. Add to it, some show scouting for next year, and POOF a month has just vanished!

 I'm just finishing the last of  the wee folk and my last show of the season is Saturday. If you are in the region, it's at the Arkell, a wonderful little Art museum in Canajoharie. The area is beautiful. The show is this Saturday, the 10th from 11-4.  There is plenty to see and do there, a perfect way to spend the afternoon! Please do stop in and say hello~ I'd love to see you.

That said, I'm getting excited, not just for the Holidays, but for my new work that I will begin in earnest on December 26th. Already, I have been making notes, drawing and gathering supplies. 

As you can see, sometimes I'm a bit indecisive about what I want and have to put it on paper and see how they play out. Just like the fabric wee folk, these take on a life of their own at times. This is just the beginning of their journey. They will go on to Monahan Papers and then who knows. There is excitement in that! I am discovering a different world and am so inspired. I will settle down though and with my plan for next year in hand, I will begin to set it in motion, just before the New Year begins. 


Michelle May said...

I love the planning part too. So fun to get all the ideas out of my head and into action. Hope you are feeling better. Looking forward to seeing all your new ideas!

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

Good morning Stacey - I just love your creations! That little mouse is adorable...looks like I'm going to have to meander over to check all your patterns again...they really are the best!
Merry Christmas!

peggy said...

I can sense your excitement about a new year. I have always loved your patterns and wish you all the best. "Plan to be surprised!" (from Dan in Real Life movie) and may your work and inspiration be blessed.

Anonymous said...

Stacey, I just repinned your mousie angel on Pinterest so I came over to visit here and....I LOVE MR. SCROOGE!!! His little pinched mouth is so cute!

Hope you're feeling better,

Какирочка said...


Stacey said...

Thank you dear friends~ Miss Angel mousie will be a pattern for 2012...and I'm thinking Scrooge would be fun too. So many things that spin in my head for next year from doll houses (yes! portable ones, to put on a table for home or a shop!) to sculpted dolls...to patterns. So many have blessed me this year by supporting American made and buying patterns and wee folk~ it is my privilege to give back with as much as I can, the best that I can!

Loving Dan in Real Life too! He is on my most watched while I'm working list!

~ hugs friends!