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Monday, September 26, 2011

Enjoying Fall and Looking Ahead

Oh how I love Fall! The smell of the leaves, the crunch of a crisp Macintosh apple, and the sounds of geese flying South. It's a bit different for me this year, however. I can't look out the windows and see my mountains, but everything else is the same. The cottage has had it's own transformation and is beginning to take on a bit of a well deserved face lift.

I have been spending most of my days packing pattern orders, it is certainly a good year for them and I am still working away on them on a daily basis.  I am trying to balance my work for the Simple Goods Show which is sometimes difficult, but I am so thankful to have work, were many have none.

Beyond that, I have been working on my business plan. I used to do it every 6 months, but with this economy, I need to be able to make quicker changes if need be. So far, it has worked out well and the decisions made for Fall are doing very well.  Forging ahead, I will be expanding my graphics. I am excited to see them in paper and as rubber stamps. Oh how fun to know that my designs will be used by crafters to create the hours away! I can see the handcrafted cards and postcards at Craft Shows and Home Shows. I'd like to see about some specifically for hand tags  or little boxes. I'm also excited to see my designs in fabric. I have lots of ideas for this one and if it works as well as I think, it could be a very cool thing!

I miss the shows very much. They are always my first love, and I will be doing more next year. I've scouted out a few and with careful planning and inventory, I think they will all be a success. I will be pulling in some of my papers as finished items into my booths...along with a few other mediums I am mulling and getting some stats on. Being an Artist, I will be building the designs and making molds of them, verses buying molds from a supplier and having the items be that which anyone can do... the Goode Wife will have her own line! This is still in the very beginning stages, but I hope that in late Winter, you will have some wonderful sneak peeks! 

It's a beautiful day out and there is so much to be done here. I hope that you are enjoying the turn to Fall and all the goode things that it embraces~


Viola di Nebbia said...

How lovely pumpkin! *.*

kavettahulse said...

Oh how exciting that you will have rubber stamps and fabric! Your work is so amazing!