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Friday, November 23, 2018

New Patterns!

Heaven and Nature Deer

Early Primitive Angel

Olde Primitive Angels

Wee Witcheries

I imagine that you have been wondering ...
where did she go?
Let's just say 
that life sometimes can 
throw curveballs.
I feel like,
 I am finally moving forward~

It's always hard to 
pick out 
what designs to release.
I have a bit of a formula
the Collector's mice
along with the Art Doll sculpts
don't fit the formula.

This time, 
I picked some of the most popular 
in feedback 
and a couple of classic primitives.
Each one has been selected 
from their
popularity at shows as well.

Those little witchery boots
and shoes?
squeals of delight
and are often the first ones gone.

The rest 
are favorites
at Holiday Shows,
for gifts and home.
I keep my Primitive Angel Ornaments out year round...

As with all of my patterns,
no release would be without a good sale...
especially on 
Black Friday,
Small Business Saturday
Cyber Monday

The sale ends
Saturday, December 1st.

Wee Witcheries Pattern

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Thank you all so much.
You allow me to keep doing what I love!