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These truly ARE the voices in my head.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

ETSY~ It's A Pattern Sale!

My Show season has ended, 
and I will be getting ready 
for the changes ahead for me in 2 weeks!

I thought it was a great time to celebrate the Season~

I added some olde friends,
that are new to my Etsy Shoppe.

so why not celebrate with a sale?
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will give you 25% off of your order!

Sale ends 12/3/14
* click on any picture to take you there 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

My Last Show of 2014

How fast this year has gone... 
I have come full circle..
the last show until next Fall. 

I am excited for the changes ahead, 
starting in December
it is bittersweet to know that I will not be attached to my sewing machine..

And so on this Sunday, 
November 23rd, from 9:30 to 4
I will be at the Gloversville Middle School.

The Hadassah Show is now 
The Soroptimist Craft Fair

You can stop by my Facebook business page to see where I am located, ask a question if you need, or just say HELLO!

if you would be so kind, please give me a "like" and click to follow me.

you will see my new journey ahead.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Big Changes At The Wee Cottage

November is a month of changes...
leaves give way to bareness, rain to snow and Thanksgiving to the  Christmas season.
 It also heralds in my cozy season. There is nothing like  bonafide jammie day! 
Candle glow, a pile of movies and gentle works as snows and wind dance outside....

This month will bring bigger changes for me.
 I will enjoy my jammie days and my hibernating, but I will also enjoy something a little more special to make my heart sing in the days ahead.
 A wee package that will be fussy at times and need feeding and changing frequently! Let the Nonnie duties begin!

On October 3rd, Tim officially became a Grandpa.
 Daughter Kelly and Son in law, Kenny became very proud, first time parents. 
Kelly and Kenny are as dear as my own... 
we started blending our two families nearly 10 years ago.

The changes continue. 
The past couple of months have taken the wind from our sails
also given us Blessings. 
That is the way of it, no?

This journey with my art has been a wonderful blessing in itself, 
but after months of much thought,
I have decided to make changes for the new year.

I will be looking after the wee one as Mommy returns to work. That will force me to take on the direction that I have wanted to do for a few years now....

I will be designing more and making less finished dolls online~

You will still find an offering on  Early Work.

You will still see peeks of my work...
but you wont see as many dolls~

Until they are released as patterns.

It has been so difficult to do both; 
it's time to devote to the patterns.

The patterns will also be expanding in other ways, to include other stitching arts.

and my drawings will grow in number and continue to become fun paperworks!

I am excited to start this path.
To see where it leads~
I have been practicing new techniques
reacquainting myself with olde.

all goode things grow with love

Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Gift of Handmade

Saturday is coming rather quickly.

We will be in Wilton NY for the

19th Holiday Craft Fair


Ballard Elementary School
300 Ballard Rd.
Exit 16 off of I87

We love this show, It is fun to do and everyone is so pleasant. 
It's a halfway point to Granville for me,
 and so many friends stop by and say hello~
The Goode Wife will be in the Main Hallway this year,
just past the entrance.

A perfect opportunity to pick up Handmade gifts...
something unique or special...
be inspired.

I have been making a few things from some of my favorite designers...
sometimes taking them for a spin,
 like the little Angel Kitty.

Their designs fit and allow me to work on the techniques that first drew me to Primitives.
you can see and feel the love this way.

I have been missing that.
the weight of rags...
the feel of grass~ like olde horsehair...
for me,
 it is like old memories being awakened.