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These truly ARE the voices in my head.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Little Mr. Brendan Thomas Hesnor. His much awaited arrival was Friday at 5pm. This wee bundle is Tim's Great Nephew and the first  Great Grandchild born to the children of Thomas and Mary Rose Walsh. I had a wonderful time last night as we were formally introduced and I was able to hold him close. I do look forward to my own Nonna years, however I don't want to rush two girls that still have so much life and so many accomplishments yet ahead. I will be content for now and enjoy watching this young man grow as his new parents fuss around him. This is what life is really all about~ Congratulations Todd and Shannon!
And now... the time is fast approaching for the Heritage Market. We will be leaving the 29th. I can't wait~ I really do love this show. Please stop by and say hello~ I will be in booth 35. Netty will not be going as she isn't feeling well. I miss her terribly already. We will be doing more local shows still this year. I will not be posting again here until my return, but I will have Goode News and Goode things to share. Until then, enjoy the music. I have found quite a few now that I hold dear to my heart. They are memory markers for me. There are some that I haven't found yet, but I'm on the look for them. I hope that you find memories of your own here also.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Happy Anniversary Dad.....

Thirteen years ago, this very day; my father received a wonderful blessing.... a new liver. We were all on edge and had been waiting months, well two years really for the call to come. When it did, after two false alarms , we were praying that a new liver would come in time to save his life. My Dad was in the military for 22 years and the Sheriff's Dept. for 20. He was in the Korean War at the tail end, and served 6 tours of duty in the Vietnam war. He drank seldom. He is pictured here with my youngest brother Stephen, who will be retiring from the Air Force after 22 years this Fall. We are blessed indeed, but it did not come without the loss of someone that we never knew. We are grateful for such a beautiful gift. All of us have signed our licenses and let family know that we too will be donors and will pay it forward. Happy Anniversary Dad, I speak for all of your kids and grandchildren. We love you and we are ever thankful for that special person , who was willing to be a donor.

Friday, January 4, 2008

The Music Is You

Music makes pictures and often tell stories,

all of it magic and all of it true.

And all of the pictures and all of the stories,

and all of the magic, the music is you.

John Denver

I do hope that you enjoy the music that I have added to the blog with many thanks to my blog sisters for leading the "how-to" way. Each song is from a time and place in my life. They were picked with great care. My Mom's side of the family (and also the Italian side) is very musically gifted. My Grandparent's Jiggy and Doris were known for their accomplishments on the trumpet and piano. I remember my dad telling the story of the evening he first came to meet my Mother's family. He knocked on the door and was invited to come in. There, in the living room was my Uncle Frank... all of about 12 or 13 then. He was standing on a chair and conducting an imaginary orchestra as music bellowed from the old record player. Luckily my father did not run~

Sadly, none of the musical ability was passed on to the next generation, although a great appreciation was. From Glenn Miller to Bette Midler. Classical to rock, we were exposed to so much. My Uncle John is all of 3 years older than me. We grew up more like brother and sister. I remember begging him to play, "Linus and Lucy" when he was about 9. He would hum a couple bars, tap a couple keys and play it. Now if he is anywhere near a keyboard, I ask him for this one tune...it is there on the play list. I hope that in this peek inside my heart, you will also find a bit of yourself. Perhaps you will find something that brings memories back to you.