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Monday, August 15, 2011

Art Reflects Life

Today opens TDIPT Mercantile and with it , two of my friends! Elwood is a fun little Spider and he does indeed reflect my life right now, which is a Circus! Summer brings so many things to do along with times to gather with friends and family. It is a goode Circus around here, but a Circus never less. The concept for Elwood was drawn late last Fall and put away for another Fall. After looking at the sketch and playing around with it a bit more, he truly came to life with a jacket and top hat. The Ring Master was born! 

Out of the past came this gal too. In my very beginnings I had a witch rat called Nat, short for Natalie. Natalie has morphed over the years and was a piece that I would do only for Shows. I took her and revamped her once again, this time taking a more refined Art Doll look. Natasha is freestanding on her wire feet and tail. I am so pleased with how she came out. I was a little fearful with her face proportions, but she worked out beautifully. She is the inspire now, for another Rat friend to come.

I also am pleased to announce that I will be releasing new patterns along with a new site which will be home to all of my patterns. It has been quite the project to put them all together and to celebrate, I think we need a SALE. I am about a week behind in my schedule, so I am hoping that I can open at the end of this week! Keep an eye out here for the latest news and directions for the long awaited arrival~


sassypackrat said...

Both are wonderful!

maddyrose said...

These are really fun pieces. Love them both.

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Oh my gosh does your work ever make me smile! So wonderful!
xx, shell

Frank Zweegers said...

Nice story.