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Monday, April 21, 2014

Breathing In Spring

These early Spring days are so magical. I love the breezes from the window as I work. 
The sunshine warms the pups and I, as we walk around the yard, capturing those first signs of life, as the gardens come alive. Even on the rainy days, the smell of the wet earth is intoxicating. The grass greens up quickly and the Forsythia is now in bloom. 

I'm busy making things for Sharon Springs.
Playing with designs, old and new.
This Hand is from last year...
My take on a classic pose.
I hope it inspires you... the possibilities are endless.
What can you put in a hand?

Of course, Spring has come to Tilda's place and she is enjoys watching the wee egg for Mrs. Hummingbird.

Spring cleaning is happening in the Meadow Mouse home also. 
There is always laundry.

Natty is always fun, with her gourds and her Hedge Witch ways.
It's time to plant herbs.

And there is a new Rat about... Nellie. She has a little different face, but has the details that have inspired others are a part of her also.

It is always nice to know how much your work inspires others, from seasoned to first time creators. Some write and share and others I see in their work as it grows.

That is the ultimate, is it not?

to inspire?

Friday, April 4, 2014

Spring In My Heart

Spring is on it's way.

I have to remind myself on days like today, when skies dabble in color between milky white and dark grey.

It's too cold to keep the window open... I tried for a bit.

A South Wind blows and it is cold and damp. 
The showers will green everything up quickly, so it's not so terrible.

My heart, however is light and sunny today.
I've finished the set up of a new book keeping program and I now have order where there was once a box of tortured receipts and papers.
It wasn't so quick this year, to get everything set up, but it will be so easy from here on out.
It's already keeping next year's information all neat and tidy.
What can I say... I'm an Artist, NOT a bookkeeper. 

I can hear the baby Starlings in their nest, next door to me.
 Another black bird to inspire me. 

Art truly is a reflection of your heart and I'm happy to settle in to my goode creating for the year.

Spring is in my heart.