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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New Year, New Decade, New Beginnings

It is difficult to believe that our year is coming to a close and a new decade beginning. I do believe that in looking back, one should always look at the good, remember the lessons of the not so good...and walk forward with a smile in one's heart. My little business has survived where many have not. I have work, and many do not. I am thankful, so very thankful and I want to share some goode things. Drumroll please....

First, I would like to formally announce that I am now able to take credit cards for your purchases! (suddenly my little business seems so big) and also, I believe we need a pattern sale to celebrate!

The sale will end at noon (EST) on Jan. 10th. My Etsy Shop will also close then until February 1st. I will be mailing out patterns until January 12th, and will mail any remaining orders upon my return from the Heritage Show.

Sorry, This sale has now ended.


  • Credit card: please email me at: thegoodewife.folkart@yahoo.com with your phone number and I will call you and get your information.
  • PayPal: use the same email address above and make sure that you put the names of the patterns in the message area.
  • Check or Money Order: * They must be postmarked by the 10th. Send me a list and make payable to Stacey Mead. PO Box 165, Granville, NY 12832
Finally, this will be my last post until February. I am getting ready for my annual wholesale show and I'm already fast at work making new friends and old for my buyers. I will not be putting up anything on Simply Primitives or TDIPT until my return in February.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

An Empty Chair

There is an empty chair at our table this year. My father's place. It has been empty many a Christmas, but never with the finality of this one. You see, he was a man of Service. I remember as a young girl, praying for his safety as he fought for our Country...and then as a teen waiting for his shift to end as he protected our County. I realize more than ever that there are many families just like ours this year. They have lost a loved one or someone beloved to them is serving their Country, their Community. Their hopes and wishes are not for toys or gadgets, but for someone they love. For Hope, safety and strength to carry on. There are also many families that are trying to celebrate this holiday knowing that someone they love will soon be deploying. Some will be working in our communities and giving their time caring for our elders, our sick, homeless, and travelers. The list is long, their deeds no less important.

I ask of you to take a moment or perhaps a bit more time. Say a prayer, stop and visit or even pick up the phone. Let those with an empty chair know you are thinking of them this holiday.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

An Orange for Christmas

Looking back over the years, I still hold one Christmas in particular as my most favorite. I was six and our family was stationed at Goose Bay, in Labrador. I was hoping that I would get a new front tooth to grow in faster for Christmas, but as the day grew closer, I realized that these things can take more time than I would have thought. Life in Goose Bay was very different to the winters I had seen in New York, Maine and New Jersey. We had lived there for nine months when December came around. When we came to live there, daylight ruled and we kept blinds and heavy curtains over our windows to sleep at night. Now the days held very little light and we had to call for the wind-chill every morning before going out.

Everything we needed had to be flown in. There were very little selections besides basic needs. Care packages from family or friends back in the States were treasures. There were no cows and so our milk was mixed from powdered form in huge vats. Cardboard cartons were dipped in wax so there was a nearby and constant supply. We learned to keep a small strainer close at hand and pour our milk through, avoiding clumps of unmixed milk or chunks of wax.

I was intrigued with the Eskimos that lived near by in a town called Happy Valley. I had a Parka and Mukluks made by a dear Eskimo woman, named Voisy. Her son had fashioned her sewing machine on the arm of an old cushioned chair. Her home was tiny and the floors were dirt, but the oil lamps made it very cozy. I remember her answering the door, chewing on a piece of seal leather to make it soft for Mukluks. She didn't talk very much, but her eyes were happy as she went about her business measuring everyone and making sure that our Parka's would be special to each of us.

One evening, right before Christmas eve, my parents made sure we were all dressed in our Sunday best, Down the road we went to one of the big plane hangers for a party. There were two big tables mounded with presents, one for boys, and the other for girls. Beyond that was a table heaped with the biggest and most beautiful apples and oranges I had ever seen. Santa was there also. After picking a wrapped gift, we were able to pick out an apple or an orange each. It had been so long since I had fruit like this! Especially the orange! (The apple was beautiful, but with a tooth missing, I knew more difficult to chomp into!).

It took me several days to eat my precious orange. I treasured it and spent a few days just smelling it. Those days in Labrador are still wrapped close in my memory. We had few things, but mostly we had each other. Military families are one big, close knit family The simple gift of an orange, may be taken for granted by some, but very appreciated by others.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Like most of you, it is a time of reflection for me as the year is coming to a close. I've weathered a difficult year for business and have had a major loss in my life. I am finding that it can take a very long time to settle an estate, realize that someone won't be coming home and understand that there are many more changes than I could have ever thought. My wee folk are the balance to difficult days. I am most honored with emails and calls that tell me that they make you smile also

As I look back at the body of what I have created this year, I am thinking as I do every year... just how am I going to go beyond this???? Somehow, something sparks my interest or grabs my attention and I am right back in front of the drawing board, working out an idea. I am always amazed at what I come up with; happy to inspire and be inspired. This is my passion and what I was born to do. There isn't a button to push and stop this crazy carousel of creating. I have been making art for as long as I can remember and realize that it won't just end at a given year when I am supposed to retire. It is a drive... a calling.
I am fortunate to be able to embrace kindred brothers and sisters. I'm ever humbled to think that so much of my work is a treasure for someone. A Santa or perhaps a Pumpkin witch, carefully packed away in some one's holiday boxes to decorate their homes and their lives. My heart smiles when I receive a photo of these wee folk, so that I can see them living happily and cherished in their home. There is no greater gift than to see a love connection in some one's eyes as they are drawn heart and soul to these little ones. Over 100 of my friends have been adopted this year...in a most difficult financial year for so many of us. I am stunned.
The New Year brings so much anticipation for all of us. We will look ahead with all goode things in mind. I know I am excited for the journey I am headed on. I know that there will not be great happiness without tears. I also know that I have goode friends and family ready to link arms and move forward. My work will continue and on a broader scale. You may see my designs in a gift store or at a friend's home. It may not shout out, "designed by Stacey"... but you will know. You will see the same spirit in the drawing or recognise a few of my friends in a different media. I am happy to grow and to share what gives me the greatest pleasure with all of you. I am most of all, thankful to have the opportunities to do this.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tis the Season

November seems to have gone by me with great haste! My days are filled with caring for my Mom still and enjoying time with my daughters, who are adjusting well to living with Grandma and Poppa up at the big Farmhouse. I see them most days and there is so much laughter between all of us. It does my heart good to know that this decision made together was the right one and they will enjoy their school years here. We are all so much closer and appreciative of each other. I look back now and see how my parents had to make the same difficult decision with me. The best decisions are not selfish ones.
I decided to try doing a local show this past weekend. It is the first one since my Father took so ill and passed away. I wasn't sure just how much I could do to fill a booth with such busy days, but with some help, I managed to fill a small space. I went back to Weston this year and it was wonderful! A bit of winter fell softly upon us as we made our way down the mountain the first night and greeted us on our way back up the next morning. I enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting new. It is a tough year for all of us and one can't go into a show without being mindful of the loss of jobs. I did just fine, even with the move from my regular show. Now I begin my work for the January show that will be upon me in a blink.
Above are some pictures of the show, along with my Pickwick Toad on Simply Primitives. Enjoy the Season~