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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hitting the Airwaves~

Netty and I are off to the local radio station for an interview. Reaching out and giving back is always a part of what we do. We've both been published, and both shared our knowledge and our love of what we do with area groups. This is a first for us~ to be heard on the airwaves of NY and VT. How fun! It gives us a chance to spark a little interest, perhaps inspire, and even change some one's life to a certain degree. The ability to do any of this is our greatest reward. While it is true that we make a living selling our passion, for the most part it is nothing that anyone needs. It is a want. We recognise this and are very thankful indeed. We also recognise that sometimes our greatest success comes when we touch someones heart, inspire them to create or perhaps take their own journey and find their own passion within. While the airwaves of this small town station, do not reach as far as some, they touch many lives nestled between the Adirondacks and Green Mountains. Thank you Ann, for giving us the chance to reach out and share a bit of who we are and what we do. To give back to others who have given us so much... to inspire people to make their dreams can come true is the best gift for us.

Monday, November 26, 2007

The Meaning of Success

The dust has settled as the last show of the season has ended. The work however has not. The whirl of the sewing machine could be heard before the sun arose this snowy morning. There is much to be done!
The Poultney Show is a very charming one indeed. This is the second year I have shown there and with great success. How does one measure that? For some vendors it is strictly monetary. A 98% sell is a great success, and with the bumpy economy, I am very blessed to have that. To an artist it is truly more. It is a chance to show others your heart and passion. I love to see people and children walk through and smile. Some enjoy the whimsy, others the ugliness of extreme ( so ugly it's cute). Still others, see the historic nature of some of the items and techniques. I was so endeared to see an elderly woman pick up a Maude Addie doll and hug her. She kept going to her and picking her up, just enjoying the doll. Still another endearing moment was when a long ago customer from my show days in Chester, squealed with delight in finding me once again. She rattled off the dolls that she had and pridefully announced that she still has them all. She picked up one with great care for her sister's Christmas gift, "This is the perfect gift for her, because she loves your dolls and has been looking for you." she said happily. This to me is success. To not only share my passion with others, but to know that it is their heart also and they hold dear the treasures that were made with much love.
It was great to see old friends, especially some that I had not seen in many years. The local radio station announced to her audience, that she had found the most unique booth she had ever seen. She encouraged the local listeners to come and see for themselves. Wherever the Good Wives go, we are unique, but it is that we follow our hearts and speak with our hands. The Good Wives have had a successful year, and we are truly grateful to all of you that have made it the success. We have invites to other shows, to meet with Historical Societies, as well as a media interview after the Holidays. It seems that there are many that share our pleasure, hearts and passions, locally once again.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Caruso Family Reunion

It has been a hectic few days here. A two day show to prepare for, a Thanksgiving feast to cook and enjoy and the celebration of a life well lived. My great Aunt Jenny was born 91 years ago to Frank and Serafina Caruso. She was 1 of 23 children born and 1 of 9 that survived past childhood. Italian through and through. She was a small and birdlike woman and as feisty as they come. Our holidays at my Grandparent's spent in Upstate NY, always included "the Aunts". They would all come through the house before dinner, husbands in tow and dressed to the nines. Each Aunt brought the dish for which they were best known, except Aunt Julia. Aunt Julia would travel up from the Boston area and always bring the most wonderful Italian desserts from a bakery. I can still remember the killer cannolis! Aunt Jenny would bring her rice pudding. Such a time we all had!! My Grandfather played the trumpet and my Grandmother the organ, there was always plenty of music, song and a nip of anisette in the after dinner coffee.
There is only one Aunt remaining now, Aunt Marge. Aunt Jenny passed in her sleep very peacefully. I know that she is joined by a large and welcoming family and so we celebrate Aunt Jenny and all the wonderful memories! I will return in couple days to share more of the show. For those new friends met there and dear old friends that I haven't seen in many years~ welcome and thank you for stopping by! I enjoyed seeing you at the show.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Drum Roll Please......

It is with great pride and pleasure, that I announce my part of this group of VERY talented ladies. I will have my premier debut tomorrow on the 15th. If you haven't visited this online magazine yet, by all means do so! Grab a mug of hot chocolate, or my personal favorite, mint tea. I have enjoyed watching the talent of these ladies for a few months now, and I'm never disappointed. There are two openings. The first of the month and the fifteenth. Some I've known for years and others I am just getting to know. These ladies are a very warm and kind group and have welcomed me aboard with great hospitality.

You will not see my pattern releases on here. Only finished items, (which was what I was looking for). My pattern releases will be announced here on the blog, or perhaps back on Crow Soup in the Spring. I haven't fully decided yet. The patterns will not be ending. It will take me a bit of time to dance some new steps, so bare with me. Right now I am deep in dollie making for the show next week. TDIPT Mercantile will give me a chance to explore and just break out a little with something finished. I had a blast with the three characters that you will meet tomorrow. I'm not sure how to make the banner clickable, but I have put the link in my Goode Sisters and Goode places section.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Are You In Our Area?

The phone has been ringing and emails have been coming in... when will the next show for The Good Wives be??? Will you do one for the Holidays??? Well, if you are in our area, grab your calender and a pencil to mark it down! We did this show last year for fun, and much to our surprise, people were looking for PRIMITIVES! I let customers and show managers know that we were interested in coming back, and so....

The Vermont Farmer's Market Christmas Fair
at the
Poultney VT High School Gym
November 23 & 24

This is on rte. 140 in Poultney Vt. If you need directions, just send an email! It is about 8 miles from Granville. We will be located in the center area of the gym. Stop by and say hello~ we'd love to meet you!.......the next announcement is coming in 2 days!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sharing A Favorite Friend

I thought I would share a very dear pattern with you. Designs are inspired by many different things. More often than not, with me it is a person and they come through in animal form. This design, however was not the case. When I was 6, my father was transferred to Goose Bay Labrador. We spent about 2 years there and it was the most memorable place for me. Great amounts of snow, the Northern Lights, bears, Eskimos and geese in flight are imprinted in my soul. As I watch the geese making their way south for the winter, I enjoy their stopping by. I remember hearing them call to each other as I lay warm in my bed. They keep the memories close, what better a gift?

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Changes Again....

For at least right now, the Hags Mag is closed. So many of the artists had so much ahead with shows and full lives, that it was difficult to get enough together. I admit, I have been fast at work too. I love every bit of Fall and all that it has to offer, so it is sad for me. You see, as I waited those 11 hours that Bailey was in surgery, I kept positive thoughts and prayers and let my drawings take me deep within. Pattern designs are just a small part of the artist within me and there was a part of me that also wanted to explore more one of a kind pieces.
I had shared these thoughts with a friend and fellow artist in July. Soon after, Ye Old Hags Haunt Magazine was born. Perfect...just as the drawing I had done for this crow back during that long day in March. I wanted to share her with you. She is from a favorite book of mine, The Witch of Blackbird Pond, by Elizabeth George Speare. If you have never read it before, please do! It is about a young woman who leaves her home in the Caribbean and must take on the Puritan ways of her Aunt's family in Connecticut.
This is my spin on Kit. She has a chemise, underskirt and pantaloons that cover the wire crows feet for which I am known. I love the English bodice. A blend of many things that hold my heart dear. She is dressed in black, to signify an upper class Puritan family. Puritan or Witch?
For now, she will reside with me...I have the perfect doll house that stands empty upstairs at the Comfort Cottage. I will have to share a picture of her in this little home........

Monday, November 5, 2007

Stick Season

The leaves have fallen...they smell wonderful mixed with woodsmoke on these chilly cool mornings. The trees are so bare with just their sticks showing. The mountains have taken on a different color. A cold, blue gray. They are still beautiful mind you, and I love it when the snows peek through. The clocks are all set back and I am happy that time was extended to do this. I have SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder. This time of year was once the most difficult, but now I know how to keep the meltdown days at bay. I have this year round as some do. Now with the help of light therapy and walks outside everyday, the meltdowns have gone from 1-2 times a month several years ago, to 1 last year. I'm a very different person and quite happy. I do mourn as Stick Season approaches. It's just that it is very long time until the buds appear. I choose to celebrate the late Fall and Winter ahead. Mourning is a brief affair, perhaps more so as snow flurries are expected later this week. It's time to enjoy oatmeal and hot chocolate. The brussel sprouts are best picked right after the first snows. There are squash ready for the days ahead and peppermint tea to sooth a cold evening. The Holidays are fast approaching and I am sharing one of the new Santa's for this year. It was drawn last Fall with the others an put away to tweak and refine for this year. Most of my designs are done this way. Now, some are off to my favorite shop...and some are set to go to licensing companies. This is my Jigs character from my pattern series and always close to my heart!