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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sharing My Heart

No matter how far I have traveled in my life~ I am a country girl..and a small town girl at heart. I have traveled and lived many places. Home and family have always been along the New York and Vermont border in the sleepy Village of Granville NY. I have lived most of my life there, and must admit to being a bit bewildered to move just outside the city of Schenectady. Tim would ask me what I would miss (besides my girls)....my mountains; always my mountains. I still do, but they are never so far away. Here in Schenectady, one can walk along the city streets
and enjoy all of the revitalization projects..Visit artsy shops on a cobbeled street, perhaps stop by Little Italy for fresh bread or a gelato and go a little farther into the Historic Stockade. I am so lucky to have someone that has the same heart....

A short drive, brings us here, to Thatcher Park. We have come here a few times and I am always in awe. I forget just how much I love it. It is rich in history ~This area dates back to the late 1500's and below where we are standing in this picture is the Indian Ladder Trail. It was used by the Mohawk Iroquois. They would fell trees and use them as ladders to reach a trading post run by Henry Hudson. There is an area called the Tory cave, in which Jacob Salsbury hid from the settlers during the Burgoyne Invasion.

Today we are walking across the top of the trail and are located approximately in the middle. The leaves are at peak foliage in the valley and the day is a perfect, crisp October day. If you look to the tall mountain just right of the center, you see Mount Equinox, Vermont. Not so far from my beloved Granville and where much of my Dad's side of the family has roots. ~ now my heart smiles.

See that ridge to the right~ that is the top that we are walking along. Quite a way down, just to the tree tops. You can just make out the mountains beyond. That is Massachusetts. The stone to the left....well a couple steps beyond and what a drop!

Looking to the left is the Adirondacks~ oh, and the cliffs. Let's not forget those! We are going to walk along the trail to the left and you will see the other side of the Escarpment.

We walk along the wooded trail and the view is beautiful. We are ever mindful that we are along the top of the cliffs and yes, that is the edge where the brown leaves end. 

A break in the trees and you can see how massive this is. What a miracle that this birch has survived just above the tops of the trees along the limestone.

We come across a wee friend. What will the Winter hold for us Mr. Woolie?

And then we come to our destination. Nothing like a cup of Hot Chocolate on a hike! I picked some snowberries and found some hickory nuts for my candle bowl and to use in photo shoots,

The view of the Escarpment and the Adirondacks beyond is amazing. My heart truly does smile. I am fortunate to have a man that knows the way to this girl's heart~ never mind flowers, chocolates or yes....jewelry. Even though my home may not be where I thought it would be...it is not far at all from my beloved mountains...and oh what a view of them!

AS a grand finale, I found this beautiful video of the hike through the Indian Ladder Trail; which was below the trail that we hiked. I am in awe every time I walk it and hope that you will find the beauty of it also. Can you feel the history of those that walked it hundreds of years before us? It feels like one is back in time...it feels like Last of the Mohicans.  May it make your heart smile as it does mine. * You will want to scroll down to the bottom of my blog to turn off the music to fully enjoy the video.*


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Web Show Fun

Today was a perfect day to get everything ready for a Web Show. Wonderfully overcast and Sleepy Hollow like! It's been awhile, but I did promise that I would put some items up after my last Fall Show. There wasn't a lot, but there was enough! I have a passion for Puritan skellies~

And even though I sold out of Mrs. Munson, everywhere...I had to make a couple! they crack me up. If one or both decides to stay~ I don't mind. We chat.....

The chalkware has come full circle for me. Nearly 20 years ago, I searched for how to do this. I had grown up with Ceramics and this was what I wanted to learn. Unknowingly at the time, I asked a customer at the store that I was working at, if she knew the process. Later, we would become good friends and she would become more than a friend, but my Mentor. We would do shows together...and I would be right where I am now. I don't live so close anymore, but we still laugh and enjoy the memories that we have made over the years.

This has been a fun thing to put together for you and I hope that you stop by to take a peek. There are still goodies to be had~ click on any of these pictures and take a trip to the show!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Under the Moonlight

You can smell the Fall leaves in the breezes here in Upstate New York. They are starting to swirl about in the crisp air. Apple harvesting has begun and there is cider and baked goods at many of the area stores. These next couple weeks will give the best memories to hold and inspire us in the coming year. Enjoy a mulled cider and donut with me on Thursday evening....

The date and time are set and I will have some special pieces available from my Fall line this year.

My Picturetrail will be set with goodies and it is first come first serve within the US
If you would like to be on my email list, just send a note to:


Saturday, October 5, 2013

Enjoying the Goode

It's been a bit of a busy Fall around here! It is show season and we have been off to a wonderful start. Josie hopped on board this last show; bound and determined to meet Ben Ashby, Editor of Folk Magazine. I met Ben a couple years ago as Folk was just starting out. We were both in Ohio for the Simple Goods Show.

Earlier that Sunday, Josie hopped on my shoulder and we visited Main Street. Ben has an awesome place! Just down from the Beekman boys (the grey building). *It's difficult having your very own photo bomber.....

Then there is just plain old silliness in the show tent...we tend to be a little over tired and giddy.

The most unusual art was that of Diamond Tooth Taxidermy. Beth Beverly has quite a take on the Taxidermy of today ~ her pieces are unique and give a wink and nod to yesterday. While taxidermy is not for everyone, her work is unique and artsy. Of course, no animal was killed for the express making of her work.

I loved this piece, although you can't see all of the jewel work.  I love the show "Oddities" and these pieces look like something that would would have found their way to that unique shop.

Prior to the show, I was contacted to make a piece for the Vermont Chapter, "Run For The Cure". This is the second year for me and I am thankful for the opportunity to give back.

Tim and I did take a day and met up with our friend Mark, for Irish 2000~ a day full of Irish pride, music...and lets not forget beer and food! Tim and I crossed this one off of our Bucket List....

Haggis.....It was surprisingly good.

Now comes the task of Holiday shows, a class and setting my sails for the path of next year. I am thankful for all of this and the opportunities that have come my way. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Sweet October

October slipped in softly this morning....it drifted in on warm breezes and spiced coffee. The leaves are starting to change nicely and there is some harvesting, still to do. I am amazed at the blessings brought forth from the magazines. I've lots to share of the past couple weeks, but that will be another post. Today is my celebration of October.

I had to wait for the sun to rise for my Olde Primitive Peddler offerings. With such special offerings, one surely needs to show them off.
Charlotte, pictured above, is my last Pumpkin Sculpt for the year. She came with me to the Harvest Festival so that I could try to sneak in a few stitches, here and there. It was not to be, although she and Jarrah did get to chat quite a bit, before Jarrah waved farewell and set out for her new home in Georgia.

I love these sculpts. I grow and learn with each one. from finishing techniques to patterning and construction~ they are always a journey. Charlotte was inspired by her dress fabric. There is magic, watching how it will transform and change. It came off the bolt as a crisp white and gray. A little magic changed it to a warm, softer and more timeworn look, befitting such a sweet and gentle Ladye.

I love the way wire speaks to me and it has been a favorite since a High School Studio class, all those years ago. It can go so wonky and have such character~

Let's not forget about Mice. They have been great subject manner for many years  for me and I smile at how I have grown up with them....from ceramic clay in the 70's to felt in the 80's. They certainly look a whole lot better now! I am thankful for a couple of great gentlemen, who inspired me to keep going with them on a bitter cold day in January. Mice and birds have blossomed here on Curry Road and I could not be more thankful for their imput.

A gentle nudge to step them up a bit, has brought me to this place. This Wee Meadow Mouse is Reenie, and very special indeed. You see, last night as she was coming to life, I was told of a dear Aunt's passing. Somehow, in all of the magic that springs from within~ my little Mouse came to look like the sweet and wise Aunt that she is honorably named after. It is always amazing that these characters will reflect in look and character, those that touch my heart and my life. How sweet is that?