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These truly ARE the voices in my head.

Friday, May 18, 2018

As May Settles In

The days are getting longer.
I enjoy the cool morning breezes
through the window in the morning, 
The breezes carry 
the sweet song 
of hedgerow Sparrows with it.
Sometimes, I just lay there;
longer than I should...
not wanting to
let go of dreams and start the day, 
just yet. 

Instead, I prolong
the remnants of my dreams
with the sweet serenade,
until I feel the nag to get up
or the smell of cawfee brewing.

A Skelly Ladye for Bewitching Peddlers
 My days are busy 
and seem to pass by so quickly.
I have immersed myself in a big sculpting mission. 
Before you know it, 
Bewitching Peddlers will be here
and I have new ways 
that I want to grow my work.
I can see
within my grasp
as to just how
create the characters
in my head
and give them life.

Willow is finished and ready to travel to her new home.
 I have a set weekly work schedule
for patterns and sculpting.
We are also squeezing in 
a big change in the rooms upstairs.
I don't need such a big room
 to sew and pattern in.
With the help of my Step Daughter,
I have a brand new studio in the works.
The room has a fresh, light and serene
look to the walls. 
As it comes together, I will be showing you!

Willow and Marie
It isn't often that two Early Work friends
have time to get acquainted.
Til then,
There are Bewitching friends
meeting Early Work friends.
It is getting a bit noisy
with so many chattering and vying for attention.

 My beloved
We spent Mother's Day on the road,
spending time with my Mom.

Mother's Day spent up North
 My Mother wasn't feeling the best,
but did engage in the usual Shenanigans
before we had to leave.
Our time is always too short!

Lily of the Valley
originally from my Granma's garden.
The gardens are getting green and filling in. 
The blooms are late this year,
but we enjoy them 
whenever they choose to appear.
It is certainly a busy time for us,
but we find it all
very blissful.