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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

April Fooled....

It's raw and damp out. 
The third day of grey skies...and lets not forget snowflakes.

Welcome to Upstate, New York, right?
Oh Spring, where art thou?

It is late afternoon and my wee one has gone home. 
A fast run to the Post Office to mail out orders.
 A nice hot shower done and cozy jammies are on. 
Tea is brewing and I'm almost ready to get into MY zone. 

Days like this may seem not so great to most, but I don't mind them.. 
they are perfect to create by...and that's exactly what I am diving into~

I have been doing a little embroidery as of late. 
This is a small project to dabble with as time allows with the baby's naps.
(such rare times, make for sloooow progress!)

I am also happily stitching away on offerings for
Early Work Mercantile
 on the eve of the 14th.

My days may be long, 
but if you love what you do, falling into bed very tired means 
that you have a full life.

April snowflakes are just an extra bonus.