A Unique Primitive Art with a whisper to the past~

These truly ARE the voices in my head.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Enjoy along with me!


It's almost time for new offerings for November first. Here's a goode song from one of my favorite musicians, Sting. It's new, and it is about the origin of what we know as Trick or Treating. These cakes or Souls as they were called, were given to the poor and children on All Souls night. When eaten, each cake would release a soul from purgetory. Turn off my Playlist music for a moment and enjoy along with me~

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Relieving Pressure

Some days my head is just so full with ideas that I think I just may burst. Of course, that is always when I'm at my busiest and may not have the time to get it all out. Last night was just such a night. I worked all day, detail stitching a store order and a few things for my next show. It was midnight and I was ready to turn in. With sore fingers and tired eyes....I drew for another hour and a half. From one idea to another, I filled several pages. Sometimes a design would multiply into several more. Oh! The excitement! Finally, after a couple false starts, I made my way into bed, trying to claim a bit of it from two stretched out pups. Lying in bed, more ideas came out to play and I was caught between wanting sleep to come and trying to keep my brain from forgetting those ideas until morning.. well, a more normal morning time at least. I did bolt out of bed and begin where I left off. I feel better now and excited for these new friends to take shape. The agony however, is knowing that as I head back to the sewing machine, my deadlines come first. Oy! the pressure mounts as I struggle with what I need to do and what I want to do. Back to work......

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


With my Candy Corn-peanut mix in hand and plenty of fresh cider, my evenings are spent fast at work stuffing and sewing as I watch any show on TV that will satisfy this girl's love for Halloween. Even as I stuff Jake the turkey, my mind is still on Pumpkin headed people and witches of all sorts. My pattern customers are just as reluctant, it seems. In a sea of Santa and turkey orders, there are still almost as many Halloween patterns to be shipped as I speak. The orders are stacked and envelopes await for morning.

It is always a bit sad to see the last of the beautiful colored leaves fall from the trees. Each season holds it's own magic, but for me, the one who dislikes shoes.... I can't wait for leaves to come in and socks to go out. As I get ready to pack away those sandals and cover my toes, I will be fast at work as this is my busiest sewing time. Patiently I wait, not just for the Great Pumpkin and all goode things Halloween, but for the shows and Holidays ahead and then finally for green grass to wriggle my toes in, once again.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Of Pilgrims and Promises

There is a chill here in the North Country as leaves are gently falling and snowflakes are dancing in the air. I have been snuggled in my little work area, which for most of you would be considered the kitchen table. There has been a flurry of activity for weeks as I prepare for next year. Applications and samples have mixed into my daily work and there is excitement in my heart as I look ahead and keep the promise to my Father to continue not just with my little friends here, but in my drawing, sculpting and painting.

I have had the most fun with my new friends on TDIPT today. I loved making the Puritan dress and the wee little mice. It's still full steam ahead with a different show this November and Heritage Market in January. Oh, what fun I'm having! It's time to light a candle, put on some Celtic music and start some new friends. What could be better on a cold afternoon?