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Monday, May 28, 2012

Never Disbelieve

I don't know how to explain it..perhaps there is a better explanation...but my heart says that it is him. Maybe I'm just plain silly, but his words echo today....never disbelieve. He was a dreamer and an artist..I certainly do take after him there. Above all, he was a Soldier and perhaps that is why he chose today to let some of us know he was near and remember his words...never disbelieve.

I was sitting at the computer and getting ready to make my way upstairs to sew. A few hello's on Facebook, a check for recipes on Pinterest and an email or two to answer. My regular morning routine. I usually leave the computer up and Tim will hop on while he is around. He was outside this morning though, so what I heard was just for me. I didn't take three steps from the computer, when I heard it, a few bars from a favorite theme~ the theme from Little Women, a beloved favorite of mine. I stopped, not believing what I just heard....dismissed it and walked upstairs to sew. As I was working, I kept thinking that I must have had the blog up. It's on my playlist there, and it isn't the original from the movie, it has a video of a young woman playing it....it kept bothering me though..why would it suddenly start playing?

I kept thinking that it was a fluke...yes, that's it, I must have left the blog up. When I came downstairs I checked it. My blog was not up at all...nor the playlist for whatever odd reason. Just the three pages that I had had up. It's hard to wrap your head around... I told Tim and texted my girls. I told them to keep their eyes and ears open, perhaps their Grandpa would send them some kind of message. Why not, I thought...This Holiday was so special to him. He proudly brought the girls to the parade every year and had showed them his name on the memorials. They were often accompanied by his beloved pup, Finnegan.

I promptly got messages back from the girls.. Jess thought it was very cool, but Bailey seemed perplexed and I explained it to her in a little more detail. I was not prepared at all for her reply. She loved Dad's dog Finnegin and Dad would always tell her, that if something happened to him, Finn would be hers. Sadly, Finn had to be put to sleep a year before Dad passed. Bailey keeps the ashes of Dad's beloved Finnegan with her, along with several mementos. This morning when she awoke, a candle and a poem were missing....and the lid to Finnegan's urn was off. A visit perhaps? She asked me what it meant. I don't know...but I hope it was my Dad's way of letting her know that he was near...and perhaps the Finn too.

I've waited for Jess to text and tell me something has happened to her....and then I realized it. Late last night, my Jess texted me in earnest and I thought something was wrong. She finally told me about her drawing. How it just all came together for her and it was the best drawing that she has ever done. Last night I was so proud to think that one of my daughter's would have the artistic gift that I have..I texted to her, and told her that there are times, that seem so magical, like a spirit takes hold and it all comes together, every line and curve...perfectly. It's really special when everything flows so perfectly. But now, I wonder if that was her Grampa beside her, as she drew so perfectly last night. Perhaps he really did touch us all in some way. Perhaps there are better explanations...but I prefer to think that my Dad let us each know that he was near and thinking of us.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Welcome Back, Primitives

After taking some time away from Primitives to explore other media that I love, I found that I really did miss these wee folk! My friends and colleagues that have traveled the same path all these years have had a discussion for a while now... have Primitives moved on? It's been difficult to tell over the past year, given the economy, but since I decided to design them again, I've noticed something. Some friends that had moved on from Primitives have been starting their sewing machines moving in that direction again....and loving it! Their customers have too!  The feedback from customers has been like a welcome home hug. My inbox has been flooded with emails asking for more..... new and fresh primitives; and patterns oh the pattern requests!

I thought that it was time to bring some oldies but goodies back to my PictureTrail site. Some of you will see them and remember them...for others it is a first time. There will be new ones on the way, but until then, I am offering you  some other friends. These friends of mine, often rotate in popularity from year to year. Perhaps you will be be saying, "AHA! That's who made that design! Others may be inspired in a whole new way!

Above is Lena the crow. Lena is reminiscent of an elderly Polish woman in the village that I lived it. Oh how I loved her! She always walked Main Street with a coat or sweater and a Babushka. Who knew that she would begin the Babushka trend with others! Here are a few of her old and dear friends, ready to make their home at Raven's Haven PictureTrail.

Bernadette The Baguette Lady

Lena's Glorious Ride
Bickey Brown

Muriel Bovine


~And this is where you can find them~

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Happy Creating

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Who Says, You Can't Go Back?

As April was closing the door behind, and May was waving Hello....I was fast at work, putting the finishing touches on my offerings for both, Simply Primitives and Olde Primitive Peddler.

I am so excited about where I'm at...back to the soul of the Primitives....yesterday, I was in a phone meeting, getting specifics for some design work. We talked about how business is changing and many want a lighter look....not so dark. I smiled... in as much as there are those that are lightening up their homes for a more Country to Cottage look....the extreme prims still fit. They provide texture, contrast and a focal point. As I hung my new friends up to photograph....I saw it for myself.  My Fox, Jackie, has simple lines and is very distressed. A polka dot dress in a aged apple green, makes her a standout. 

Lucinda is a little bigger version of one of my older style hens. She is very prim and gives a wink and a nod to a more Americana look with just her coloring. She is a mix of simple lines with textured details.....

And last in the more extreme Primitive look; is Claire. My love of a simple sheep design clear. As much as she is so simplistic....she calls for someone to take a look at her...or pick her up and hug her.

These three Wee Folk are listed on Old Primitive Peddler and the emails coming in do make me smile. I've missed doing these prim friends of mine and many of you have written to tell me. It looks like the heavy distressing and simplicity are here to stay!

Now, my other offerings  on Simply Primitives, tend to have more whimsy, than prim to them...at least right now. Don't be fooled though...they are merely going through an adjustment period.  Carmen refuses to do anything but celebrate her favorite holiday.

Her wee friend Lizzie is her best friend......and partner in Halloween celebrating. But Fiona... well, lets just say I was inspired by a young friend that asked me one day, if I believed in fairies. Her inspiration brought me to a little different place....but if you have seen my works as a young teen.... you see Fiona. Oh yes.. I do believe... I believe in many things. Fairies are but one.
I am fortunate to love all that I do. I've had a wonderful time with drawing and sculpting. They have been a strong part of my youth and I still visit them regularly...I've loved spending a couple months with them.

The Primitives called me home, however... they live within my soul. I'm back and I love it. I'm fortunate to do what I love, in as much as many love what I do.