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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Life's Pace

As the weather gets nicer, the pace of life seems busier. The days and weeks have flown by; it is difficult to believe that it is already Mid Summer. Where has all the time gone?  Tim's family is bursting with weddings, babies and showers. Five weddings and three babies to look forward to. There was one very sad loss as Tim's Brother In Law passed away suddenly. We still find it difficult to believe. Some people touch so many lives and make huge imprints. Tom was one of those people.
There was Prom for Jessie~ and the traditional picture with Gramma~
Graduation from Vo-Tech for Bailey, not to mention a big move to Texas for her, so she could be with her sweetheart....(and a big adjustment for Mom...)
The gardens are all in, and Tim enjoys reading his book in the evenings. He still has to fill in where the pool was, but all in due time.

And I have been fast at work with designs and pieces for commissions and shows. I have five shows this year! All of them local too~
...to Halloween, there are lots of new Wee Folk and other fun things.
Not to mention those wee mousels that take over the doll house from time to time...
And of course, new Prims.....
The busy season has started and now it is a race to get it all together. Live has a pace to it; and around here, it is never slow......