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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Death Is A Debt....

To say I am excited, would probably be an understatement.

I loved creating for EHAG last month, 
and also loved the Halloween state of mind. 
Before my offering went up in March,
 I was already working on my next EHAG offering.

I admit, 
I was unsure if the technicality of what I wanted,
 would work...
Thank goodness for goode friends 
that tell you that it works well
  go for it!

My PaperClay over stretched canvas was wonderful to work with. 
My love of Early Gravestones once again takes the stage 
in my work.
I poured through books, photographs
 and my personal collection for this piece.... 
and let go.

It reflects the carving and epitaph of a couple of stones from the late 1700's.

The coloring and mossy look have kept the texture and details.
It can hang on the wall
as well as
 lean up on a shelf or mantle.

A click on any of the pictures will take you to EHAG
where the gates have creaked open
 and Halloween, one of a kind treats are available.

If you would like 
"Death Is A Debt",
hop over to EHAG for instructions to make it yours~

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Busting Out In Spring

Miss Hester
We may not have had much snow to show for our Winter, 
but we are no less joyful with Spring's arrival.

Tim has been fast at work 
getting the gardens 
cleaned and ready. 
We are deciding what to plant ~
 some of the early veggies and flowers are all settled in.

Another view. She has gone to live with a special friend.
I am finally seeing my big changes,
coming to an end.
It has been a wild ride at times, 
but in just a couple more months,
 it will all be completed...

~and as one chapter ends, 
another begins....

Wee napper on a Cathedral Window pinkeep. I loved making this Quilt square!

As an artist, 
Spring is usually the time of changes 
and new offers also.
It has been bountiful, 
and I have made goode, solid choices
 that will move me in new directions. 
It will also push me to challenge myself.
Here is what I can share so far~

I loved the quilt square so much, I did 2!
Actually, I had a hard time limiting my fabric choices.

I have decided that I will only have one company
 that I will do licensed work for.
I just don't have time 
and I want to pursue different paths.
One of my favorite so far, 
is the joining of the EHAG group.
The Universe allows the right things to fall into place easily.
In December,
my heart reminisced
to the visions my friend and I had of Halloween.
I decided to step back into those days,
(almost 20 years ago)
and have them be a main structure of my business plan for this year.
In February, I was asked to join EHAG
I feel like it is all meant to be, 
and so perfectly!
Marie Antoinette was on my mind, and the inspire for "Marie's Shoe"
All of the mousie pinkeeps were available on Early Work Mercantile.

 I will be remaining with Early Works, 
in all of this~ 
and it is where you will find my primworks...
the pumpkin ladye sculpts will move to EHAG. 
They will still be limited.

Trying something new with Paperclay.
It worked perfectly and will be available Saturday, April 30th at 9pmEST
and finally~
I will be entering the video ~
 or Vlog (should I say?) world.
I'm not sure how much.
I'm not comfortable with me being in front of the camera..
 I feel that I am best 
behind it.
I will figure out my comfort zone as I jump in, right?

A friend had asked on my Goode Wife Facebook page
*(please stop by to "like" and follow if you don't already)*
if I might give a tutorial on how I make my clay works.
I had been approached before to do video tutorials by a couple companies over the years,
but was uncomfortable with the idea.
As messages and emails poured in,
I was amazed at just how many of you felt so unsure about how to begin working with clay.

And so...
I am putting my teacher hat on once again.
For the first time in front of a camera...
It is my way to give back,
something that is always very important to me.
I hope to take away the fears 
of not knowing if you are doing it right...
and replacing them with 
inspire and confidence 
to start your own creative journey.

Gathering with my brother and catching up.
He lives in Arizona...boy, was he cold this weekend!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Unfamiliar Territory

Life often brings us to this place of growth. 
Stepping into unfamiliar territory
 and learning along the way. 
As an Artist, 
I tend to do this to myself (a lot!)....
There is just so much that I want to do and learn. 
A drive to create. 
I want to grow.

 I worked in the fabric and craft section
 of a Department store, 
when I first started figuring out how to sew and make primitive dolls.
 Women would come in with paper in hand, 
excited to pick fabrics for quilting classes. 
I envied them as I am NOT mathematical,
in any way, 
shape or form. 
I always felt that this was beyond me. 

 Tuesdays were Senior Days at our store and I loved working them. 
An elderly friend, 
Betty had told me about a Cathedral Window block.
 The following week, 
she came in with a copy of the instructions. 
I was smitten.....
but I felt it beyond me. 
Betty was so sweet, 
the next Tuesday, 
she brought in a block to show me.
 I am a visual learner, 
so this was an awesome thing 
and it looked so fun!

Delores, my cross eyed quality control assistant...
 she also drinks my clay water,

Life has gone on. 
The store closed years ago. 
My babies are young ladies.

I still look at quilting and adore it. 
Two years ago,
 I decided that any grandchildren
 would get a quilt from Tim and I. 
I had seen a pinwheel quilt and a tutorial. 
I jumped into unfamiliar territory 
and was bound and determined that I could do it...
it held many challenges for me, 
but I completed it. 

At the time, 
I felt that would never tackle anything like that again. 
 These moments are like childbirth. 
At the time, 
it is painful and you aren't sure that you will get through it,
 but you do.. 
and shortly after, 
you are willing to do it again.

I find myself in a bit of unfamiliar territory once again.
Another grand baby will soon be here!
 An Irish Chain pattern is what I will be jumping into.
 It can't be rocket science, right? 
 We shall see.

In the meantime. 
I was reminiscing about my friend Betty.
 I don't have that paper any longer, 
but I was able to look at a few tutorials 

Yes... a Catherdral Window block.
 It's only unfamiliar territory 
for a short time.
 I'm on my second block 
and even though it may not be perfect, 
it is all me.
 I jumped in Betty~ 
you were right,
 I DO love it!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Celebrating A New Look

ETSY has rolled out a new look for Shoppe
I love it.
 It gives a chance for you to truly see
 the personality and style of each shoppe owner, 
with a bigger banner.

My first pattern made the front cover of Country Marketplace magazine in 2001.

Time has flown by 
and my patterns have grown as much as I.

I love that they have stood the test of time.

Many started out in local shows during those early days.
Fat Lab was one of my very first designs.
He was in 7 Etsy treasuries last week!

Snow Raven was actually my very first design.
I knew what I wanted in my head,
 and it took many months to get it out... 
but from the wings to the wired feet,
 he was unique. 

The patterns have all reflected people, animals and times
 that have touched my life.
Twigs was a chicken that my girls adored.

Death Angel shows my love of the cemeteries around me ~ 
I still enjoy a goode visit in the Spring and Fall especially.
I love that the pattern can reflect the personality of the creator
and there are so many
opportunities for them to be done beyond what the picture shows.
Over the years, they have been done in other mediums such as clay and wool applique.
Who would have thunk
they would have come so far all those years ago!