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Friday, January 18, 2013

Pattern Mob #3


Primitives.....you either love them or leave them. For me, it was love at first sight. When my youngest was born in '95, I was searching for anything with,"the look" and took a paint class that offered the techniques. By the time Jess was walking, I was sitting in the home of my dear friend and learning all about it...in fabric. I knew when I saw the dolls, that I belonged to it. I knew that day, but what I didn't know was just how much my life would change because of it.

As Primitive Artists and Pattern Makers were starting to really emerge in our area, I had worn through a couple of Holly Berry Hill catalogs. Magazines filled with eye candy and websites for primitives were popping up. One of those designers that stood out was Pat Kildare of "Off The Beam". Tonight on Facebook, Robin Seeber and I are posting a "Pattern Mobbing". A click on the picture will take you to Pat's Etsy shop if you would like to  purchase, or you can go to her Photostream, here

We hope to support a fellow Prim Artisan by purchasing a pattern (or more)! Some may already have this pattern and may want to purchase something different. Above all, we hope that many will drop a note to offer kind words and encouragement. It's nice to know how many people that you really do touch with your work! If you would like to join us on Face Book, look us up on "Pattern Mobbing" and give us a "like". If you are like me, you already know that you can't ever have enough Prim Patterns!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Using My Muse

I LOVE Jarrahdale pumpkins. They inspire. My friends also inspire me. Last Summer, friend Lori, from Notforgotten Farm, made a wonderful pin-keeps for Ghoultide. She changed the classic, Heart and Hand theme, to a heart and pumpkin one. She placed the pumpkins on the palm of a hand and I was smitten. I even wrote and told her. With her kind words to create what my muse tells me to, I knew where to take the inspire. In my own voice, I wanted something different, a wall hanging.  My muse ~

Edna Nettles. Her plumpish hands were a perfect inspire, her basket of Sweet Annie would fill a glove wonderfully. 

Lori~ I hope that I have done justice to your inspire. Thank your for your kind words to use the concept with my own voice.

Another view as it is intended to be seen~

And as the "Heart and Hand" theme.

As I was making this Dutchie for TDIPT, those hearts did inspire, and so, the usual carrot would not do. I love her.

Finally... those thoughts of Spring cleaning. I'm enjoying these mousies...you will see me bounce around a bit and I am trying different materials and mechanics...but there is reason behind it and you shall see in time.

It has been nice to give my hand a break from the heavy demands of shows. I will be taking it lighter with some ink works and a few other things that I am exploring. It's all a journey, one that I love. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

This Year of Mine~

There is something about January that makes me burst with joy...well, there are a few things actually. I'm always happier knowing that the days are getting longer. January holds excitement. It is the beginning of a new year and with it, a clean slate. The weather can be nasty and the cold make your bones ache, but as glum and gloomy as it can be; I make it mine. A burning candle can make it cozy where I work...a mug of hot chocolate a treat. They are simple joys indeed.

This year of mine....What shall I do with it? First of all, as a parent of two young ladies, it is my job to show and teach them still. My oldest is learning the ways of stepping out on her own. As she told me, "Mom, I need to make my own mistakes". She will...but she will also make her own success.You never stop worrying.

 My youngest will be graduating in June, She will start another journey also. I hope that they both tuck any fears away, to look at life as opportunities and adventures. Perhaps they will learn to be just as excited in January. Grab hold of the year and own it. Yes, there will be bumps along the path and they may be given things beyond their control to deal with. There are always lessons to learn, great sadness and great joy wrapped up in a year. It is all balance.

You can see where my head is wrapped, in the pictures above. I am inspired by my own work as well as that of others. I will try new things and revisit olde.  My work will balance with family and friends (I always hope for a better balance here, knowing what an Art driven life I lead). It's only the beginning and I have much to do in this year of mine. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

No Signs of Slowing Down

Many of my friends take a few weeks off in December and the first few days of January. There was a time that I could relax a little in the first week of December, as the busiest time for my work was finished.

That's just not the case for me right now. There are no complaints, it's been nice to be busy. It has been steady, since August and I have been creating up a storm. The local shows were so fun and I am looking forward to what 2013 has to offer. For right now, though, I will share my first of the month offerings. This piece is inspired by the March Sister's in Little Women. You can click on any of the pictures to take you to Olde Primitive Peddler and see more about them.

Wee Maggie is also available there also. If you notice, she has a new look to her body to lend a more realistic look. I am having such a wonderful time taking these Mousels to different levels. It's nice to have a lively Doll House once again. These mice never stay long, but I have more coming to life.

On Simply Primitives, I am back to my love of Tombstone Angels. Meliora is a Puritan name of Roman descent, meaning...Better. Ah yes, I am getting better! I love the simplicity and the colors.

When looking up Puritan names, I suppose that I shouldn't have been surprised for the names given this Angel, nor her twin. The Puritans were quite grim after all. This is Ashes....

And this...Dust.
A click on the pictures will take you to Simply Primitives.

One of my best things that I have done, has been with my friends on Face Book. Pattern Mobbing. It started with this guy here, a pattern that I was looking for. Long story short and an inspiration from my friend...and I was off. What if my friends and I could "mob" a unsuspecting designer with orders?  As a designer myself, I know how much the orders mean, especially at slow times of the year. Well, it is a success~ a click on the picture and you will go to where YOU can mob this fine designer. We have had such a blast with this pattern. Simplistic enough that you can put your style on him and really have fun creating.

This month's person to Mob is Christine, of Walnut Ridge Primitives. Click again on the picture and you will be in pattern heaven. I can't wait to make this for the Wee Cottage!

2012 was jam packed for me. It wasn't perfect and neither will this year be.  In the weeks ahead, I have orders to pack and send, contracts to look over and sign and shows to set up for....and that doesn't include the creating! I will be continuing the Pattern Mobbing and will share here. I have 24 more times to go. They are my 26 Random Acts in memory of those in Heaven from Sandy Hook.