A Unique Primitive Art with a whisper to the past~

These truly ARE the voices in my head.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fall Whispers

My mind is ever on the smells of apples, pumpkins and fallen leaves. Oh, how I wish someone could bottle the true smell of fallen leaves on a crisp Fall day! I enjoy every season, but Fall has always been a favorite and I love Halloween. 

When we were given the theme of Falloween on American Holiday Artists, I already had two wee folk in process and I've been excited to finish them. As each wee folk comes to life, I give thanks to be able to do this from my home. I've done the Power Suits, Conferences and business luncheons...I'm glad to spend my 60 plus hours a week right at work, not on a plane, locked in rush hour gridlock or trapped in a cubicle.

 I've never worked harder or longer ...or loved every minute more. Sure there are days that I'm buried under paperwork or pushed to work round the clock to meet a deadline and balance the rest of my life. I don't have sick time or get a paid vacation, I often don't have weekends or Holidays.........but I have watched my girls grow to young ladies. I've been to most every school event raising my hand in sign for "I Love You", so they could pick me out and know I was near. I've been able to run forgotten papers to the school at a moment's notice, driven them to school with a project bigger than they were.....and shared lunch in the Cafeteria.  Track and Field Hockey meets, Potlucks and Chorus Recitals; all made possible by my parents who gave me the opportunity.

 I had to lessen my work for nearly three years, but I have memories and time spent that are priceless. I know my Dad watches down as there are changes ahead for me...and so my black Falloween cat, Cedara is my way of paying it all forward as I promised him from the Hospital. With a wink and a nod to his favorite pet when he was growing up, to a name inspired by a beloved friend that holds an unspoken connection~ My art does indeed imitate my life.
Cedara has been spoken for and looks forward to her new home~ Thank you so much!

Friday, July 22, 2011

The Art of Letting Go

I haven't been around long enough to post the past couple of weeks...and it may be sparse for a few weeks ahead. So many things...where do I begin? Above is one of my newest clay Folk. Oh how I love doing them. I have been thinking that they are higher end pieces with so much work... maybe I should let go of them for a bit until prices such as gas, groceries and other needfuls settle. This work is more inclined to feed my soul at the moment... or perhaps not. Before she was painted, I put a picture of her with my phone, on my Facebook page~ such a response! Maybe, instead of letting them go for a bit, I just need to step carefully forward with them! 

I have also been enjoying the bounties of our little garden. I have been able to cook, like I used to. I have been enjoying this bit of time now, that had escaped when I was at my Mom's caring for both parents and then her.  Now I can share with her and enjoy recipes that hold so many family memories. I am also in the midst of letting go of so many care-giving duties that I still had to hold on to since my move. My Uncle has stepped in to take over the transitioning paperwork part of my Mom's in-home transition as her pay-down is coming to an end. There is much paperwork ahead!  I am working with my Uncle to put things in motion and let go....let go of so much and finally be able to be just a daughter during her remaining years. It is a great weight and I am happy to know that my daughters, Tim and I can enjoy her and visit.  We can be there without the pressures of taking care of her financial, household and daily issues. I am elated and I know that it will have it's bumps along the way.  Those reins, that have been in my hand for over 18 years will be difficult too hand over and not feel like I'm missing or forgetting something. Instead, I will be learning how to simply enjoy and make memories. Here is to letting go and embracing life~

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dancing With The Economy

 I am very honored to have been asked to be a part of this new group. Olde Primitive Peddler, features the best primitive artisans out there! A click on the picture will take you to my page along with the others.We opened on the first of the month ~ if you stop by the home page and leave a comment, you will be entered in the giveaway. I had a lot of fun working on some new friends .....and of course,

...Halloween did sneak in

More than once....

Like everyone else, I am dancing with a slow economy. I am fortunate to have spread my wings in a few directions with my work and it is definitely a time for all of us to be versatile. As an Artist, I would dearly love to do just what suits me. That of course is always the dream.The reality is, that you have to adjust to what your customers want, slow economy or not. Change can be scary, or an adventure, depending on how you look at it. I will be slowing up on some things and I push forward on others. I am also looking at my shows. I love so many local ones, but I also enjoy the bigger ones too. I will be limiting my online finished pieces...but it is because I am making a needed change at this time. What is it? It's almost ready.......are you?