A Unique Primitive Art with a whisper to the past~

These truly ARE the voices in my head.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Making My Way Back

We all have struggles...
and they are getting a workout 
 right now.
I am no different.
While I am good 
with staying home 
and working...
other things are difficult.
 I can't just go see my Mom, 
as she is in a nursing home. 
And I worry about her
every day.
Both of my girls are working, 
for which I am thankful, 
but a Mom worries.
This brings so much added stress to our lives~ 
 we need to remember, 
we are in it together.
I know that others have harder struggles
mine look minute in comparison.

As our restrictions started,
my sweet girl 
became ill.
At first it was thought 
she was diabetic,
but we quickly realized that it was something more serious.
Just after her 12th Birthday,
we had to set her free
and send her to the beyond~
where I know she is with 
others and
waiting for us.
 She has been my companion,
ever beside,
 as I worked each day.
Molly was a rescue from Peurto Rico.
She adored fruit and vegetables.
Tim worked the gardens
 so that she could enjoy strawberries,
 blackberries and grape tomatoes
 at her will,
 and within her reach.
her companion,
is feeling the deep void as well.

We carry grief with us,
but know there are others
with a heavier burden as well.
Self care is important.
As the grass greens up 
and leaves return to the trees,
we are enjoying our little piece of the world;
 our back yard.
Simple pleasures,
 such as enjoying the birdsong,
or watching the squirrels play,
bring us balance.

When I need to ground myself, 
the mountains always 
soothe my soul.
It is reflected in my Adirondack friends.
we did take a little drive
one dreary Friday...
but that is for next time.
Stay well and safe.
Seek balance when it is hard
and simply connect with the Earth.
Just standing barefoot 
on the good Earth
can help so much.