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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Celebrating Jiggy

Today would have been my Grampa's 95th Birthday. We lost him suddenly, nearly 23 years ago.... and although we miss him very much, he left wonderful memories for all that knew him. He was a man of deep faith and community service. He never sat still...always puttered about and was a fixer of anything needing repair, for anyone.

Mornings he would often make himself a simple breakfast. First, he would begin by making a small pot of coffee. He would proceed to put a spoonful of sugar and a good amount of milk into his cereal bowl. When the coffee was done, he would pour it into his bowl, stir and then add cornflakes. I still do that every once in awhile and it is really quite good on a cold day. 

For my brother and I, he would often make us toast...always a little more on the black side than two little kids would prefer. He would then spread it with peanut butter and tell us that black toast was good for us.To this day, when someone burns the toast...it is referred to as Jiggy Toast. Other Jiggyisms are:

  • A Jig Rig: anything fixed or reinvented to be useful from items made from things found at home.
  • Tucci: Any good looking girl, especially if they were blonde. He would often tell my Gram that at his age, he was trading her in for 2 of these if she didn't behave.
Granville still fondly remembers him.  He was inseparable from Father Roman  and they were known as Sanford & Son as they drove about in Father's pick up truck. Father would often call my Gram and ask if Jiggy could come out to play. He was called Iron Lips Caruso, after he lost his teeth and relearned the trumpet without even his dentures. For me, He was the inspiration of my St. Jigs                                                                                                     

My Brother, Kevin shares the same Birthday today. They were very close and he will also send cheers Jiggy's way today. I've changed my playlist to honor my Grandfather. All that he was and all that he instilled in us.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Springtime Teases

February is unfolding and blossoming nicely. It can be a bitter cold  and stormy month, but sometimes, as the days stretch longer....we get a little taste of what the early days of Spring will be like. Ahhh.. there is hope then! My heart smiles with anticipation. Yesterday was such a day and even though today is beautiful and blue.... the temperature brings me back to reality. Not before I had some time to dream of the coming days that are filled with sunshine and smell of dirt and grass.

My TDIPT offerings reflect my feelings in my choices of which wee folk to bring to life.  I was also in a mood for getting the grunge on.....perhaps knowing that mud season comes with Spring also! I love their simplicity of style and enjoy that the slightness of expression can carry a mood.

This morning I carried down my doll house... it is rustic and primitive. I LOVE it. It was given to me by a dear friend. My youngest daughter, Jessie was beginning to walk when we would visit and Jess would play with it as  I worked away. It is such a wonderful gift packed with memories... and now I will enjoy setting it up and filling it with wee friends. Sunshine will pour into the window cut outs and even if Grandfather Winter isn't ready to let go just yet, I can enjoy my own little world a bit. Sometimes, you just never grow up....I love that thought.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Goode Days

This winter is definitely one we will remember weather wise.While the snow falls and the cold wind blows, I am snug in the little Cape that I now call home. There is always so much to do and getting back to work is very important to me. It is a drive within me and I can only go so many days until I HAVE to bust out into creating.  I have been sculpting since I was a young child. I was so fortunate to have parents that encouraged art and the creative spirit. They supplied us with all different media to explore and create in.
I have so many tools to help me bring life to these wee folk. Some were not meant for clay at all, but I found that they do what I need them too.
My most favorite tool, however, is the humble toothpick. Many times it is the only tool I will use.

I am still learning about different armatures and different types of clays. I am comfortable enough now to work up several pieces at once, as these folk come alive in layers. In the first picture above... top and center is a challenge piece to an upcoming release. She doesn't look like anything yet and still has a bit more armature work.

The technology of today, brings the ability to research right from home. In order to become successful, I need to capture certain elements and blend them in a way that realism meets whimsy. I'd hate for someone to say~ "I love your duck ladye", only to find that it is supposed to be a completely different kind of bird! It can be difficult enough to have fingers replicate the  mind's eye without a serious faux pas because I didn't do my job researching! While my wee rabbits are fun and whimsical, my challenge piece is exactly that, meant to challenge myself. So here I am, a bit rusty in my sculpting, but armed with key elements and the right tools in which I hope to succeed!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

An Old Fashioned Winter

It seems that every time the snow melts off from this, more comes to stay.

Another favorite outdoor piece that has moved with me. Hoping that some wee birdie family will make their home in it this Spring.

Miss Alice is still shy, but nearly has all her finishing touches done.
~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~
It seems, that an old fashioned winter has grabbed on to our neck of the woods and it is sharing with more of the rest of the country than usual. It is one for the books at least. With it comes so many memories! From dipping a pitcher in the milk vat at the barn, to make the best tasting hot chocolate, to sledding over various hills and skating on a nearby pond. It is a great season for snowmobiles here also.... oh the fun we had as teens! Trail riding, racing in cornfields in nearby Vermont and cooking hamburgers over a camp fire. 

My work is still at a much slower pace as we spend weekends at my Mom's to cook and run errands. There is still much work to do settling in but I have been able to sketch new wee folk ideas here and there. 

There was no American Holiday Artist release this month as the leaders are reformatting the site~ our big reopening will be on the 25th of February and with it, an artist's challenge. Miss Alice won't be making an appearance if my challenge piece turns out well! Until then, I will be spending my time with new sculptures and new pattern releases. My days in the little Cape on Curry road are full and happy.....no matter the weather.