A Unique Primitive Art with a whisper to the past~

These truly ARE the voices in my head.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Back To Work

Hello Everyone~
I wanted to let you know 
that I am back to work~
although still on a light schedule.

The Etsy Shop is open 
and I am ready to pack orders! 
A click on the shop banner above will take you there 

Many have asked
 about the bunny in the Peat Pot~
and this is the pattern that I used. 

The body has to be cropped 
and adjusted to fit your pot.

How fun, right?

And you can always go through 
the shop and see what else would work~



and if you just can't live 
without a touch 
of Halloween
A Pumpkin head would be fun! 

Use your imagination
 and let the pattern 
be a tool to let your
vision to shine through!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

My New Hand

Well...new to me.
"Stacey Scissorhand"
have been met with lots of giggles!

it will be a week.

Two procedures at the same time
has proven painful,
but it has gotten better each day.

Tim has been wonderful 
and beside me all the way~
he is a wonderful caregiver.

As the swelling goes down,
I am beginning to feel the difference.
I can't hold a pencil or 
silverware just yet...
I giggle at 
my lack of coordination with
the mouse....
but I do see improvement.

 I had to stop by
and tell you 

The comment's, notes,
private messages 
and emails
are amazing.

It is true~

you never know,
 just how many people that you touch
on this big web.

And so,
 while I am not able to work, 
I have been working on 
some wedding plans ~
making silly left handed sketches and notes...

My Imaginarium
is going full tilt 
with new concepts 
and techniques.

I can't wait 
to dive in!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Little Time For Me

I wanted to let everyone know,
 that I am taking a little time away 
from the work
 that I love so much.

I have needed 
surgery for
quite a few years now,
and it is time.
(thank you Affordable Care Act!)
I will be having
 a couple of procedures done 
and I know 
that recuperation time, 
is supposed to take two weeks
for one of the procedures.

I have closed my Etsy Shop
March 11th
if you know me...
I am not one to keep idle.
I am sure that by then, 
I should be able to pack orders!

I am also sure that my Pinterest pins
will grow enormously....
my sketch journal 
will probably be full 
of wonky sketches,
as I don't always do so well
with Lefty.

But I am excited to get this done 
and move on.

I have so many characters coming to life
and some new ones ahead...
there are 2 new models of Sleepy Mice
and a new Ratty all stitched and ready to stuff.

It may look and sound like Spring 
is happening at the cottage~
but most of my new friends
 will have a Halloween flair to them.
Oh yes~ 
Sparrow Witches are happening!!!