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Monday, October 10, 2011

Goode Things Ahead!

I'm so excited, I can hardly keep everything under my hat...but I have to! Oh there is so much ahead on this journey and I know you will be just as excited as everything moves forward. If you are on the "Made In America" train, you will most certainly be pleased that there are companies out there, working hard to keep the economy forward.  Long hours, little sleep and lots of sweat equity follow a huge leap of Faith. We are two such people, both bringing something to the table, and the feedback has been amazing. Okay...and a little scary as we both find that neither of us has been prepared for the number of orders and inquiries as we play around with images, designs and ideas.

I am pleased to have my graphics going places that I never dreamed of, through the hard work of Monahan Papers. Above is a picture of the new wrap paper done on craft paper. The plain roll  to the far right is much bigger~ 50 ft, but the fun starts with YOU as it is your blank canvas to stamp and create. Click on the picture to visit the blog with all of the wonderful information on the wrap paper.  After that,  stop by Monahan Papers to see more goodies. You will probably want to bookmark both places to be on top of all the new things for 2012.

 A special congratulations to Linda Heard of Lindowen's American Country. Linda has the first order shipping out! Linda has been a dear friend; she has had the opportunity to watch us grow through the years, both separately  and now as Print Company and Designer. She's watched our growing pains and is always there cheering us on. Woohoo! I can't wait to stop by and visit!


Rebecca said...

OOh, looking forward to seeing them! Love seeing all of your "little voices!" Bet they're fabulous!

Anonymous said...

You deserve every single bit of goodness that comes your way, my dear friend~~~you have worked so hard....it is all so wonderful!! Oh, these papers will go way far for you~~I know they will!!! You go girl..xoxoxo L.

Michelle May (Shell) said...

Congratulations! Sooooooooo happy for you!
xx, shell