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These truly ARE the voices in my head.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Introducing, Miss Jovi

With a big mug of hot Peppermint tea and a wistful look, I sit here at my computer putting up pictures of Jovi and adding the link that will take you to the AHA Studio Marketplace. What did I want to say to you beyond what was written up at the Marketplace???
She certainly came out far better than I thought. The biggest challenge yet, with her dress and bonnet. Most of you know me from my work in Primitives and patterns. Many of you know that I didn't know how to sew  beyond adding fabric to the bottoms of my bell bottoms, when I started Primitives 13 years ago. On the Web, I am not known for my sculpting, but those from my Hometown know me as a sculptor first. It wasn't until I sat here thinking of what I may write, that I realized that this same girl sat in this same room 34 years ago working in clay and frantically getting ready for her first show. People stop and tell me that they still have my wee sculptures of elves, dragons and of course....critters. It's difficult for me to think that they um... are now vintage. Today my work is at a much different level. I am loving it and still balancing my other loves. I have never stopped learning in this journey and I am glad. Jovi presented several challenges and spoke often about what she wanted from me. She seems quite content. Me? I just hope that I am creating the next 34 years.

Friday, October 22, 2010

These Fleeting Days of Fall

October is my favorite time of year and I love these crisp days. The smell of the leaves mixed with pine and woodsmoke are intoxicating. The girls are back to school and I have enjoyed watching them and wrapping up in it all. The football games at school, Homecoming, field hockey and open house. Bailey is in her Senior year and Jess, her Sophomore. Two more years...where has time gone? These years, like the few weeks before the leaves turn and fall seem to go faster and faster as I get older. I'm trying to hold on to it, really~ I am.

My days are full ones. A full time Caregiver, a Mom and an Artist. The deadlines are my biggest challenge right now, as I don't have as much time as I'd like and need for my work. I was not prepared for the wonderful outpouring of mail and calls once the Prims magazine hit news stands and mailboxes. Thank you Jenn, the magazine has given me new friends and opportunities.  I am so lucky to be able to follow my dreams. 

On Monday, October 25th at 5 pm EST, AHA Marketplace will release our new works of heart. Above is a little sneak peek of Jovi, my Snow Ladye. It is the perfect time to enjoy work from some of your favorite Artisans along with the chance to find that special gift, and make a love connection  this Holiday Season. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

Decisions, Decisions.....

It is that time of year for me. I look back upon my work and also look ahead. I am excited to be published again, it's been a few years. Will there be more?....yes. What else is ahead? That takes some sorting out for me.

I always look back upon my creations within the year. What worked, what didn't?  What did I find the most enjoyable and the least...and above all, did I grow? My challenges and competitiveness come from within my own self. I look at each year as it's own portfolio and most importantly keep it all true to myself. I step back and critique these wee folk and find out how I can make them technically and creatively better.

This year I took a leap of faith with my sculpting. When I first started making primitives, I knew I would have to set aside my sculpting and painting to focus on learning how to problem solve in fabric and make a pattern line. Last year, I had many a heart to heart with my Dad, my greatest supporter ...and pusher. I look back at how he would always look at everything I made and say, "That's good, but...". If I came to him with an idea, he would tell me that, " you can't....".  He saw how he could challenge me, so that I would learn to challenge myself. The negative, would bring out the positive. Early last year, I told him that I wanted to try sculpting again and told him my ideas. He told me not to stop, never stop any of this. I won't Dad, I don't know how to... I just have to figure out how to balance it all.

What is ahead for me? Well, I hear from so many of you that enjoy the patterns, but I don't get a lot of time to put many out. I think that is what I will do after the first of the year. I'm excited about this and I've kept in mind the ones that you have asked to become patterns, along with my stash of some that you have yet to see. I have to find which ones will be the most successful for a wide audience along with what folk you enjoy. I am also mulling a collector series of patterns. I will  literally be, back to the drawing board and I'm excited about that. I will do some small, local shows and continue my path at a little slower pace, so that I can handle it all. It's all goode things ahead and I can't wait.