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Friday, May 23, 2008

A Beautiful Spirit Goes Home

Aunt Marge has gone home. She was 95 years young. She lived her life in love with everyone that touched her. She served her Church and her community and was loved by all that knew her. She was my favorite Aunt and I still remember her walking into my Grandparent's home during holidays. She took care of all of us as if each were one of her very own. Our family will come together this weekend and celebrate her life. We know she is home now and will still be beside each of us. She left a wonderful imprint on all of our lives. I love you Aunt Marge.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bella Notte

You could hear Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin crooning their best Italian songs in the background as young gentlemen and ladies gathered for ...The Prom. Bella Notte or Beautiful Night was the theme. It was Bailey and Albert's first time to shine and they had a wonderful evening. After the Prom, they spent the wee hours of the morning at the High School, for games, food and fun. At 5 am, I picked up my tired Princess still aglow with her very first Prom Kiss. ssssh, I'm not supposed to know, although a Mother always knows these things.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Night and Day

I knew as I had children, that each would be unique in their own way. These two girls are so very opposite of each other in so many different ways. They were however, in unison when it came to to eluding their Mom for a picture.
Jesslyn, on the left, will tell you to call her Jessie or JB (for JessBug). She is the athletic one and a no frills kinda gal. She is jeans with holes in the knees, t-shirts and a ponytail. She's organized, structured, an A student and VERY independent. She has always walked her own path quietly.
Bailey, or Beazle as only a few can call her, is my "Gad-About Gladys" She knows everyone and who is related to who. She is my "girlie girl" and loves all that glitters. Bailey has an amazing memory when it comes to phone numbers or directions. She has an Autistic Spectrum Disorder and struggles among her peers with socializing and reading comprehension. She went through a very painful and long journey last year with scoliosis surgery. She is my hero and also the most forgiving child, I have ever known.
Both have given me the greatest joy and taught me unconditional love. It is with great pride that I take time and reflect upon them this Mother's Day. They are the most wonderful gift that I could have ever been given.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's that Time Again...

To get all my ducks... well for me, crows in a row. Every six months, in the Spring and in the Fall, I do my Business Plan. A must for success in any business, and things put in place last Fall and even that of the Fall before have been taking shape this Spring. I am looking ahead, as well as behind, sorting what works, what doesn't for me. The economy is of course on everyones mind, as well as what the Elections will bring for next year. I am not one to jump in to anything and I look at everything from different angles. Last Spring, Netty and I wanted to come home a bit and bring our shows back near us. We did, and had a wonderful time. This year, we are continuing this path and having a look about. Revisiting some shows and scouting out new. We are scouting LARAC and ZONTA, that are very nearby and we are accepted in already; as well as shows close to us in Vermont and Mass. It's great fun to take a day and see them from the outside. We are unique where ever we go and we have a great time.

What I do in business, mirrors life also. Family plans are moving forward, economy in mind. Summer is ahead and what will we share with the kids? Sunny days in the pool, games at night on the patio table, meals made with home grown goodness from the garden. Picnics in the park enjoying local music, (Irish leading the top of the list) and "midnight Margaritas" made with jello to rouse young ladies from their slumber parties as we enjoy and have fun with our favorite movie, Practical Magic. Life and business,family and art, good economy or difficult; we lead our lives with changes to reflect the times, but we do it with great love and joy. That, my friends is the best success.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 1st Already??

Where does the time go? It seems at times that in a blink of an eye, days become months. My days are very full balancing care taking, the girls and my passion, which happily, I can say is my work. Lemon Poppy Seeds went up late last night and by early morning, there was just one chick left. (you can visit Mrs. Bennet, along with the works of many talented artists, through my link on the right.) My email box starts filling and the phone rings... what will be offered? Sometimes "Upload Day" escapes me. I can have all but a few details left to do and get set for a photo shoot along with an early visit to set my page... then the day hits and takes on a life of it's own.

This is not just my life, but many of yours as well. Sometimes, no matter how much we try to simplify, life has other plans. Take the day and dance with it, I say!~ enjoy those that touch your lives and remember that everything happens for a reason. Kiss the skinned knees and wrap your arms around frail shoulders. Take time in running your errands to stop in and to say hello to someone that lives alone. Create random acts of kindness in the way that you can. Have a little more patience in traffic, or a with new cashier. Take a moment to look through someone elses eyes. A smile and some humor can change someone's day. Remember in it all, that something that you say or do can make a difference in someone's life. Keep positive, because it is the goode that you'd like to remembered for, not negative. Look inside yourself and see if you are the person that YOU want to be. Take time to find and nurture what is your heart and don't ever be afraid to share it. Encourage others. There are so many things that we can't change and there is caution with the economy now. We DO have the wisdom to change the things we can and really do it.

I'd like to take a moment to thank those who have taken time out of their day and busy lives to call me, email me, or stop by here in my little piece of the world. You make me smile and laugh and inspire me with your own lives. You really do make my joy a reality beyond what I ever could have dreamed.......... and I keep passing it on.