A Unique Primitive Art with a whisper to the past~

These truly ARE the voices in my head.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Full Circle

December is
a time of reflection.

As I look back 20 years...
I see,
not just how much my life has changed,
but also 
how it has circled around.

I remember a little
Holly Berry Hill

It was all hand drawn.
Full of dollies that were inspired 
and the patterns~
oh my goodness!
It tugged at my heart
and made my soul smile.

In that tug 
and love
of yesteryear;
 of Thomas Nash
Little Women...
Dickens and Austen~
my head swirled...
and has continued to.

The things that hold 
the art of my heart~
are never 
in front of me,
but always behind.

And so...

my soul
answering back
the echo 
 Holly Berry Hill.

From her poke bonnet
the fabric of her dress.

I am so excited
to explore
and create more...

but first,
there are the holidays to enjoy
and projects that call.

Time with my beloved...
and with our family.

This December
has come
full circle
in a way
that I never expected...
but reminds me
to keep
the past
in my present.

Friday, November 23, 2018

New Patterns!

Heaven and Nature Deer

Early Primitive Angel

Olde Primitive Angels

Wee Witcheries

I imagine that you have been wondering ...
where did she go?
Let's just say 
that life sometimes can 
throw curveballs.
I feel like,
 I am finally moving forward~

It's always hard to 
pick out 
what designs to release.
I have a bit of a formula
the Collector's mice
along with the Art Doll sculpts
don't fit the formula.

This time, 
I picked some of the most popular 
in feedback 
and a couple of classic primitives.
Each one has been selected 
from their
popularity at shows as well.

Those little witchery boots
and shoes?
squeals of delight
and are often the first ones gone.

The rest 
are favorites
at Holiday Shows,
for gifts and home.
I keep my Primitive Angel Ornaments out year round...

As with all of my patterns,
no release would be without a good sale...
especially on 
Black Friday,
Small Business Saturday
Cyber Monday

The sale ends
Saturday, December 1st.

Wee Witcheries Pattern

A click on the picture 
or the Etsy banner 
located on the sidebar,
 will take you right there~
lickety split!

Thank you all so much.
You allow me to keep doing what I love!

Friday, October 12, 2018


A view of the line up in the big dollhouse.
there are still some ladies that would love to be adopted.

Last night was my Picturetrail sale.
I want to thank everyone that stopped by.
no matter if you
or just stopped to see all of my lovelies;
you spent time in my
little corner of the world... 
I appreciate that.

Pumpkin Ladye, always in my heart...
they are bigger and nicer this year
with weighted fannies!

There were some hiccups 
along the way.
By hiccups, I mean that
my Yahoo mail server
had "technical difficulties"
throughout the day and evening.
I did get word that 
some of you had difficulty
getting to me.

I loved sculpting her...
she just blossomed to life. her birdcage skirt
holds a battery operated flickering candle.
she makes these cold and overcast days of Fall
so cozy.

 There are still some wonderful 
friends that would love to be adopted.
...and if you had 
problems last night as well,
please do let me know.

I have lots to share and catch you up to speed on
and I am excited to be back to blogging to do just that!
See you soon!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

....aaand We Are Home.

It's been a whirlwind,
but we are home and settling in.
I have much to share!
I will be posting more about everything in the days ahead...
but first
I need to let all of you know 
the information 
on my annual Fall Picturetrail show.
There are fewer offerings,
but they are better.
I repatterned, weighted
made them a bit bigger.

The Dollhouse display
had some changes...
and filled up rather nicely.

You may have noticed that I had a thing about owls.....

My smaller poppets
are on cone bases so that they
may sit upon a 
Hallows tree.

I am also honored to be published
 in the last
Art Doll Quarterly magazine
as well.

After the online show, 
I will be making 
more posts here.
Sharing news and offerings...
I think it's just a nicer place 
to show who I am and share.
I already have some exciting news happening for next year...
but that is for another day!

Tuesday, July 17, 2018


It appears that I have been a slacker...
But only in keeping up with my blog.
I have been fast at work...
although we squeezed in a little vacation
 I will catch you up!

The Hawthorne Hotel.
The most haunted Hotel in the US.
We were on the top floor, and yes, we were touched!!

Near the end of May, 
we took a little trip with our friends,
Pete and Gail.
We had the opportunity to visit Salem!
An awesome adventure
packed with history,
architecture, window shopping
and eats.

The house of Dani and Max,
from the movie, Hocus Pocus.

The Clue Mansion.
The Parker Brothers'
based their game from the murder here.

The Witch House~
we didn't get a chance to tour it
this time.....
there was so much to do!

The House of The Seven Gables~
my favorite tour.
The paint color came about in the early 1900s.
before that,
 the houses weren't painted.
The oak simply ages
and blackens with time.
The paint color was intended to mimic it.
Gail and I did this tour~
It gives the history of the Witch Trials.

Proctors Ledge
where 19 accused men and witches were hanged.

You cant have a Dinghy
without these two Dingies...
I rest my case....

You can't visit Salem without
enjoying great food.
Turner's Seafood.

I learned the hard way.
Be careful what you ask for.
After a day of walking,
we stopped at the Tavern in our hotel...
 for just a little snack before bed.
"I'll just have a pretzel."

On our last morning,
I decided to
enjoy a pancake.
Red's doesn't fool around and as Gail found out on our first morning...
one is all that you need! 

We walked miles and ate lots. 
Salem is in our hearts forever 
and we will
return next Spring.

To say I was inspired,
seems to be an understatement!

I know that I will
create  with Salem
wrapped in my spirit and soul!

...as my feet start touching the ground again
I am fast at work for Bewitching Peddlers,
Early Work Mercantile...
and my Etsy Shop.

Upon our return, 
I found that 
Etsy was rolling out changes.

I'm not a big fan of change,
but it needed to happen

I have not changed
the price of my
patterns for 10 years.
A modest price change 
now will reflect 
 the cost of selling 
through Etsy.
 The Patterns are still
a great deal at 9.50 each.
 With that
you get a package in the mail.
A real package~
something to eagerly await,
tear open and treasure!

That wasn't so bad.

Friday, May 18, 2018

As May Settles In

The days are getting longer.
I enjoy the cool morning breezes
through the window in the morning, 
The breezes carry 
the sweet song 
of hedgerow Sparrows with it.
Sometimes, I just lay there;
longer than I should...
not wanting to
let go of dreams and start the day, 
just yet. 

Instead, I prolong
the remnants of my dreams
with the sweet serenade,
until I feel the nag to get up
or the smell of cawfee brewing.

A Skelly Ladye for Bewitching Peddlers
 My days are busy 
and seem to pass by so quickly.
I have immersed myself in a big sculpting mission. 
Before you know it, 
Bewitching Peddlers will be here
and I have new ways 
that I want to grow my work.
I can see
within my grasp
as to just how
create the characters
in my head
and give them life.

Willow is finished and ready to travel to her new home.
 I have a set weekly work schedule
for patterns and sculpting.
We are also squeezing in 
a big change in the rooms upstairs.
I don't need such a big room
 to sew and pattern in.
With the help of my Step Daughter,
I have a brand new studio in the works.
The room has a fresh, light and serene
look to the walls. 
As it comes together, I will be showing you!

Willow and Marie
It isn't often that two Early Work friends
have time to get acquainted.
Til then,
There are Bewitching friends
meeting Early Work friends.
It is getting a bit noisy
with so many chattering and vying for attention.

 My beloved
We spent Mother's Day on the road,
spending time with my Mom.

Mother's Day spent up North
 My Mother wasn't feeling the best,
but did engage in the usual Shenanigans
before we had to leave.
Our time is always too short!

Lily of the Valley
originally from my Granma's garden.
The gardens are getting green and filling in. 
The blooms are late this year,
but we enjoy them 
whenever they choose to appear.
It is certainly a busy time for us,
but we find it all
very blissful.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Magic of Circles

The day is damp at the cottage 
and there is a chill in the air.
Outside the rain has stopped for now
and it is slowly warming up...
allowing the thin layer of ice 
to melt away.

Inside, it is dark.
A light or two
and a couple candles
make a warm glow.

As I sip my tea, 
my memories float about.
Days like this, 
spent with both parents
are treasures now.

I would make us tea.
A spoon of sugar for my Mom,
a dash of cream for my Father.
I would have both
and he would chide me...
"That is the Welsh in you"
I smile now,
as my last name 
is Walsh.
My husband, 
a proud Irish Man
with the last name

the circles
that come round
in life.

I am 
enjoying clay works
more and more.
I worked in clay
quite a bit growing up.
Minature mice were
a favorite subject.
I have one piece that I saved...
I wonder if the others 
are still treasured
 among friends and family.

My wee friend 
Pip Squeak
is also 
a circle 
come round.
A blend of then and now
and I am ecstatic
for adding textiles
to my now.

I have always loved cloth.
Colors, pattern, 
and textures call
my heart.
The world of Dollmaking 
opened my eyes
and I know I am exactly
 where I belong.

Both of my pieces 
the memories
of past works
connect to the present
technical abilities,
 that I am still 
learning and exploring.

Life certainly circles
wonderful ways.
It is when you sit back
and really see
what has come around,
you realize
that magic
has happened.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Glorious Spring

Yesterday was a beautiful, blue sky day.
We rode North with the car windows open.
Spring can take it's time to appear here. 
The mountains still have snow.
Time spent with family
and checking out the changes 
of my beloved sleepy little village
were in order.

Today is quiet...
the smell of fresh ground coffee
fills the tiny little cottage.
Gray clouds, 
giving way to a blue sky.
It is colder than yesterday, 
but no less beautiful.

The mornings are filled 
with birdsong once again, 
as the Hedgerow starts budding
and nests will be built.

A couple of friends and I
are welcoming our first
April day.

 Perhaps a nap for some will be in order, 
For me, 
it is time to clear the work area
of threads and fabric snippets...
It is time to
break out a fresh block of clay.
For all the beauty 
that Spring brings,
there is much to be done
beyond the usual Spring endeavors.

Halloween friends 
and a new 
studio area is in the works!

My two wee friends
are available
The Starling Hedge Witch
is at
EHAG Emporium.
She is a more petite sculpt,
but full of simple details
stitching full of love.

My wee mousy 
still wants to nap
away a lazy afternoon.
She can be had 
Early Work Mercantile.
There are links to each 
on the side bar.