A Unique Primitive Art with a whisper to the past~

These truly ARE the voices in my head.

Monday, November 21, 2016


Where is your head lass,
 when you are stitchin?

It is in a time long ago...
in my mind today,
 Tis Downton Abbey that captures me.
Not upstairs...
but down.

Not just Downton~
actually more
Robert Todd Lincoln's
My Great Grandparent's served him
in his fields and house.

The maids and kitchen staff a flutter
 and at the table,
a young maid quickly makes
 tiny repair stitches. 
Her pins on a pinkeep 
made of scrap. 
Perhaps pieces of a uniform, 
long retired from it's obvious task?

I wouldn't be able to create 
in that time.
Life would have been spent with many more needful duties,
creating would have been made in small, 
stolen moments.

I wonder sometimes if my heart held memories, 
over years greater than I.
Could the stars and heavens
 have kept glimpses 
of another era
that heart?

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Busy Season

As the sun was making it's way to sleep
I scurried to finish
 my Early Work offerings 
and capture the sunset colors
through the picture window.

My inspire was home...
and family now gone.
Now they will live on,
 perhaps unknowingly
with their new families.

If you get a chance, 
do stop by
to see the offerings ~
along with others 
from my friends.
What better gift,
than a handmade piece for 
someone close to your heart!

I have been fast at work
creating for a local show
trying to get better.

 it just takes more than one try
and some ruling out.
So today,
it seems that my Asthma is the culprit~
and not willing to leave so easily.
When the Dr. stepped into
the room
 I said,
"just call me Rerun".
Apparently my age is not helping either.
I was so into that 
age is just a number thing...

One thing is clear 

I am enjoying my create time
healing and visits.

It will come together
and I hope 
my local friends will
at a new venue for me~

I hope you will stop by!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Over The Moon!

When I first met my husband
in 1988,
I was welcomed to a family that

A visit to a nearby
Haunted House 
that raised money for the town's
volunteer Fire Department,
sparked my husband and his brothers.
What a fun way to raise money 
for the Fire Department 
in their own small town!

The years passed. 
My husband and I separated,
but I remained a part of 
the Halloween fund raiser, 
until my caregiver duties demanded that I leave.

As I took the journey 
to create primitives,
Halloween was a strong love~
and a natural subject.

This past January,
 I decided that I wanted a stronger 
art presence 
and focus
this world 
and passion of mine.

It has truly 
been a place that 
my heart lives.
And so.....

it is truly my honor,
to share that I will
be joining 
the most amazing Halloween Artists.
(by then my pinch marks should be healed)
Ghoultide Gathering 
now has different wings to guide it,
but the same faces remain.
It will be under a new name as well~
The Bewitching Peddlers of Halloween.

Mark your calendars
the 30th of September 2017
at the
Chelsea Michigan
I look forward to meeting everyone!

A special thank you to my beloved, Tim.
My daughter's Bailey and Jess
as well as 
my family and friends 
for being such wonderful supporters 
as well as secret keepers.
It is with many
that dreams can come true.
I am soooo
over the moon!