A Unique Primitive Art with a whisper to the past~

These truly ARE the voices in my head.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Saying Goodbye to May

Click on the picture to take a little ride over to EHAG 
 EHAG will be opening it's gates
 once again 
to all of you Halloween lovers!!!

The month has flown by
 and my work table is full of Fall goodies in progress.

On the home front:
The gardens are nearly complete!
~*~ and ~*~
New Grandbaby, 
Mackenzie Rose
will be arriving Friday~

The days are flying by,
 we are so busy...

Yesterday was no different.
It is a holiday that we take seriously.

We spent the day cemetery hopping, 
to pay our respects
 to the soldiers in our families~
as well as
loved ones that have left us too soon.

Part of the Walsh siblings
at the family Gravesite.
We visited 3 Cemeteries.
Paid respects to 5 soldiers
from our families.....

Your wings were ready,
but our hearts were not.
You are missed every day, Dad.
(a favorite snack in his honor)

Last, but not least...
Charlie (red shirt)
serves the community in so many ways.
Cheers to you and thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve also!

we joined in to serve 174 dinners
at The City Mission.

We joined Charlie
our Leatherneck friends.
Charlie lets us know 
when we are needed 
and we gather to join forces.
 We all ride in together~
a biker parade...

We serve
 those in need of a meal.
No one stands in a line for their dinner,
we serve and wait on them.

Tim and I fell into bed last night,
feeling happy and fulfilled.
We miss our loved ones,
 but enjoyed gathering and sharing Memories.
We recognize that while we may not be able to change the world, 
we can do things within our community.
No matter how big or small we feel it is~
it matters to those in need.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016


This is such a favorite shoe...
and there are new styles stitched
and getting ready for Fall.

It's a busy Spring for us here at the cottage. 
We are still riding waves of change.
They are all falling into place and we are quite happy with them...
We are patiently awaiting the newest Grandbabe~ 
she will be here VERY soon.

When I was making the move to live with Tim,
I brought pips that originally came from my Grandmother's garden~
They have moved with me, where ever I go.
I wound blossoms around a wire form ~
they will be a treasure for many years.

Tim is settling into retirement quite nicely.
He can go back if the promised work picks up in the area.
So we wait to see what the Universe gives us...
A new hydrangea bush this year.
another favorite of mine~
and a reminder of my Grandmother.

He has our gardens looking quite lovely.
There are a few plants still to put in,
 as we mull over a more formal 
Herb Garden.

We are in full on Halloween mode
and I am loving it.
This little Pumplin is helping me dry some bat wings,
for a new friend that will be available on
at the end of the month.

As for me...
I have quite a few irons in the fire.
My pumpkin buddy is showing off a little sneak peek
for EHAG
at the end of the month...
The first of more bat wings to come in my work.
I am off and running with a few Halloween opportunities.

Tis the season for binge watching as I work.
I confess;
I don't get to watch as much as listen...
and I have to constantly rewind to see what I missed.
I sure know how to milk a series!

And so,
 While I may not be able to show much right now...
there is plenty of sculpting and stitching going on...
along with wonderful 
movies to keep me inspired.

Life is full of changes for us to navigate through...
and although we have had quite a few 
in the past year and a half,
we see how much 
we have been truly blessed,
 as we navigate through them.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

What is May....

Pip is such a cutie~ her bottle is filled with Fairy wishes. or what some may say are dandelion seeds.

Cobalt blue skies are peeking from the clouds this morning...
and the trees are showing their petticoats~
 swaying in the wind in various shades of green
 and an occasional maroon red maple.
The winds are bringing the chill of the North with them
 and so it seems like a sweater kind of day.

A wee sparrow naps in the afternoon sun.
A click on the picture will take you to Early Works.

All week I have worked on my new friends in between my daily orders and  needs.
The apple blossoms bursting from the neighbors yard and the Squirrel shenanigans make my heart smile this time of year.

The fabric and trim feel a bit on the Steampunk side...
perhaps there is inpsire to that!

The hedgerow breaks out with loud birdsong every morning and I have my own sweet chorus right outside my bedroom window.

A wee baby crow.
I need to make one for myself.

The other building next to us, 
houses quite a few Starlings in their eaves.
 Nests are built and filled with nervous mothers
 and anxious fathers...
 that is the way my work goes.

We call the little ones...nuggets.

I follow the voices
in my head.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Not Perfect

My Queen Anne Pumpkin Ladye needed to get her details before her arms and legs were finished.

Spring is not perfect...
It takes it's time. 
Sometimes it steps back for one last dance with 
Old Father Winter...
Sometimes it likes to play in the rain.
For days and days.
It sets it's own pace.
As do I.

I love the stylized features but she was too blank at this point. Her friend is getting a bit of a change also as I try to increase her size and do her up a bit differently. Push and grow!

I find myself happily engrossed in my work.
I thought I had my work plans for this year all planned out.
 Then opportunity happened
 and I find myself in full Halloween mode.
I knew after the Holidays, 
that I wanted to step back to the magic that Primitive Halloween held for me almost 20 years ago.
I felt it would be a slow dance and inspiration would be a slower pace until Summer.
Opportunity held it's own magic.
I don't want to let go.
I want to dig deeper and create more.

Poor girl was looking a bit too Alien before I had all of her layers -
not to mention arms and legs complete.

Part of that is including an exploration
and researching of old stones and dolls.  Understanding it in replication 
along with a little touch of me.
My Queen Anne inspired is imperfect in reproduction terms...
certainly not purist.
I don't want to be held so firmly in replication that I lose the spirit that is me.
I just need the feel of it.
So as you see, my little Queen Anne is coming along in clay, not wood...
and while she may keep most of the stylized formula, 
she is done in my terms...
as a Pumpkin Ladye. 

I just love the colors of Marie's Shoe...It brightens a gloomy day!
And so, 
on this rainy week,
 I balance pattern orders 
and work around a Wee one
for a couple days. 
In between,
I work towards a video on Paperclay,
a shrinking mound of personal paperwork...
and new clay friends with an edge towards Halloween.