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Friday, February 29, 2008

A New Month Ahead


It is with great pleasure that I announce the March 1st opening and my debut at Lemon Poppyseeds. Just look for "The Good Wife". My pattern Shoppe there isn't opened yet as I had hoped, but I will be working on it over the next few days as time allows.

I'm sitting and typing this as snow is furiously swirling about. By morning, another 8 inches will have accumulated. It was just a couple days ago that we were so blessed. The snow was so beautiful and it stuck to the tree limbs for quite a while....my yearning for greener days will have to wait a bit. I love all of the seasons, so patient I shall be. I went to the store today and picked up a few needfuls and saw a display of fresh vegetables. All of the makings for Ratatouille! I haven't made that for years and it was the perfect comfort food for such a chilly and snowy evening.

The days here have been quite busy. My father is in the hospital, we almost lost him. No one is ever prepared to let a loved one go. He seems to be making slow progress the past couple days. No matter what, it will be a while. New items and patterns may be a bit delayed in coming, but I work on them everyday as time allows. I have also been looking into a notecard line towards the Fall. Remember the Pumpkin Princess this past Fall? There is so much I could get lost in... sigh, but I have to take it a step at a time. I'm always impatient about these things! All Goode things do come in time. Till then enjoy the Poppy Seeds site. It is a site that is best viewed while in your pajamas and a cup of something hot to drink. Chocolate is entirely optional, but this Goode Wife won't be caught with out it! Enjoy dear friends.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

I Can Feel It

Spring is on it's way... I can feel it. Yesterday's snow won't be the last here in the North Country, but that's OK. The mornings are appearing quicker now and I can't wait for the clock change ahead. My backyard friend, the Red Winged Blackbird, hasn't made his appearance this year. I'm afraid I will need to listen for another generation. The Red Wing Blackbird will Herald the Spring before the robin's appear and call for a mate. A few Robins have danced on the front lawn already, even after yesterday's snowfall. It will soon be maple sugar season and we will visit my cousin's Sugaring House. Spring is on it's way for this Good Wife also. I'm sorting and packing fabrics for the new studio and going through last year's Spring designs that I didn't have time to use, along with new ones since my last holiday show. There are some fun bunnies, chicks and chickens along with some more extreme dolls ahead. Many thanks for all the emails about the new Blog Header. Maude has a new home now, but you will see more of Dearie and her friends.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Jiggy and Cheers!

I grew up living with my Grandparent's between military bases. It was a quite a full house! A very Italian and loving home as I grew up. My Granma, Doris, was the glue of the family and Granpa Jiggy, the biggest kid. So many memories stay with my heart and I miss both of them so dearly. February 16th was Jiggy's Birthday along with my brother, Kevin. Jiggy would have been 94 and Kevin would not be happy if I shared his age (I don't know why, he's younger than me!) Both Grandparents are gone now, but have lived on and inspired my work. Jiggy is of course, St. Jig's and reflects the skinny Italian with a big nose! Doris and Gertie patterns celebrate my Grandmother. The arts are all about being inspired by what touches your life and your heart. Life is truly good , and even if it can't be as simple as I'd like at times. I lay the groundwork, do what I can and try my best to pay it all forward. I am blessed to be able to share my heart and inspirations with all of you!

Are You Ready????

I am very pleased to announce that I will be a part of this wonderful magazine. As most of you know, I have been looking for a place to host my pattern line and announce new ones. This was the answer! Many thanks to High Button Shoe for showing me the way.I had to wait until my return from PA to get it all finalized. I will be opening on the first of each month and I am hoping to have a couple new patterns in the pattern shop for you. Look for a new crow and some fun bunnies. Unless of course something takes my fancy and lends it's spirit at the last minute! My Finished work will be under "The Good Wife" and the patten line will remain Raven's Haven.

It has been very busy since our return from the Heritage Show and I apologize for not being able to address so many personally. There are many details and paperwork that need my attention after the show and yes... taxes. Along with that we are getting fabrics sorted,organized and ready as we await spring and starting the studio. As I settle into the online magazines and work on shop orders, show work and licensed designs; I will also be looking into notecards from my drawings. It is an exciting time for me and I know that it will fall into place as it is ment. Balancing family and work takes quite alot. I am thankful to all of you. Without all of you, I could not move forward.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Past and Present

Hi Everyone~ and a Happy Valentines Day to all! I'm getting ready to upload my TDIPT offerings this month and wanted to share one of my favorites. This is Maude Addie as most of you know from my pattern line. She didn't start out like this though. I loved Netty's dolls from the moment I set eyes on them. I was so inspired by her Harriet in the late 90's and my own Maude was born in 2001. I did a few of her for shows but finally found something that was my own heart in Maude. If you'd like to see the original, stop by TDIPT and you will find her. I happened upon a basket as I was organizing for my new studio when I found one of the originals all sewn and stuffed. She was ment to be! I gave her a new friend this year...Dearie. I shall be back in a few days with my announcement. Til then, stay warm and enjoy TDIPT!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

February Brings......

Sweethearts and a celebration of love. It also brings more here at the Goode Comfort Cottage. Soon you will see a new place that offers not only my patterns but finished items as well. I'm continuing my journey with extreme primitives and I am very excited to be sharing them with you in March. Til then, I am looking into a new direction for me and one that I hope that you will also enjoy. For a couple years now I have wanted to offer my drawings to all of you in the form of notepads or cards. It looks like I will be able to do this soon, thanks to a special friend. Keep prayers and positive energy this way and I will let you know how this journey goes. Also ahead you will see my new friend Georgette and an update as my studio goes forward later in the spring. Primitives by Kathy has my new designs and there will be more next year. They are all the fun and whimsy side of me. There are new directions floating on the wind ahead and I am excited about it all. You will see it all here first as it all falls into the parade that is my journey. Till then, keep eyes ahead on TDIPT. If you haven't seen the 1st of the month offerings, stop by, the link is in my Goode Places and Sisters. On the 15th, there will be more from this family of artisans. I hope that you will enjoy my new items there. I will post again to remind all of you to grab a mug of something hot and enjoy some great works!

Monday, February 4, 2008

The Heritage Show

The Travelers Have Returned

I love it all. The travel, staying in a hotel and being a part of this show. They are a close knit group of people that get together every year with Barbara and enjoy each other and their talents. There wasa a flurry of activity as friends were catching up after a year. There were also people milling around and watching the setting up process with great anticipation. This show is such a warm embrace,and already I look forward to next year.

I have made a slideshow of our adventure. Without Netty this year, I chose a smaller area, knowing that last year I sold out in 3 hours. This year is a far different economy and worry for many of us and yes, the buyers were very cautious for the most part. I was very fortunate, while I did not have the sell out as last year, I made what I had projected and have plenty of work ahead. Most of my one of a kinds and new rabbits went before set up. There is also a new crow and you will get to see them in the posts ahead~but for now, I'm catching up on some much needed rest and answering emails. My computer is in for a tune up and so it will be a good week that I will be without ole Bess. I will, however, be checking in and getting paperwork and new designs going. I also have something goode and exciting to share.......