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Friday, August 30, 2013

Life's Ups and Downs

As each business grows, there are always growing pains...I can certainly attest to it this week! I am thankful to family and friends that have come to my aid. After nearly 2 weeks, I am up and running. There is still a lot of work to be done, but I can work and process orders. 

A click on the logo will take you to my Etsy Shoppe. A special thank you to those that had orders during the "big upheaval" and were so patient and understanding. Also, to my nifty neighbor, Colleen. I lovingly refer to as "Wilson" with all of her over the fence wisdom and fun. She had me up and running while Tim's Son In Law has been repairing the sick computer. Where would we be without goode friends and family? I am certainly blessed and grateful.

In all of this, we had the first show of the season at my favorite "Early American" inspiration spot~ The Mabbee Farm. I always come away with new friends and a head spinning with ideas!

It has been quiet without the computer and I have enjoyed being even further away from all of the social media than I have been this year. It's nice to find the balance and I'm glad to have less to do on there and more work....speaking of which~

Ah yes~ Coming to news stands in September~ Prims! It will feature two different styles of my Prim mice. It's been awhile since I submitted, but I'm glad that I did. By the end of September, I will have publications in three magazines and two of my pieces will be in a book....I am so excited for the opportunities given and I will share the book details when I can! Till then, enjoy the last lazy days of Summer and I will be working on new offerings!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Twice Is Nice

The day has dawned a dark gray, making the lights to stitch by cast a warm, golden glow. The rain started shortly after sunrise and there have been rumblings of thunder as cool Canadian air makes it's way to us. A goode day to enjoy hot tea and play favorite movies as I work. Above, a new witch to give a stern, old fashioned tone to the Wee Doll House. I chuckle as I play around with her hair and try different hats to her. No matter what I do, she looks like she could be George C. Scott's mother...can you tell which version of A Christmas Carol has been played lately?

It is still very busy with pattern orders since the release of Country Sampler and I am still stunned to see the pattern designs in print. I am also pleased to announce the publishing of another piece in Better Homes and Garden's Holiday Craft Magazine.

I am excited to share that Goody Pumpernickel is a free pattern. I had so many email and call asking that she be a pattern when I made her. It was difficult to keep mum that her pattern (with a few tiny adjustments) would not only be available, but would be included in a magazine along with other creative projects to delight and inspire. How fun it is to have 2 magazines; both with Goode Wife designs, available at the same time. Pretty incredible for this Granville Daughter from Upstate New York. It could take a long time for the "pinch me" bruises to fade.......

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Wicked Goode

Years ago, just after my youngest was born, I had asked around as to how to cast chalkware. I grew up with ceramics and clay, so it was another avenue. I was not a stranger to casting and mold making, but this would be a different process to what I knew. I was fortunate to learn a bit from a friend and have dabbled in it here and there. I want it my way though...a little different technique in finishing. I know what I want the final pieces to look like in my head...now to execute it. The best things come slowly, right? It has been a very busy year, so it is stolen time here and there that adds up. With faith and tenacity pieces come to fruition. Sculpting is much easier on my hand as is drawing. While they have been constant mediums for many years, I still love Primitive design and dolls. Now to balance them all in the best way~ You do what you love, right? Even if it is more than one medium.

All in good time though... there is so much to do as I gear up for local shows with new designs and complete the orders that have been a steady blessing.
* Don't you LOVE the box lid? It's from Pam Dervarits of Our Pioneer Homestead. I LOVE her work and there is a link to her blog on my sidebar.

Willow made a reappearance on Simply Primitives. A little bigger and a few changes (time always changes your perspective and so revisiting and adjusting can be fun). She was adopted right away!

On Olde Primitive Peddler, this guy was a hit. He is also spoken for  and one of those pieces that touched a lot of hearts. You never know...as much as he touched mine, the feedback was amazing.

And finally~ Sullivan & Co. There is something so fun with wire spiders. He is not spoken for yet, but he will find exactly where he is supposed to go when the time is right.

Welcome to my August...while some are still thinking Summer, I'm thinking that it's gonna be a Wicked Goode Fall!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Pinch Me Moment ~

A few months ago, friend and customer; Vicky Huckaby wrote and told me that her home would be featured in Country Magazine. How wonderful is that? I can't imagine what a thrill....I wouldn't even make it in "Where Women Create" because the Wee Cottage can often look like a mad Scientist is at work......

Anyways, she asked if she might make one of my patterns up for a give away through Country Sampler.... "well, sure!" was my reply.  She said that they would post a link to my blog ~ how nice is that? Well, to say that I have been blown away by it all is an understatement.  Vicky sent a picture of the finished piece and she did a BEAUTIFUL job. I couldn't wait to see her home in print and was thankful for how nice she was to make sure that I got a hurrah and credit.

Didn't she do a lovely job with the Herb Crow Ladye? You can stop by here and sign up to win her! I couldn't wait to get a copy, to see everything. I had heard through some Facebook and Primitive loving friends, that the issue was well done. I was prepared to get some pattern orders and amazed as they started pouring in.....

It truly is a "pinch me" moment to see your designs published. It always shakes me up...always. It is nothing short of magical...

What I wasn't prepared for however...was this....

Rachael Crow! In another persons home!... and to put me over the edge in disbelief.....

Baxter! There are  THREE different Raven's Haven designs in three different homes!

Holy Macaroni and Cheese!

so now what do I do??? 

Well, Baxter has not been for sale for a couple years, so I brought him back along with all my Lab patterns and listed them once again. This time on  Etsy
You can use the Etsy link or the Raven's Haven logo above ans see them under "Goode Doggies.




Fat Lab

Lab Folk


Lab Ornies

Now they are all together and joining their friends in my little Etsy Shop.

I'm amazed and so very thankful for all the goode that has come my way from Vicky. I could have never imagined that I would ever see more than one design in a magazine feature, let alone three.
I am thankful for the gift of Vicky...

Pinch me....