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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

As Autumn Slips In...

A wee mousel napping after a long day of practicing spells

I have been noting
the subtle change of the leaves...
and our usual busy back yard,
 full of robins and butterflies..

             Today brought milky skies...
and a touch of coolness
 that promises to stay awhile.
As we went to do errands, you could see it fully~
a quite noticable change in the leaves...
and the smell that is so intoxicating.. 
of leaves
dancing on the wind.

 Each day now, 
as the days get shorter...
the air will smell stronger and stonger of Fall. 

What could be more perfect?
Why, EHAG Emporium of course.
What better way to celebrate~
Not only is this wee mousel an offering, 
but there are many more
wonderful works!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

It's The Little Things

Ruth's Shoe
I love little things~
When I first started sculpting,
 it was miniatures that captured my heart.

I had a whole series of white mice, named after cheeses.
Fairies, Gnomes, mushrooms and mice were my favorite subjects...

It does explain the love affair with my mice 
40 years later.

Pip ~ She is always a cutie!

As Early Work Mercantile opened,
I was still in a fuss.
It has been extremely muggy and rainy~
making things take
days to dry...

My wee friends made it though~
 and in a flash were adopted.
Nellie...She carries a ditty bag of Sweet Annie.
my favorite...
As they get ready for their 
journeys home,
It is the little things that make my heart smile...

Marty~~~ Such a hoot!

There is a wee little girl here most days
that Grampa cares for and adores...

Two wee doggies that are happy
to help Grampa
with anything
 Miss Mackenzie may need...

and in my work...
 as you can see,
 I am enjoying  a little research
tiny, time period shoes
have captured my heart for now.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Wicked Goode News!!!!

a new tiny witches shoe ~
It's another hot, muggy morning. 
What I call a Sleepy Hollow morning...
The fog makes a pale gray background. 
I can see the pumpkin vines...
so green and lush. 
The orange of blossoms and fruit,
  reminding me that the leaves will soon be changing to match those colors.

My work has been in this mode....
and I haven't peeked to my end goal until a couple of days ago.
I noticed the dates had issues....
Earlier in the year, 
one can only guess and try to make plans based on years past.
It doesn't work this year and so there is conflict....

I had hoped to do Sharon Springs Harvest Festival, 
but we have made plans for that weekend......
well, you know that just won't do!
and so,
 I have decided to do an online

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