A Unique Primitive Art with a whisper to the past~

These truly ARE the voices in my head.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Pedaling Along Summer's Road

Summer is moving along,
 like riding a bike; 
I keep pedaling and enjoying all that it has to offer. 
We are making lots of memories.

Soon we will head North,
 and gather as one big family.
The Walsh clan continues to grow with new babies
 and one  the way.. 
well, one for now. 

It is fun to watch as we celebrate the first year of some
and  the welcoming of new wee ones.
My girls are busy with some of the changes ahead 
and although we can't always gather as often as we would like,
  we take advantage of opportunity.

The garden is coming along nicely 
and I enjoy getting out to harvest.
There is nothing like hands in the soil and hands to pick Mother Earth's bounty.

Enjoying a walk among all of the gardens~
flowers or food makes no difference,
it is the walk that brings me to the magic.

Above is last Summer's try with new pumpkin and snowfolk.
(and how I set the eyes in place)
It got a bit busy, but not forgotten.
We all have a basket or box with 
(UnFinished Offerings)

 As you can tell, 
I have had fun playing around with the basic pattern.
I LOVE that they each carry their own spirit.
the two orange ones are the same pattern.
they are my 

One of my favorite things about Summer, 
is the opportunity to give back.
To use my gift to raise money for the Komen Foundation.
I can honor my Vermont roots and family...
and to encourage others.
One may not be able to run the race...
but volunteering time or pieces such as Pip
are always so important.
what ever is special to you and your heart...give of yourself,
every little bit helps.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sunny With A Chance Of Changes

Why is it that those long Summer days can speed by, 
fast as lightening?

It has been a very rainy June.
Part of the garden is happy 
part is well...yellowing.

The firecrackers have died down 
and now I can listen 
to the Summer sounds...
the wail of the trains...
the early birdsong
the whish of cars.

In it all, there are changes for us here.
Possibly a few in the next couple of months.
I won't jinx anything in speaking of possibility.

What I can share ~

My youngest daughter Jessie, 
will be attending college not far from me.

Her beau, Matt is already taking classes there and although he commutes,
Jess has asked if she could bunk in during her schooling.

You can see me smiling and dancing, I know.
I talk with my girls every couple of days, but every Mom secretly loves when they come back.
No matter how long
how short.

She took this past semester off, 
which we all felt was needed after the sudden loss of her Granma.
She is now ready to try a different college.

When she isn't studying or with her 
She will be learning the pattern business...
following her creative voice.

all those years ago,
when we were at the 1812 House~
A wee lass would play with the doll house 
that is now here at the Cottage.

It is time for her to wrap up in all that has been the Good Wives,
and see 
if it is her heart also.

no matter what she does, or where she goes...
she will always have 
her creative voice.