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These truly ARE the voices in my head.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

EHAG, The Goode Wife Way

I'm so excited and so honored to post my first EHAG offering. 
I loved doing this so much, 
that I have my next offering all sketched out and notes taken.

My Hedgewitch Crow takes me back,
nearly twenty years ago.
 Stolen afternoons, 
sitting in the kitchen of an 1812 home. 
I would sketch away as the sun streamed through the bubbled
 and wavy glass that was original to the house. 
On cloudy days, 
I would draw by candlelight.

It was when history came alive for me.
Spurred on by my friend and mentor...
we would giggle and laugh about Halloween done right.

Not the horror shows with blood and gore..
But one with a wink and a nod to days gone by.

The old cemeteries of New England were our inspire. 
Some afternoons were spent among the tombstones and reading epitaphs...taking notes.

And so tonight, 
as EHAG opens,
I am honoring that time in my life,
and all the dearness that it held.
I'm back home and dancing in those memories.

My Hedgewitch Crow is a wink and a nod to the 1700's.
In one arm, 
one of my wire baskets with Sweet Annie,
 preserved from my garden.
On her waist, 
a bottle filled with moss and roots. 
(dried and preserved)
A healer in crow form
in Fraktur inspired profile.
 She stands on a wooden base, 
and has fabric boots laced up,
under her chemise.

You can click on any photo to take you to EHAG, where she is offered, along with the works of other Halloween Artisans~


Thursday, March 24, 2016

Exciting News

Hello everyone.
I wanted to share my exciting news with all of you.
The last two months have been a bit jumbled for me,
but I am back on track and excited to share this!
I am now a member of the group EHAG
Eclectic Halloween Artists Guild

Many of you,
and especially my family~
know of my Halloween love.

It started before I married my then fiance,
We would gather with friends
and take a little road trip,
 to visit a Haunted House in Vermont.
(was the late 80's really that long ago?)
We would wait in line for hours 
 and happily so~
Most of the Fire and EMTs are volunteer back home.
This was how they made some much needed money for equipment and such.

 I made my life with my husband, 
who was a member of his town Fire Department. 
The volunteers and families gathered
to make a successful run of our own Haunting
for many years
Oh the memories!

As I started my Primitive Journey, 
Halloween only seemed a natural part of it.
I incorporated my love for
Early Gravestone carving,
pumpkins and bats to start.

And so, 
as I made my business plans for 2016~
I decided I wanted to go back to my roots in Primitives.
The images and techniques...
the simplicity and subject matter
that drew me in those years ago.
Halloween is such a big part of those Primitive beginnings!

I am so excited to announce that I am now a part of EHAG
They are a fine gathering of talent 
 and I am enjoying old friends,
 as I make new.
The work is always amazing and one of a kind.

EHAG opens on the last day of each month at 9 pm EST.
( if there are enough of us to make it nice and full)
I will provide you with the link and my offering. 
There is also a link on my side bar
You can check it out now, 
if you would like...
to see the offerings of the past
stop by and browse around.
 I'm sure you will enjoy this gathering as much as I.
 As you browse about,
I'm off to finish a fine ladye  
for my first offering <3 p="">

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Back to Normal

It's no secret that the Winter has been very mild for many....
It may have some baring..
perhaps it has just been a banner year for sniffles and various other maladies.
At least at the cottage.
Somewhere in it all, 
it led up to a hospital stay for me.
I am not one to have too many issues,
let alone a serious one.
Perhaps it was just my turn.
I am home now and quite well~
Other than being a bit tired,
 I am back to normal.
Trying to catch up on my work 
and pick up the pieces where I left off...

Sometimes ideas come 
when there is a shift in our routine.
Sometimes when we are very tired..
many times for me;
 when I am in the shower.
I think all of these came together!
I was frantic, 
having lost most of a week~ 
Early Work would be due! 
I had a wee start, 
but I so wanted to make a bird...

...and then came Wynda.
Named after a sweet friend who shares my love for historical movies and series.
 Underneath her, 
she has a petticoat,
bloomers and fabric boots that lace.
Her eyes give her a persnickey personality 
and a folky appearance.

As I posted my offerings for Early Work~
I held my breath a bit.
I had taken a chance with Miss Wynda...
stepped out of the box a bit 
with those folky eyes that I do love.
It doesn't mean that others will like it...
especially on a more realistic face.

I couldn't have been happier with the response!

....I am so pleased! 
 There are similar friends
 that are coming to life on my worktable
 I hope you will enjoy as well.