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Sunday, January 25, 2009

One Last Post Before I Leave

It's almost time. Tuesday morning, bright and early we will head down to Valley Forge. It's always been exciting and this year it is no less. I've been away from the computer other than to fill orders .Tim... the dear man has taken to sewing to help, along with cooking fabulous meals.

As most of you know, I help my Dad take care of my Mom (she has MS) and when needed, I help my Dad as his health is failing. Early last week he went into the hospital and we won't know until perhaps tomorrow if he will need heart surgery. My Sister In Law, Christine has come from New Mexico to care for my Mom and be there for the girls so that I could got to the show. We haven't seen Christine in 9 years...she is a much appreciated gift. More than she knows. I posted my favorite Halloween piece for our family Halloween Queen to see as well as my heart felt THANK YOU for dropping everything and making so many things possible at this time. If any of you would keep my Dad in healing thoughts and prayers...I thank you so very, very much.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Apologies

Thank you for stopping by. I want to apologise for not having any offerings on TDIPT this month, but I'm fast at work in the Laboratory getting ready for Valley Forge!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Cold Wind Does Blow

There is an Arctic blast heading our way, and you can see the wind picking up and blowing the snow from the trees. I'm all snug at the busy house with the wood stove keeping us warm. There is plenty of hot tea to keep me happy as I work away through the next couple of weeks. It's the final push for me to complete work and shows that have been steady since July. I'm heading for the Heritage Show at the end of the month with new friends and old in tow. I won't be able to post much until my return in February, but after a couple days rest, I will be back at work with some goode things for all of you. I'm excited to look ahead to another wonderful year of goode friends, dolls and drawings ...and perhaps a new adventure or two. Let the cold wind blow and come gather yourself with winter projects and a goode creative spirit.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

~Securing the Spell~

My girls are at the age now when, for the most part, they roll their eyes at me and tell their friends that their Mom isn't ever going to grow up. There are days when they make my heart smile because they still keep the magic inside and it escapes on occassion.

Bailey came running in from school with her boyfriend, Joe in tow. She was breathless as she exclaimed, "Pajamas on inside out tonight, we are having a snow day tomorrow!" The clouds have been marching in since late afternoon and you can feel the damp chill. They are at the school now for a basketball game and will come home to hot chocolate before bed. It's part of the spell, and best when a cinnamon stick peeks out over the edge. I'm sure that she will have Joe promise to wear his pajama's inside out and backwards tonight too. She will call Tim also and have him do the same (which he loves). The girls and I have been doing this since Bailey started school and I love the magic of it. I hope that we never, ever outgrow it!