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Monday, March 26, 2012

The Big 5-0...And Other Goode Things

Today dawned cloudy and blustery. A perfect March day. For years, as I've lived in Upstate New York, my Birthday wish would be the same.....Blue skies, green grass and 70 degrees. It's always been impossible to have all three. Now as I listen to the wind chimes by the kitchen window, I remind myself that this has been the closest ever, to having that wish come true. The skies are now all blue and the lawns green. An apple tree across the street is in full bloom along with daffodils and my very favorite....magnolia trees. Our hedges are full of tiny green leaves and the tulips don't have far to go before they bloom. I have all but the 70 degree temperature today, but you will find no complaints here. All of last week, I was able to enjoy those temperatures and even warmer...making the green grass and blue skies of today possible.

Since daylight broke, the phone has rung, texts have come in...and my Facebook!!!! I will be days, getting everyone answered! I'm so thankful to have it all.

 I look back over the past 10 years when I reached 40....how different! Single mom to two young girls, I was just beginning to feel confident enough doing shows. I had my first pattern release, making the front cover of Country Marketplace. It has been a huge journey, so many beside me all the way. Family and friends encouraging me....all knowing that this wasn't some mere hobby....this was my heart and soul. I've loved it all, taking new wee folk to school, all safety belted in the front seat, for Jesslyn to see and show her friends. Flash forward to both her and Bailey folding patterns with my Dad in what seemed like a never ending sea...... and ending in them earning a trip to Arizona.

Life has changed so much for me. My girls are quite grown and live with their Grandparents so they can finish and enjoy school among family and friends. Bailey graduated High School last year and is finishing Cosmetology school.  Jess still has another year to go. She is working for the local vet and looking at college. I live a little farther south...the mountains only minutes away. The one pattern has turned to many and Raven's Haven is now 9 years old. I miss my Dad dearly, but I have my Mom to enjoy and spoil. When she called me today to wish me a big 5-0... I told her that I didn't feel a day over 12. She said, that she expected nothing less. 

One of the best things that has happened over the past decade is Tim....my sweetheart and partner in life. He was my most unexpected surprise seven years ago. I'm fortunate to have such a supportive and loving guy. My Father thought the world of him and thought of him as a son. We have many wonderful memories of my Dad during his last years, surrounded by Tim, my Mom and my girls. My girls think highly of Tim also and they are all close. I'm not sure what the next ten years will bring, but there will be goode friends, family and creating involved.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's The Little Things

We are certainly having a strange March, like many of you. I have been busy with yearly paperwork and applying to some area shows. Oh, and lets not forget, entertaining a couple viruses that have found their way to me. A new environment will always shake you up like that...and I'm ready to move on to Spring and all it's glory. I'm  prepared for an early allergy season and determined that it will not rule my days. I have lots and lots to do!
My inbox has been stuf't with requests for more of my wee mousies. I cannot make them fast enough....but there are many more in the works. I'm having so much fun! I love the personalities that emerge. They are endearing to me. I miss my daughter's mice that she raised several years ago and many of these are named after them.
These two have been spoken for and are leaving today for their new homes. They have enjoyed their time at the Wee Doll house and have said their good byes to all of the new Mousies that are taking up residence. It is back to the sewing machine for me as I finish new mousies and complete a couple of orders still needing to go out. The Wee Doll house along with a bunch of new mousies will be traveling down the road with me for the first show of the year for me. If you are in the area, I'd love to see you and say hello!  

Rexford/John McLane Hose Co.
NY rte 146 / Balltown Rd. Rexford, NY
MARCH 31st, 10 am- 4pm

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A House Full of Mouse

It's been snowing since yesterday morning here in Upstate New York. Judging from the lawn furniture that we have been able to still use this year...we have about 10 inches and it's still steadily falling. Inside the The Cottage on Curry Road, we are all toasty warm, sipping on hot chocolate and enjoying the warm glow of candles. Spring will be here soon enough, so we may as well celebrate our big snow for the season.

It has been busy here at the cottage. I have been exploring a different way to make mousers and I am enjoying it.  I have new friends chattering about and visiting in the doll house. I like that I can pose these friends and they are able to stand on their own... These three are now available for adoption. The two white lasses are available on Simply Primitives. Bea, quietly sits about, ready to do the mending, while little Katie is a cheerful little chatterbox.  Lovely, Miss Sweet Annie is a grey mouser and she loves a goode flower garden. She has been ordering seeds for Spring, spending hours pouring over catalogs.  Sweet Annie is available on Olde Primitive Peddler 

The wee lasses have been chattering excitedly at the thoughts of new homes and have enjoyed the wee dollhouse. I, on the other hand, have more mousers to bring to life.  You see, I won't know what to do with myself when the house turns quiet again.....