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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Change of Plans

Every day, life will toss things towards you...I suppose to see how well you can juggle. We all get them, big things, little, and different levels of importance.  Somethings can be dealt with quickly, while others take more time.......... For me, life didn't toss me something, but rather, I think that it fell from the sky, somewhat Chicken Little style. Well, I suppose because it is important and will need quite a bit of  time, at least for right now. It has taken me from quite a bit of my work, and that is what I am sharing.

I've had to change some of my plans, the most important one is the show at Oaks. I have been beside myself because I love the Market Square Shows...the vendors, the shop owners...the drive and sharing all the new wee folk. It is like missing a family reunion.

I won't be there....but most of the Paper Wee folk will be. I am thankful to Stephanie and the crew at Monahan Papers as they will host my paper friends as planned...but without me. Some of the bigger items won't be there, but I will be working on a web show and offer them online instead.  I can't help but think that while it may be a change in plans, it will serve all that it touches in a much better way at the end.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Did Someone Say, "Pattern Sale"?

Welcome to my annual pattern sale! 
To celebrate, I'm releasing 3 new patterns!




Thank you everyone. The sale was a huge success! Thankfully, I have had some help filling the orders, but am still backed up a little. Happy sewing and do  keep a look out for another release very soon!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

For The Love of Olde

 With Beatrix Potter as well as Thomas Nast  as pure inspiration for their detail and color work, there was no hope... I was a goner. Now, given the chance to draw and design, I am lost in a world and a time gone by. There is an endless number of these wee folk ready to transfer from my head and heart onto paper. Drawing them is one thing, but I want more. I lean them up in my little doll house and if I am quiet, I can hear conversations as a wee mouse dressed in Regency clothing awaits the teapot to whistle. Dear Papa Mouse has just come in from a long day at work, it's cold out and he still has his coat and top hat on as he warms himself by the fire.....

I'm getting lost in myself again... In time you will meet these friends, but until then, I have a couple of bunny pieces. They remind me of the old illustrations as well as the postcards  my gram would share with me, They were treasured by her once upon a time and long ago... and so, wrapped in all that I love, I am offering a limited number of these sets on TDIPT Mercantile  . Do stop by and enjoy a wonderful group of Artisans, and if you are awaiting new patterns and a sale... that starts tomorrow. Stop by here for the details!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


There is something about black ink that has always tugged at my heart. In High School art classes, I discovered it as I dipped my pen in a bottle of India Ink and tried my hand at Calligraphy. Once dried, there is a richness and sheen to it. In Art School, I loved taking black ink out and warming it up with a putty knife on a board to prepare it for my etching plate. As much as I loved printing or writing with it, I did not like drawing with it. It is not forgiving and difficult to work with.  I could not get the lines to work and made plenty of blotches with my trusty Rapidograph. 

That was about 30 years ago.

Now there are wonderful pens that don't dry out in an hour or so. The nibs don't wear so fast  and the ink doesn't bleed. Ahhhh... technology! As much as I am always yearning to be pulled into the days of olde, this is where I really love today's technology! You still have to commit to the line you draw. It takes lots of practice to get the feel of the pens in order to pull off the delicate line work.  After hours of practice and learning the dance, I have been off and running with ink. Now with a show just a couple weeks away, I am drawing and creating like a mad woman.  I have loved the aged look papers that I have seen over the years and now I am in the heart of it. Whoda thunk? The dying brings a rich color to the paper and gives the ink that wonderful sheen that I'm smitten with. I think that would make me....an Art Geek.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's No Secret...

It's no secret who inspires my work. From my patterns to my drawings, you see many a critter dressed in clothing that reflects my love of the past.  Beatrix has always been beside me...her characters kept in my heart, for as long as I can remember. I once had a painting teacher that refused to let me paint animals, because they were more difficult to master. She felt that I would only get frustrated. Little did she know, that she would only fuel the fire within. From then on I drew or sculpted animals throughout my high school years.  Eventually, I taught myself to sew with a few cues from a dear friend and fellow creator of whimsy.

I took a bit of time yesterday to do some cleaning here on my blog. There is nothing like a clean, new layout and cleaning in all of the corners, to make one feel that it truly is a fresh start to a New Year! I feel more like my work is coming full circle as I pick up my pen nearly every day and create. I'm excited with this new year as I plan area shows and what I want to focus on.

 I have been looking at those numbers....the ones that keep me working from home, instead of turning in my comfy flannels for something more appropriate to work outside of the home. I'm blessed to see that my works of whimsy have only continued to grow and in some areas, nearly double at a time when money is difficult for all. Thank you for all who have made it possible~ I hope to bring even more smiles this year. My Head is spinning with ideas, my journal has writings and thumbnails nearly every day. I have lots to accomplish, so,without further adieu, I bid you good evening on this frosty Winter evening. It is time now, to put pen to paper and create as "Miss Potter" keeps me company on the telly.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hello, New Year~

I have been fast at work creating goode folk for the show in February...but there are still offerings to be had from the Goode Wife. I was fortunate to have a wee mouser and rat to dress in my chaos room that I hope to get under control this Spring. There is always so much to do!  

Spring is already on my mind as I create. Mind you, there has been no real snow of Winter yet...just teasers that melt away in the afternoon sun. While many are taking a break from creating this past year, I am in full swing. Part because of the show in February...and part because I just can't find an off switch on me! There are oodles of new paper ideas and I have to stop and jot them all down. I edit them as I form the basis of what I will create, hoping them to be a cohesive body of work...hoping. The way the gears go in my head, it is difficult, mind you. I can be all over the place and have to take great pains to reel in all the ideas and edit them to at least appear sane! 

As many of my offerings will reflect more of my paperie, there will be less of my soft Wee Folk available. I will be making those mostly for local shows this year. I do have a few sculpted pieces that I will offer from time to time, but for the next several months, I will be in full paper mode.  The rat and the mouse are available on Simply Primitives, and the wee dutchie tucks are on Olde Primitive Peddler . Do stop by and see the other fabulous Artisans as well!  May the New Year bring only goode your way~back to the drawing board for me!