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Friday, October 31, 2008

Boo! It's Halloween!

It's here at last~ my favorite day. I will be on the road most of this evening for a little weekend get away at the Goode Comfort Cottage. We don't get little ones knocking at the door,dressed in costume at either place. I really do miss that. I will celebrate just the same. We have an array of Tim Burton movies as well as Practical Magic. Some popcorn and candy corn and I'm all set to wrap myself in my little studio in Rotterdam. I will be taking some pictures to share with all of you, it's still in the beginning stages, but it is a studio and computer room. Tim surprised me with it in mid September, and slowly, we have been making it a creative work area. I'm so fortunate to have someone beside me that loves me and my work.

Now... it IS Halloween AND the last day of the month, which means Lemon Poppy seeds!!! Yes, I will have some items up for all of you. I'm not sure just when DJ will upload it all, but if I don't get my skeletons moving, I won't get good pictures!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

A Little Adirondack Surprise

Okay, I do love that we have all of the seasons here in Upstate NY, and I am always trying to work ahead of the holidays. I keep candles and music as I work, movies to inspire....but I'm not quite ready for snow yet. It's tried a couple of times here just lately. Sneaking in and trying to blend in with the raindrops, but not covering the leaves with white just yet. That could all change by morning. Insert a big sigh here.

Fall is my favorite Season and so much of my Halloween stays up year round. I continue designing for Fall, sneaking in sketches while I'm drawing bunnies. It's just who I am. Tomorrow night, we will all await The Great Pumpkin in front of the television as we have for most of my 46 years. Sometimes you just never grow up. I will be working on my projects, Santa's, snowmen and ornaments. Hopefully by then the wet, slushy white stuff that is supposed to start the day will be gone. Only just a gentle reminder that those Santa's and snowmen need to get going. I'm not trading in my Pumpkin Spice coffee for Hot Chocolate just yet.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Madre Stagione

Madre Stagione is the Mother of the Seasons. She is as old as time itself . Madre Stagione carries the whispers of the winds that bring each season, within her feathers. She walks carrying her all knowing Spirit Stick.

Madre is my artful journey offering this month on TDIPT. She is more a fantasy piece and as her spirit took hold, she changed a bit from her sketch . When completed, she looked like something out of the movie, Dark Crystal. I haven't seen the movie in ages, but how fun to see that influences can spring forth while we are so unaware in creating our art. So much of my art through High School and Art School was embracing the wee folk of fairies, gnomes, dragons and mermaids. Madre was a project whose emphasis was on the feathered wing work more than anything. She clearly went beyond a study as her Spirit whispered to me and I listened with my hands. She taught me more than I expected to learn.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Mad Dash

It was the mad dash this weekend; well through out the week for us. Home was a flutter of activity getting everything settled after the show and getting some crows off to a lovely shop in Greenwich, I will post more on that later. My TDIPT offerings are finished and pictures sent (and quite late, sorry Jan). My Dad did give us a scare and went to the hospital again, but hopefully this infection was caught early. I am catching up on emails, packing summer things away and making leek soup for our dinner tonight. The leaves are almost at peak here and the air smells beyond wonderful. I wanted to share our Saturday "Mad Dash", which was to see Jessie and the Granville Cross Country Modified Team do their "Mad Dash". Dash they did! It was held at Saratoga State Park. Jessie is the second from the right. They all did well~ congrats Granville!!!