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Friday, March 28, 2014

As Winter Gives Way To Spring

It's time for my hibernation to end. 
The snow has melted and nearly gone. 
The lawn needs raking to lift the matted leaves and I'm sure I will see purple Crocus in one of the flower beds. 

The birds sing louder now from the Hedgerow.
 A sweet couple is building a nest in the crook of our bedroom window.... just inside where we can't see them. Soon, I will hear baby chirps as I awake each morning. 

It has been a very long Winter for most of us, but for me, it was I time to close a chapter in my life.

The home that I grew up in as a teen, 
 made so much art work in, and started my Primitive Journey in. The home that I raised my girls and took care of my parents.....
 this home so full of memories, 
is now the home of another.

 It was a bittersweet process, but in true small town fashion, it went to the couple that it was supposed to. There are two little ones that bring laughter and magic back and it is once again a home. I have known the couple since they were very young and before they started their schooling. 

 I have enjoyed my hibernation. It is a time for me to recharge... to work and plan.
A wonderful time to spend with family and simply sleep in if I want to.

I'm ready though...

to open the windows,
 have coffee in the back yard
Smell the wet earth after a rain storm. 

I'm ready to get back to this wee business of mine, bringing friends to life.

I've enjoyed so many messages and emails, asking me to keep doing those Mousels and Natty Rats...

I have had a little fun with Mrs Munson...

And her partner in crime (and tea), 
Mrs. Dibble.

I have a goode Spring planned, and even a local show....
so  while you may not have seen much of me here,
I have been the Maker and Thread Pusher (as a dear colleague refers to what we do).

I've been the Pencil Pusher...
The Brush Mistress, and even tried my hand as a Paper Snipper.

It's never too quiet, no matter the season. After months of snow and cold....I am very ready for winter to give way to Spring.