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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Friends, Family, Turkey and Pie

 This Thanksgiving was spent with family, friends and a show.There are very few show years that have not included one on Black Friday. It would be easy not to. I could just say. "oh, it's a time to spend with family."  This is purely about friends and family over the years. Our family has always opened our hearts during this Holiday Season. My Father worked many a Thanksgiving. He served our country overseas and protected us. He later served our County and Village while families sat together and ate, telling how they were thankful, but not knowing that it is the extension of time and service by others that gives the best meaning. There are Firemen,  Police Officers,Nurses, Doctors, Aides and other hard working people that most people don't think of until there is a need. I worked retail for twenty years and always worked a shift on Thanksgiving.The hustle and bustle and Black Friday crowds are not my cup of tea. It was never as important as those service fields until you looked beyond the crowds and saw your friends and family there. 
Our family is spread out from Afghanistan to Arizona and hours from this sleepy little village in New York. My holiday started on Wednesday as Jess and her boyfriend, Chris trekked up the mountains of Vermont so that we could set up for the show. There were memories made and smiles as we saw fellow vendors that I had not seen but for this show. How quickly we become friends and a sort of family over the years. On Friday morning, bright and early, we all gather at the playhouse and do our last minute touches as we share our holiday and catch up with those not seen on Wednesday. The doors open and for the next two days we enjoy people that love the gift of handmade. For some it is their first time, but for others it is well beyond.It is that special gift as they make a love connection for their someone special.Customers that have been collecting my work for over 10 years, still come and visit along with family that live near the area. We laugh, we cry, we hug and enjoy. We have become extended family and this is our time to get together. My work will be carefully wrapped for someone to love on Christmas morning. The smiles and love will be passed on for another year. It makes it all worth it to see the love connections between these wee folk I make and the friendships that continue. Even the snowy ride home made memories that we will keep. I can't imagine spending this holiday without opening it up beyond my immediate family and including all of you.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

The Goode Wife has been very busy the past couple of weeks. The house has been in an uproar, with some much needed work done. In it all I am packing and trying to create for my last two shows. The Carpal Tunnel and Arthritis in my hand have made it nearly impossible to get anything done....but I have chanced upon some exercises that are really working. I am hopeful that the progress will continue and I won't need surgery

 The Kitchen Table Studio is a bit noisy as so many wee folk are coming to life. I can't stay here long, but I can share with you the details. This is among my most favorite shows. Should you get a chance, do stop in. Weston is a quaint village and the Playhouse will be filled with many unique vendors. The gift of handmade is truly special. 
The 30th Annual
Christmas Bazaar
The Weston Playhouse
November 26th & 27th
but there is more.................................

If you have never been to the Vermont Country Store...  you have missed a truly amazing place! This quaint family owned business holds our child hood memories inside...think I'm kidding? I double dog dare you to step inside and NOT smile or say ....remember these? A quick Google or map quest visit will bring you  to the most unique Black Friday (and Saturday) of all. Fair warning.... it could just become a goode tradition.

Monday, November 1, 2010

More Than A Flurry of Snow

It can be difficult to put Halloween wee folk down for a bit and move ahead through the Holiday season. As luck would have it, snow flurries have arrived to fuel those holiday feelings and set this season in order. Turkey is simmering on the stove already this morning and will soon fill the air as I sew. This house will be even busier as some much needed work is done. There is a show ahead at the end of the month and new wee folk to be introduced there. My time is very limited in The Kitchen Table Studio this season, but I do promise some new and fun wee folk ahead. Today, I am introducing Charlotte and Timothy on Simply Primitives. A click on their picture will take you away for a nice visit with several talented Artisans as well. 

In all of this, I am packing and moving what I can to Tim's. Bit by bit, box by box. I am more than ready to start my life with Tim. It will be bittersweet at times as I trade my surroundings. I know I will miss waking up to the mountain range that I have called home for 36 years, but I will visit often. The girls are all settled and doing well. They have quickly become young ladies and near ready to stretch their own wings. Now I just have to wait until the final word.