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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Blessings and Fate

I love olde pictures. Scratch that... I love olde things, especially pictures. I've adopted many a tintype, cabinet card and even given large framed portrait or two a home with me. Tim will often pick at me and tell me that these aren't even my family.... All the better, I say! I love to have them surround me, to wonder about their life or how they spent their days.  I hope that they find comfort here, knowing that they are loved and not forgotten.
Blessings has been a piece that I have wanted to make for myself, for several years now. I decided that it was time to take on this project when I came across these wings~how perfect are they?  She turned out so sweet, that I just had to share her on TDIPT. She is full of timeworn sweetness that touches my heart. I was reminded as I was giving her those wings; of a picture my Grandmother kept in her room. Mother and child, clipped from an olde postcard perhaps? Wrapped just so, with satin and velvet creating their background and clothing. There is beauty in the simplicity of it and most likely a story within the fabric scraps used. It was old when I was little, and now brings new meaning. Simple items within the home can become the biggest treasures. I look at Blessings and see many more possibilities in creating time captured angels and I am excited! From sweet to whimsy, my noggin is full of ideas that I have been writing in my journal the past couple mornings.  

Blessings refused to be photographed last night for TDIPT. Try as I may this morning, she didn't want any part of it until late. I have struggled whether to just keep her here with me, or offer her online. I finally decided to let fate show her the way home, be it mine or another. She is a good sized hanging; a nice 30 inches from bow to toe. Her wingspan is just over 17. I can only offer her to my US friends ~ with shipping and insurance she would be $40.00.
Until fate decides, she will hang hear at the bottom of the stairs where she can keep watch of our family. Should you want her to live with you, simply drop me a line at: thegoodewife.folkart@yahoo.com.