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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Paper Doll Fun

Today on TDIPT, I have two offerings. Not the usual for me, but fun nevertheless. The images are from my private collection, but I am sharing them for some really fun things for 2012...but that is another story.Until that story is ready to unfold, I wanted to play around with these people. I wanted to explore how someone else can add a bit of themselves to a paper doll and make them a reflection of who they are. Now, I'm not sure just how many of you would sit and make a coif... but, she would look great with a black mask, a funny Santa hat...you got it!

The photos of this era were just so serious, that giving them some lighthearted fun seems at least celebrate them. This way, they are not forgotten. I've often sat and thought about this woman and how hard her life must of been. I think about the childbearing, the laundry and the fields plowed. I would hope that she would be smiling down, knowing that she is embraced  and enjoyed by so many.


L~ said...

LOVE HER...she is a bit creepy(ha) but a super fun idea, how bout a witches hat?!
Love the concept & can't wait to see her in a santa hat! Maybe that will make her grin!!! :)


L~ said...

OMG! Just took a peek over at TDIPT and Mrs. Claus is

You're so clever! :)

Diane said...

Stacey, I agree, their lives were no picnic. Simpler was not necessarily better. But for us to look back on those days, why is it that they give us such comfort? Old things do that for me, high tech doesn't!

Have a nice weekend! :-)