A Unique Primitive Art with a whisper to the past~

These truly ARE the voices in my head.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


A Dapper Fellow
 We all create differently...
are inspired by different things.
Years ago,
when I was first learning to sew 
and make my own patterns~ 
I would draw out my ideas
for characters.
Many inspired by the 1700s
the Victorian Era.

One day, 
 (who I thought was my friend)
saw 2 pieces that I had drawn out
and later created them.
I was hurt, 
especially when there 
was no remorse.
I decided not to create them~
I really didn't NEED to,
as I have so many 
ideas running through my 
So many to choose.
So I left them behind.

Especially this one,
 until now.
Not just because of what was done~
but because I knew,
that I was not capable
in my skills to do it justice.
To match the vision
of what was in my head.
You see...
I am always true to myself.
To my vision.

I realize, 
that in order for some things
to come together,
I have to grow my skills.

As I came across
each of these fabrics 
over the years~
I put some aside.
This fellow kept calling.

I am a stickler
for fabrics....
and texture.
I scrutinize them!

I needed to nail
two things~
His hat and his jacket.
I have difficulty
 putting together clothing ~
without an issue...
and a headache.

My brain just doesn't
see how these things 
come together
in the third dimension.
I keep it simple.
if I was going to do this..
I knew that I needed to be

Impeccable in my design~
my fabric choices~
my patterning
and my skill.

The word 
was with me 
as I created
my dapper friend.

In his perfection ~
there is imperfection.
A few growing pains
that show in my eyes
I am estatic
at how far I have come
from that drawing~
and where I am headed.

which is
Bewitching Peddlers 
in September.

So while I keep company
with a few 
olde friends 
and new~

I will continue
to hold my vision,
improve my skill
and remain IMPECCABLE
at execution.

And that other piece?
It's on it's way.
You see,
there was only the drawing of 
Skeleton with the long coat
and the top hat.
A very important part 
was missing.

I know how to execute
that most important part now.