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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It Takes A Village

 Art is certainly a journey and we grow along the way. My work is so much better than it was when I went to Art School ~ but without Art School, I would not have gotten where I am today. There are people that tell everyone, they are self taught Artists...and I am not sure that "taught" embraces it all...certainly, you were taught things, but you also have to have a great deal of motivation, a sense of the media and bravery to put it together your way.

 I was taught by many....Mrs. Howe in Grade School, my Gram as we stitched up "Beans" the frog.... Mrs. B for those oil painting lessons. My Father ~ every step of the way. I'm proud to tell everyone that I was taught by many. I was touched by many more in my life and they certainly impacted my journey and taught me things. My gift was given...my motivation was strong....I was willing to learn; to take what I learned and improve my skills. I also made a point of giving back to others and still do to this day. 

I know that I would not have succeeded with this piece when I was in Art School; they taught me the technical ability...but I had to grow my gift.

In it all, I didn't think I was ready. Faces are so difficult for me. This technique was unconventional in my choice of paint also (I made my own). While it certainly came out better than I imagined, there were times that I though I had failed and it would find it's way to the trash. Motivation and the knowledge that I had nothing to lose brought me here. Now, I know I can grow and do better.  It took a Village of people for me to get here....

There are still people that will touch my life; to inspire and share, as I will with them..it's a circle. I'm happy about that. The pieces that you do are your voice, but there was a chorus of teachers behind you to give you the ability to make your piece sing loud and clear. Cheers to so many that inspire and share. 

I am happy with the direction that my work is going and growing. There are changes ahead for me and I am anxious  to explore and learn some new teachings...as well as share what I have been taught.

Here's to those that teach, encourage and inspire. You don't have to have a certificate or degree to share your knowledge. Something you say, or some piece of information that you share could change a life..it could change many. I find that exciting....

Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Hunger of an Artist

I know that I am different. I feel the hunger 24/7... to create...to design....to feed my soul. That is what it truly is about...feeding your soul. You push yourself to do better within your art. Step it up; compete within yourself ~ always striving for better. We live for those artistic "AHA" moments.

I've had this lovely tintype for quite a few years now, but somehow, I lost her. She wasn't with my other collection that I had carefully packed and moved with me a couple years ago. Yesterday, she found me...after months of searching as I packed my belongings for my moved to Curry Road, I had not seen her and thought her lost. Alas.. I opened my Punch Needle box to start working on new patterns.. and there she was, hidden and nestled in the box. It is not good to pack when you are grieving, I have learned. This was one of the first things that I had packed a couple years ago. 

I love this picture, as I do all of my old tintypes and cabinet cards. They are not related to me, but they have a home here and I often wonder about their lives. They are not forgotten.....

Wish me luck.. I'm pushing my comfort zone with my next project and this is the inspire.....

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Simple Joys

Spring Blessings~ my newest piece

It is hard to believe that it has been so long since my last post. Where does the time go? 

 I have been fast at work, doing quite a few projects. There are classes to teach, shows to apply to, writing, pen and ink...and the list goes on. I decided early this Winter, that I would make some changes to my online presence, back away from some of the negativity that we often see in Social Media...and simply do my work. The work that is my great joy. I have to tell you, that the changes and positive energy that I have made in my life are nothing short of wonderful. It is something that I have done in small steps. Many a night, I will post what my Simple Joys are on my Face Book. It is a chance for me to look at my day and voice the little things that made my day special...to not forget, in this age of technology, what makes my heart truly smile.

A chat with dear friends gave me inspiration to continue the path of my Mousels~ to push myself to do better and grow. Art is a study, it s a hunger to make better. I found this quote on a friend's profile and it sticks in my head. I believe that it is his words, and it resonates ~

"Always be happy in your work. Never be satisfied"

It speaks of my need to always push ahead, to study and perfect technique. To compete with myself. 
It is no secret that Beatrix Potter is my inspiration all of these years. I adore her soul of an Illustrator and Scientist. Her children's book,s that we know so well, hold a simple formula of realism and whimsy along with a dash of humanism.

This is the part of Beatrix that I hope to embrace in my own work. Above are pictures of my first two tries at a shrew~ Tilda.

I still enjoy this style of Mousie and I am playing with shape and form. This is Tinker.

My Deer Mouse version (Halloween never ends here)

And a last hurrah to Winter.

There are always muslin musings. Spring has arrived inside the Wee Cottage...if not quite outside.

Beloved Dutch bunnies are about~

Taking over, it seems~

but then, the sheep had to poke their nose in.....

and make their own statement.....

and inspire in different media.

And so after some sharing, it is time for me to get back to my work. I'm off today to work on a note card series; Hollyhock Hill.
Make a Mac and Cheese. Enjoy a family dinner....and post my Simple Joys that make this day special.