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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Of Christmas Past and the Year Ahead

I was nine when I had my first Christmas without snow. We had been in California for five months and still I hoped and prayed that it would, by some miracle...snow in sunny California come December 25th. It rained instead. I was devastated. I had gone through Christmas without my Dad, without my Grandparents, but never in my nine years, without snow. In the years ahead there would be more. As I grew I realized that Christmas was not about the snow, although my heart would like to see it, but about family and the spirit of giving more than just one day, but year round.

Christmas Past for me will always be at my Grandparent's home. After unwrapping presents, we would all gather in her yellow kitchen and help make our dinner. There was always an Italian dish, with or without a ham with all the trimmings. We would have either lasagna or manicotti. Manicotti was always my favorite, as I loved watching my Mom and Grandmother making the delicate macaroni crepes that we would roll the filling into. We, the grandchildren would sit at our "kid's table" located just off the kitchen and into the parlor, or the little playroom. My Grandparents are gone now. This year, my Dad decided that he wanted to make lasagna and braciole for us. As most of you know, he hasn't been well throughout the year. It took a lot of time and effort, but Dad came through wonderfully. As we ate, we reflected upon those years and memories past. We keep memories close and move ahead making new memories.

Tonight, I will be offering a couple of items on Lemon Poppy seeds. I will also be heading up to Saratoga for First Night which has become a tradition. The past year has had it's bumps, but all in all, it has been a good year. It was the first full year that I have sold finished items online, in my 11 years of doll making. Etsy has also become a good place to settle in with the patterns and I hope to bring finished friends there also. I will continue to share my dear characters with all of you this way. This year, I also started my graphic works, Until the Cows Come Home. I had to put it aside until a couple of months ago, with my Dad's health issues. I'm currently doing some free lance work, and I will move forward with note cards as I can. I'm also excited to see my new designs this year in the licensing world. Hopefully, you will see them in your favorite Prim Shop! There are a few more goode things to share, but not quite yet!

The New Year has not yet begun, but for this Good Wife, I have been fast at work through the few months to prepare for 2009. There are new patterns to be released this Spring, some you have seen and others will be new to you. I can't thank my dear friends enough for helping me out with new designs and letting me know how they work up and sell for them. I will also be offering a free Pattern again in March and hope to make it a tradition for all of you that enjoy sewing. It is everyone of you, new friend, old...family or someone that has just happened along here by chance; that inspire me to continue on. Thank you for being a part of my achievements and taking the time to stop by and see what's going on in my little corner of the world. May the New Year bring all Goode things to you

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merrie Christmas from My Little Women and I

A Merrie Christmas to all Goode Friends and Family!

Thank you so much for the gift of you~ Whatever your celebration for the days of December, may you have great joy, goode health and peace in the coming year.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm On The Watch

It's almost time. I'm loving our little wood stove and all the memories it brings. There is nothing better than the smell of woodsmoke and the tickle of snowflakes on your nose as you step outside. It's snowing lightly now and there is more due tomorrow. The tree is up, most packages are wrapped and the hot chocolate is never far away. Tomorrow is the last day for school and then havoc will abound. We will all scatter a bit for a few days, as there is still a bit of shopping and a play to catch. With Tim, I have my own personal Santa. He keeps little ones in wonder as we shop. He loves to see the faces on children as they point and whisper to their parents. One wink can bring the most beautiful smile from a child.
The girls are older now but they keep belief in their hearts. They keep the magic alive, especially for their younger cousins. I like catching them at it and reminding them to keep the magic always, not just for the wee ones. The Holidays have been simplified for quite a few years here. We cherish family and each other as we remember those who are not with us any longer. We keep close family that won't be able to be here as they live too far away. A group phone call always helps. We will all be gathering with family and friends throughout the days ahead; knowing that no matter what is happening in the world, the gift of each other is the best gift of all.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh The Weather Outside Was Frightful!

I've been busy back and forth between two homes since the last post. With winter comes Virus Season and this one has been difficult for some to shake. Luckily, it hasn't found me and I have been able to help my family through it.
As you have seen on the news, the ice storm from Thursday hit the North East hard. Up North, in Granville there was a few inches of snow to make a crust on the driveways. Other than some good sized branches, we were spared from the hardships of others are still facing. Rotterdam where the Goode Comfort Cottage is located, was not as fortunate. On Friday, in spite of the town being under a state of emergency, Tim made his way up to get me and bring me down for the last show of the year. He was fortunate to have power and friends and family stopped in for showers, hot coffee and even a place to rest warmly for a few hours. We have watched long chains of power trucks (10-20 to a time) pass along the streets to their next destination. Some are from Michigan and Pennsylvania. The tv has been on and off and the Internet spotty at best.
Yesterday we spent the day in Williamstown, MA for a quaint Holiday show nestled in the town. They were spared from much of the ice, but browsers and vendors had stories to share! A beautiful Quilter next to me shared that they were still without power at their home and we both chuckled when she discovered that she had a shirt on backwards after dressing in the dark that morning. It was a beautiful day in a snow covered Williamstown and I can't wait to go back next year!
Today I have been finally able to upload my offerings on TDIPT. I have two new pieces to share with all of you. The snowman, Mr. Flakes, was from a sketch done last year. I love how fun he turned out. Christine, however is my new love. I searched and searched for just the right fabric to show her off. I can't wait now to start the new designs for next year.....

Friday, December 5, 2008

One of My Favorite Things This Year

I'm often asked, "What is your favorite piece that you've designed"? In true artist form, it is my next piece. This past weekend, I checked in on my Uncle's cat while he was away. I walked by a small Curio Cabinet that was my Grandmother's and I saw a piece that I had made for her about 17 years ago. It was a small colonial dressed mouse made from felt. I had forgotten all about her. She's tiny and made from grey felt, perhaps all of 3 inches tall. There were plenty of tiny details from her apron to her mob cap. All done without a pattern to guide me. I've never had much sewing experience before I started doll making about 11 years ago. In fact I did poorly at attempting a "V" neck on a shirt I made in Home Ec.

I look at Mrs. Bennet today and wonder just how the dear hen turned out so well after viewing my little mouse! Desire to learn is a wonderful thing to push you along and let you grow. Every year, I look back at my designs to see where they have lead me since I started my Folk Art path. It was amazing to find the little mouse, and have her remind me that I had it in me longer than I thought! Not counting however, the dresses and skirts made for my Barbies, or the frog Grandma and I made when I was young enough to have baby teeth still missing in front. The past has always been my keeper and still is today. Thank you Gramma for reminding me and showing me just how far I've really come in sewing my designs.