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Saturday, August 16, 2008

What Inspires Me Today~

There is always something artsy going on here every day. This morning was overcast and misty as the sun was coming up. There were dolls drying in the oven and the smells of coffee, cinnamon and sweet grass filling the kitchen. I'm in Halloween mode nearly all year, but when Fall whispers, it also embraces me. I LOVE it.
This is Eliza's Glove, now available on Etsy. I look at it and smile. It was one of my very early designs that I would take with me to Brimfield. It didn't have the spider on it for a few years. It wasn't until Netty and I were in Fort Washington at the Gallery show, when the spider came about. I was mulling over the fact that it needed something and Netty said... a spider. That was IT! It is fun how people can look at your work and and inspire you to go further. Now there is another version that I sketched out that day. I think it's time pull it out and bring it to life. It just feels right.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Folk Art Fun

There is always something creative going on here. No matter how busy daily life gets, you can be sure that there was somekind of creating going on here before I climb into bed with my constant companion, Molly, snuggled up beside me.
Tonight, TDIPT will open and there will be a wonderful parade of talented artisans. I love creating designs among such company. Tonight, a dear friend Jane will make her first appearance on TDIPT under, Nothing Plain by Jane. Do take a look! Jane is a very talented doll maker that I have known for years and I know you will say what I do every time I see her work...WOW!
Now...for all my pattern customers, you can do a happy dance tonight. The two pieces pictured above are also available as patterns! You can order Goody Mugwart's Glorious Ride, or Duncan Picks A winner directly.
Goody Mugwart is 12 inches long and is holding a straw broom and a very ripe pumpkin.
Duncan is 12 inches high and holds tight to a ripe pumpkin also.
***To order***
Patterns are 8.50 each, $1.00 shipping for one and $1.50 to ship both. You can go directly to Paypal and plug in my email. snoraven@hotmail.com *Please make sure to type the pattern names in the message box. If you would like to pay via money order or check, just send me an email. These patterns will be in stock on Tuesday, the 19th and I will be shipping them right out. Enjoy everyone, and thank you for being a part of my art!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Little Change In the Dance~

My pace is a wee bit slower the past few weeks. An old back injury has decided to make an appearance after quite a few years without. My mobility is making a slower than expected comeback. Apparently I think I should be healing the way I did ten years ago. Why not?

In it all, I am not one to have quiet hands, no matter what. Just means more drawing time to me! I wanted to give all you pattern gals aheads up. TDIPT Mercantile is fast approaching on the 15th of the month. Two out of the three offerings are the actual models for two new patterns. They are not past finished offerings. So why the photo's above? I thought I'd share a couple of my show pieces and one of them is a wee bit of a hint. I will post the new patterns here on the 15th, along with instructions as to how you can get them. Are you ready???

Friday, August 1, 2008

Just Under the Wire

It has been such a busy Summer here in Upstate NY. The leaves are starting to show bits of oranges and yellows. Enough to let us know that Harvest will be upon us soon. I wanted to share with you a special piece. Lemon Poppyseeds opened and all of my Halloween offerings were sold. I wanted to share my Pumpkin Angel with you. I drew out the concept late last summer and it has mulled about in my head on and off. I LOVE working with wire and it has been a part of my Folk Art since the very beginning. From my first crow feet on Snow Raven, to my Skeleton hands at Brimfield (they were too clunky, so I didn't continue) and then to stitched on wire mouths. This was a celebration of the wire works and the days when I taught painting and how to paint tendrils. This Pumpkin Angel embraced so much of what is "me".....I know there will be a tear in my eye as I wrap her to go on to her new home. Her new family loves her just as much as I and is eager to welcome her. My Angel has come full circle.