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Friday, January 22, 2021

Bread and Roses

I am determined,
within these newest days of the year,
to bring back
 parts of my normal,
where I find joy.
 I am also working on my new normal...
it will curve about in and around;
just like a meandering stream
as life goes forward.

Last year,
I wanted to continue
my writings and musings here ~
but great losses,
brought much despair
and heartache.
I couldn't find the will,
 nor the words.

The past year 
has been a fragile year for all of us. 
Many have lost work,
loved ones.....
huge changes and losses.
We sheltered and kept to ourselves
to be safe...
we continue to do so.

As the year went on,
I was surprised 
my Wee Friends
and patterns
were in such demand.

Our world was being held together
Essential Workers...
 which was not what I was offering,
 in the least.
I had nothing in the way of needs,
 for any soul.
Art itself,
can be argued as not a need.
In fact, 
I was told by someone,
 that I once thought highly of
(well educated and well-read)
that she felt a musician
as self-serving.

That hurt for years.
I come from a family
with musical roots
as well as those in the visual arts.
 Now, I can shout, 
"Indeed, it is!!!"
But, only if you keep it to yourself 
 do not put it out into the Universe.

I offer
a piece of my heart.
A piece of MY joy~
in hopes that it also gives you joy.
So is it a need, 
to have joy in our hearts?

I believe so~
 was reminded of it this morning.
A fellow Maker of joy.
She spoke of this dilemma
as she opened her own business.
She pointed to Helen Todd,
a Suffragette.
In 1910,
Helen told the world,
"We want bread, but we want roses too!"
It later inspired the poem,
Bread and Roses
James Oppenheim.

So, the musician that she spoke of
was not in any way, self-serving;
but rather
a goode sharer of joy.

Sometimes we forget 
when it is hard,
to make our surroundings 
 a place to also
make or hold
joy ~

Sunday, January 17, 2021

January Hags


Welcome to the
January Hags Offerings
Please send your Email and choices to: 

attach the full name of the piece(s)
that you wish.
I ship within the Continental US
New York Residents, please let me know.
Layaway is available.

***please excuse my poor lighting~

        Hag 1

Hag is approximately 13" and hangs.
Paper clay and fabric.

200.00 and 10.00 to ship
in the continental US.

Thank you so much for stopping~
Tis spoken for

Hag 2

Hag is approximately 13" and hangs.
Paper clay and fabric.

200.00 and 10.00 to ship
in continental 
Thank you so much for stopping~
Tis spoken for

Hag 3

Hag is approximately 13" and hangs.
Paper clay and fabric.

200.00 and 10.00 to ship
in the continental US
Thank you so much for stopping~
Tis spoken for

Thursday, January 14, 2021

It's Been A Bit~


As some of you know,
I have taken a bit of a break
over the Holidays.
It was hard to 
pull myself back to work...
More on that, farther down~ 
but first a wee announcement.

This Sunday, 
January 17th, at 8pm EST
I will have a couple 
Salem Hags here
for adoption.

So...the big question is,
What's up?
Well...you see,
 I self challenge myself
every year.
this way, I feel that I grow
and reach the goals that I want.
I have been working on 
 face skills for a couple years now, 
for they have always been
the bane of my existence.
Simply...I want more realism. 
I also want a different method of armature.
I found exactly what I have been looking for
from my fellow Bewitching Peddler,
Karen Baker.
It was an online class through
a site called Curious Mondo.
Check it out! (Google will get you there)
There is so much and you can register to watch classes for free as they tape them!
This time of year can be perfect for doing projects or learning something new.
We can always learn something in a class!
 My class used Polymer Clay.
a whole different animal,
 from my beloved Paperclay.
I tried it years ago
and was not captured by it.

It is very soft, waxy and oily looking.
I knew enough to trust in the process, 
and her methods.



Check out those wrinkles!

The next step was trying to
 do that in Paperclay.
Well, that was what I set out to do 
for this month's Early Work Mercantile
But, I did not realize
how difficult would be
to put everything forward with my Hags;
to strike a balance of more realism
and wonky, old worldish.

So, simply put;
time got away from me ~~~

but on the other hand,
a green pumpkin for September 
was cool!