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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Welcome to the Show


Welcome to the
Bewitching Peddlers of Halloween
Virtual Show
Please send your Email and choices to: 

attach the full name of the piece(s)
that you wish.
I ship within the Continental US
New York Residents, please let me know.
Layaway is available.

Little Luna (Pumpkin)
7 1/4" tall
198.00 / 10.00 shipping

Spoken for

                          Little Luna (Skelly)
7 1/4" tall
198.00 / 10.00 shipping
Spoken for

Victorian Mourning Glove
( cotton velvet, as a grosgrain ribbon/ bow hanger)

11" x 4"
75.00 / 10.00 shipping

Spoken for

Sparrow Skull Lady
( Paperclay on cone & wooden base)
9 1/2" tall
175.00/ 10.00 shipping

Spoken for

Skelly Lady
( Paperclay on cone & wooden base)
9 1/2" tall
175.00/ 10.00 shipping
Spoken for

My Lover's Eye
( Paperclay on cone & wooden base)
14 1/2" tall
250.00/ 10.00 shipping
Spoken for

Black Bird Lady
( Paperclay/ fabric full-bodied doll)
14 1/2" tall
350.00/ 10.00 shipping
Spoken for

Ghost Lady
( Paperclay/ fabric full-bodied doll)
15 1/4" tall
325.00/ 10.00 shipping

Spoken for

Pumpkin Lady
( Paperclay/ fabric full-bodied doll)
14 1/2' tall
325.00/ 10.00 shipping
Spoken for

Luna Pumpkin Lady
( Paperclay/ fabric full-bodied doll)
14 1/4' tall
325.00/ 10.00 shipping
Spoken for

Owl Lady
( Paperclay/ fabric full-bodied doll)
12" tall
350.00/ 10.00 shipping

Spoken for

~*~ Thank you so much for stopping by  ~*~

Monday, September 14, 2020

Bewitching Peddlers Online!

A click on the banner will
 reveal a link,
to check out, 
on this Saturday morning 
( September 19th)
at 8 am
( get that mug of Joe ready!)
the veil will open 
and the otherworld
will reveal itself.
There will be about 41 
joining in to give an amazing show.

 I will have a few
friends to share, 
here on my blog.
I hope to be able to 
have another small showing,
here in October as well.

Each piece will have a title

and you can email me 

( thegoodewife@yahoo.com)

The first email gets the piece.

you can always put on your second choice as well.

I;n sure it will be hectic at first,

but I will mark pieces sold

as quickly as I can.

Enjoy yourselves

and know I am back.

It's time to write

and create.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Making My Way Back

We all have struggles...
and they are getting a workout 
 right now.
I am no different.
While I am good 
with staying home 
and working...
other things are difficult.
 I can't just go see my Mom, 
as she is in a nursing home. 
And I worry about her
every day.
Both of my girls are working, 
for which I am thankful, 
but a Mom worries.
This brings so much added stress to our lives~ 
 we need to remember, 
we are in it together.
I know that others have harder struggles
mine look minute in comparison.

As our restrictions started,
my sweet girl 
became ill.
At first it was thought 
she was diabetic,
but we quickly realized that it was something more serious.
Just after her 12th Birthday,
we had to set her free
and send her to the beyond~
where I know she is with 
others and
waiting for us.
 She has been my companion,
ever beside,
 as I worked each day.
Molly was a rescue from Peurto Rico.
She adored fruit and vegetables.
Tim worked the gardens
 so that she could enjoy strawberries,
 blackberries and grape tomatoes
 at her will,
 and within her reach.
her companion,
is feeling the deep void as well.

We carry grief with us,
but know there are others
with a heavier burden as well.
Self care is important.
As the grass greens up 
and leaves return to the trees,
we are enjoying our little piece of the world;
 our back yard.
Simple pleasures,
 such as enjoying the birdsong,
or watching the squirrels play,
bring us balance.

When I need to ground myself, 
the mountains always 
soothe my soul.
It is reflected in my Adirondack friends.
we did take a little drive
one dreary Friday...
but that is for next time.
Stay well and safe.
Seek balance when it is hard
and simply connect with the Earth.
Just standing barefoot 
on the good Earth
can help so much.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Welcome To My Studio

Welcome to 
The Cottage On Curry Road~
Where our home,
is my studio.
No kidding,
almost every room
 has a place I can work in...
It's a small Cape style home,
that has a cottage feel to it.

My family was a military family.
We moved often.
Wherever we were stationed,
there was always 
clay, paint, pencil, and paper.
My father was a soldier and an artist as well...
but there was never a formal studio,
especially on-base housing.
the kitchen table 
served all of our needs.
Everything was mobile,
so that it could be moved on and off
Eating and creativity
danced in make-do fashion.

....and so, I give you my sewing station.
Walter, our Troll fruit bowl, is empty. He has to wait and is frustrated with Quarantine, making a lag time for fresh fruits to adore him

Smack dab on the end of the dining room table!
It was in an upstairs spare room
until I had my knee surgery.
I'm sure that it will make it's way back up.

The main hub 
is a coffee table that serves 
as a sculpting space
as well as a place 
to pattern and finish
This is a neater version
then most days~ 
it depends on the level
"mad scientist" 
and the length of time before the deadline.

I am still making masks, so there isn't much to show.

It has two pull out drawers
and I found that an antique
treadle cabinet drawer,
 (that was in bad shape)
was a great help
in keeping some kind of organization.

How does sculpting happen, you ask?

I have a large pastry mat.
It has a little texture 
and clay works great on it.
When I need to sculpt,
I take the quilting mat
and push it under the pastry mat.

Not shown, the glue gun. He shares an outlet with the coffee maker and has been known to cause a ruckus,
if the master of the house hasn't had his infusion yet.

Somewhere between the corner of 
dish drainer
coffee carafe
is the third big work area.
The corner serves
to hold paint brushes 
and an array of glues and waxes.
I do a lot of staining
and age techniques here.
I can be sloppy
so I can't get much closer 
to cleaning up!

The kitchen has a 
small pantry area.
While some would use 
it for a more kitchen like purpose,
I make a vignette.
This area serves
to hold materials for pieces
 the folky green shelf that I adore.

If you look about,
 you can see
 the wonderful invitations
received from
 Bewitching Pedders of Halloween.
Jennie works magic every year 
and creates the most unique invitations.
Drawers are filled
and treasures are mixed 
among needed supplies.
You may spot a friend or two
waiting for their final journey.

I love the drawer and it holds my cabinet cards and tintypes, along with some tiny treasures.

Doll Houses 
a love of mine...
and this is my treasure.
I play around with it from time to time
and at this time
it is my Widow's House.
It is my way to mourn.
I came across some
petite teacups
and now I have a pumpkin lady,
 sipping tea, 
stuck in my noggin.
I can't ever keep serious for too long...
if you look out the windows,
you will spot my
Peeping Jane.

Aren't my mossy lights sweet? My dear friend and partner in Bewitching Peddler set up shenanigans made them for me.
They are hand-dipped in mossy green silicone.

Tim hung a couple 
of my
antique baskets on the wall.
They serve to hold ladies
in various stages of completion.
I also use the big one, 
 to photograph 
the ladies
 for their big reveal.
Sometimes my friends will stay with me.
Sometimes adoptions do fall thru. My husband requested that we keep the owl.

I love my antiques
as much as I love
Mother of Pearl buttons.
I don't use them as much in my work anymore,
but I know right where they are
should I need one.

I absolutely love 
my dollhouse shelf!
When I was asked to do Bewitching Peddlers,
I knew just what I wanted.
I am blessed to have wonderful friends
with their own magic
and together,
 my vision came alive.
 Angie's husband, Jake made this!!!
After the first show, 
I came across the perfect size shingles,
and our dear friend,
Pete worked his magic as well.

Because storage is an issue
in a small home,
it was put to work.
It sits atop
an old buffet
given to me from my Sister In Law
The buffet
is part of my pattern station
( that is a whole other thing, for another day, perhaps.)

It is perfect to hold treasures, 
 works in progress.

I am thankful in all of this,
to have such a wonderful husband.
He may not understand all of this,
but he has adapted well
over the years.

Thank you for stopping by!
I hope you enjoyed 
my peek.
please click on the graphic above to visit
Bewitching Peddler's studios.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

How Are You Doing?


How are you doing friends?
Are you taking care of yourself, in all of this?
Self-care is so important,
and now,
even more so.
Make that cup of tea...
Step out back for some fresh air,
or open a window.
We can smell spring!
Spring is hope!
The promise of life renewed.
I thought long and hard
about picking my blog back up.
When reading Blogs, 
you can 
look into someone's world 
and their thoughts
on a deeper level.

I have always loved being in the car
when it is evening;
you can see inside someone's home,
 for that split second.
Are they are home from a long day of work, perhaps?
 The tv may be on, so perhaps they are catching up
on the news as supper cooks?
or just enjoying a show after dinner.
A bedroom light upstairs...
perhaps that would be someone young, 
working away on homework.
Snippets in a blink.
Lives we can imagine.
There is a feeling of comfort in that;
A soft place to land...

Our home is different
the past few weeks
and I'm sure yours is 
to a similar extent as well.
We have stay at home orders 
in Upstate NY.
The picture above
was my inspiration last Spring,
just before we left for Salem.
Now, it's time to stitch some up,
for Bewitching Peddlers in the Fall.
Creating has always been my self-care.
a place to immerse myself.
Whatever gives you peace and comfort,
make sure you do some of that!


is also home for me.
a favorite recipe, 
and tonight's dinner.
I added the link for you...
and will share how I do it.
I use a little more cinnamon and less salt. 
I just sprinkle it on each side.
I don't add the onion...
and for the sauce,
2 cans of Contadina
sauce with Italian herbs.
Easy, right?
we love it.

Later, this evening...
this sweet girl
will be offered on EHAG Emporium.
The link is to the left. 
9 pm (EST) sharp...
A nice little visit,
to see what the Halloween artists are up to,
in their homes.

~take care of yourselves~ 

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Living the Covid Life

We are doing our best to flatten the curve.
Our world is strange now and scary.
I can't see my girls 
or my Mom.
I do my best to talk to them, 
through their anxieties
about everything.

New York State
has been declared a disaster.
Starting tomorrow,
we will be like Italy 
in our measures.

Tim and I started about 10 days ago.
We are older, 
and I have lung issues.

There is much we can do!

Come on, my stitching friends,
There are MANY masks needed.

Not just our state,
but perhaps yours as well.
Maybe not today,
but certainly
in the days to come.

Doctors, Nurses,
Nursing Homes,
Vets and Vet Techs,
Home Care Workers...

 Both of my daughters
wear masks every day, 
so I approached this
from a Mom point of view.
.....also, as a doll maker,
I don't have elastic.
That is hard to find as well.

My thread may not match~
I am using up scraps
and fabric 
that no longer serves my art.
The insides are lined 
with muslin.

Cotton fabric is perfect,
and these masks fit around your face
 quite well.

 am providing the link for this pattern.
It is not to be made for profit,
so please use it 
for it's intended use.

Stay safe my friends
flatten the curve!