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Friday, May 18, 2018

As May Settles In

The days are getting longer.
I enjoy the cool morning breezes
through the window in the morning, 
The breezes carry 
the sweet song 
of hedgerow Sparrows with it.
Sometimes, I just lay there;
longer than I should...
not wanting to
let go of dreams and start the day, 
just yet. 

Instead, I prolong
the remnants of my dreams
with the sweet serenade,
until I feel the nag to get up
or the smell of cawfee brewing.

A Skelly Ladye for Bewitching Peddlers
 My days are busy 
and seem to pass by so quickly.
I have immersed myself in a big sculpting mission. 
Before you know it, 
Bewitching Peddlers will be here
and I have new ways 
that I want to grow my work.
I can see
within my grasp
as to just how
create the characters
in my head
and give them life.

Willow is finished and ready to travel to her new home.
 I have a set weekly work schedule
for patterns and sculpting.
We are also squeezing in 
a big change in the rooms upstairs.
I don't need such a big room
 to sew and pattern in.
With the help of my Step Daughter,
I have a brand new studio in the works.
The room has a fresh, light and serene
look to the walls. 
As it comes together, I will be showing you!

Willow and Marie
It isn't often that two Early Work friends
have time to get acquainted.
Til then,
There are Bewitching friends
meeting Early Work friends.
It is getting a bit noisy
with so many chattering and vying for attention.

 My beloved
We spent Mother's Day on the road,
spending time with my Mom.

Mother's Day spent up North
 My Mother wasn't feeling the best,
but did engage in the usual Shenanigans
before we had to leave.
Our time is always too short!

Lily of the Valley
originally from my Granma's garden.
The gardens are getting green and filling in. 
The blooms are late this year,
but we enjoy them 
whenever they choose to appear.
It is certainly a busy time for us,
but we find it all
very blissful.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

The Magic of Circles

The day is damp at the cottage 
and there is a chill in the air.
Outside the rain has stopped for now
and it is slowly warming up...
allowing the thin layer of ice 
to melt away.

Inside, it is dark.
A light or two
and a couple candles
make a warm glow.

As I sip my tea, 
my memories float about.
Days like this, 
spent with both parents
are treasures now.

I would make us tea.
A spoon of sugar for my Mom,
a dash of cream for my Father.
I would have both
and he would chide me...
"That is the Welsh in you"
I smile now,
as my last name 
is Walsh.
My husband, 
a proud Irish Man
with the last name

the circles
that come round
in life.

I am 
enjoying clay works
more and more.
I worked in clay
quite a bit growing up.
Minature mice were
a favorite subject.
I have one piece that I saved...
I wonder if the others 
are still treasured
 among friends and family.

My wee friend 
Pip Squeak
is also 
a circle 
come round.
A blend of then and now
and I am ecstatic
for adding textiles
to my now.

I have always loved cloth.
Colors, pattern, 
and textures call
my heart.
The world of Dollmaking 
opened my eyes
and I know I am exactly
 where I belong.

Both of my pieces 
the memories
of past works
connect to the present
technical abilities,
 that I am still 
learning and exploring.

Life certainly circles
wonderful ways.
It is when you sit back
and really see
what has come around,
you realize
that magic
has happened.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Glorious Spring

Yesterday was a beautiful, blue sky day.
We rode North with the car windows open.
Spring can take it's time to appear here. 
The mountains still have snow.
Time spent with family
and checking out the changes 
of my beloved sleepy little village
were in order.

Today is quiet...
the smell of fresh ground coffee
fills the tiny little cottage.
Gray clouds, 
giving way to a blue sky.
It is colder than yesterday, 
but no less beautiful.

The mornings are filled 
with birdsong once again, 
as the Hedgerow starts budding
and nests will be built.

A couple of friends and I
are welcoming our first
April day.

 Perhaps a nap for some will be in order, 
For me, 
it is time to clear the work area
of threads and fabric snippets...
It is time to
break out a fresh block of clay.
For all the beauty 
that Spring brings,
there is much to be done
beyond the usual Spring endeavors.

Halloween friends 
and a new 
studio area is in the works!

My two wee friends
are available
The Starling Hedge Witch
is at
EHAG Emporium.
She is a more petite sculpt,
but full of simple details
stitching full of love.

My wee mousy 
still wants to nap
away a lazy afternoon.
She can be had 
Early Work Mercantile.
There are links to each 
on the side bar.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Happy Birthday Raven's Haven!

Fifteen years ago, 
Raven's Haven made
it's debut
on a site called Crow Soup.

It was a nail-biter for me. 
I was separated from my Husband
and raising our two daughters. 
The store I worked at,
 had closed six months before.
Jobs were scarce
in that sleepy little village.
We were living with my parents
and I was helping to care
for both parents.
My Father approached me and told me...
" You have a roof here and food.
Now is your chance
 to make a business with your art."

I set my sites on Pattern making,
 to give me year round income.
Each month,
 I would try to put up
3 new designs. 
Little by little, 
it grew!

I never thought that I would be here 15 years later~
I never thought that they would continue to be popular.

My Father has since passed.
I have divorced and remarried 
to my best friend.
My children are grown and on their own.
I still work from home.

All of this because of YOU.
I was given opportunity~
I put in hours of work...
but ultimately,
you make me the success.

And so...
Thanks to a call for help~
my Merrie Mouse
free mailer has returned to me.
(She was lost in the move)
Now, I'm not too savvy on the computer, 
but here it goes.
For best results, 
click on the picture and let it open up. 
Then, Right click,
 save image,
Print using landscape, 
regular margins and fill page.

For my friends that don't sew~ 
How fun, as a punch needle pocket
or a hooked rug?
However, you wish to use her,
enjoy her. 
I would LOVE to see 
what you come up with!

Still not enough celebrating?
well... stop by my Etsy Shoppe
and enjoy a SALE!

You can enjoy 25 % Off, 
(this is the deepest discount 
that you will see this year)
 today until Monday, 
March 19th  at Midnight, EST

I have also gathered
5 patterns from the vault 
dusted them off


Gertie Sows Seeds Of Kindness

Mother Goose Make Do

Getting Jiggy On The Fourth

St. Jigs
Do You See What I See?

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Really March?!

March can be such a fickle month
 in its unwillingness
 to let go of Winter 
embrace Spring fully.
Of course, 
we are ready for Spring
well before March is.
We know we will see a snow or two...
perhaps a Nor'Easter.
in less than 2 weeks?
 ...and you may want to toss
in another?

Perhaps, it was for the better. 
Without the frippery
of green 
I can say that 
I have been 
working feverishly.

My Early Work Mercantile
truly reflects
the hours that I have been putting in
creating, taxes, patterns, deadlines
a little something special
coming up.

Many late nights
have left me
yawning in the afternoon.
Thank goodness for 
tea and biscuits!
These afternoons
have inspired 
another style of 

I am fully enjoying
my love affair
with toile.

...and ticking.

Textiles can make me giddy 
with excitement
as inspire 
and materials collide.

As March decides
what direction it wants to go;
I have put 
a lot of the drudgery
in my work
I am excited to keep growing my designs.

I will be ready,
when Spring makes an appearance.
I can enjoy doing what I do,
outside ...
and letting all that I love
work its magic.

****Be on the lookout 
for my next post~
I have some celebrating to share ****

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Hopping Through February

I love the carrots!

in the midst of a bumpy start~
(we had a frustrating day of service interruptions)

I am excited...
mild days
are mixing with cold and snowy ones.
You can feel Spring 
working up from your toes
and nesting in your heart.

It certainly shows up in my sketches
and enters 
my work table.

As I created Bea Bunny~
it was with
a bigger picture 
in mind.
I love taking simple, 
and bringing it to life
with dyes
and stitches.

A clever detail,
doesn't have to shout,
but rather
and melt into the piece
like a warm hug.

Time and stitches
add up to
a big love
and a thankful heart.
Not only for the ability
to work from home...
but for 
the opportunity
to build on the gifts given me.
To grow it....

As snows and cold
give way
to the rebirth
in Spring...
so does my heart
with the growing 
research driven by ideas.
 Forging ahead;
growing my seeds 
made of ideas,
so they may 

Friday, February 9, 2018

A Peek Behind The Curtain

I loved meeting and getting to know Joyce and Kaf

I've done many shows...
big and small.
This one takes the cake~
it is like no other.
(I was told it would be)

It took me a good two weeks
upon my return,
to fully
digest it.
( they tried to prepare me!)

The artwork of
my gifted friends
is so amazingly unique to them
and at such a high level, 
pictures cannot
take the place of 
seeing and embracing 
the senses!

This is such a brilliant
gathering of
they form a unique family.
Words just can't express that,
and I am at a loss....
a peek behind the curtain
may help.

before you play this,
scroll all the way down
to the bottom of the page
stop the regular music 


I came home
beyond honored...
with a mission
embrace visions
of my characters 
telling their stories~
by learning 
different techniques 
in my sculpting
and bringing them to life.

I am so honored
to be a part of 
Bewitching Peddlers
in 2018~

I am thankful 
the opportunity

and for my family and friends
that support

A special thanks to
my beloved husband
Team Sutter
in advance...
you allow my work to shine

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Here Comes the Snow

We received word.
that our two grandies 
would not be here today,
everyone is anticipating
The Big Snow!

I have sculpts
in various stages of 
I am also exploring 
different ways 
for armaturing
and assembly.
This will allow me to grow
my vision
of bringing some of my drawn characters 
to life! 
I once read 
of a person that was 
a beginner sculpter
cheerfully saying
that the sculpts were
all clay
through the process,
the person discovered 
that the delicate
was not very sound
and a reluctant change
 in neck thickness
had to be made.
What was not understood,
 was that her piece would remain
delicate and breakable.
We have such a wonderful resource
with the internet.
More and more,
I learn from
those that will share the basics.
I am building a library
of books as well.

I grew up
sculpting with
ceramic clays.
Armatures are important!
As I changed to
(which I adore)
I have learned 
about different kinds of armatures.

My Bewitching Peddlers 
opened my eyes to possibility.
Upon my return,
I have researched
different ways, 
to make my visions
come to life!
Trying a new technique!
I love the possibility it gives.
Clayworks like this,
need a skeletal system
and one that will
form a good solid piece.
There are several ways to achieve this
and each person
has to figure out
what works best for them.

Now, this has to be said...
when you see
how a tool is used
be it a light box for graphics, 
to a armature
that will carry 
a sculpt~
to use the TOOL
as just a TOOL
and do not copy
the finished piece or style,
but rather
trust in your gift.
Trust in yourself...

 I believe in 
Sharing how to begin...
and basics.
The rest becomes
your journey.

I will be showing parts of my journey, 
going forward.
In hopes
that it
will give someone
the wings that they need
to reach
their vision.

On this snowy day...
I will be working on my
friends to bring them to life...
and enjoying
the day~

Snowflakes out the window...
my Gram's recipe for sauce simmering...
a candle from 1890 Gable House Goodes burning...
(The above blackened beeswax is new from 
Misi's store  and might I say~
it smells just amazing~
enjoy her link!)

Whatever your day is... 
grab onto it and make it yours!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Goode February

it seems,
can go on forever.
We have had bitter cold,
snow and rain.

Although February,
 can be rather cold itself.
It carries with it,
 that Spring
will find it's way soon.

As you can see..
Sping has been first and foremost
in my work.

I love Netty LaCroix's patterns
and I love using them.
Sometimes I stay true to 
the techniques
and sometimes 
they reflect my vision.
(an egg or a sleepy mouse?
...ponder, ponder.)
I have added my own
 tiny, humble stitches.
It gives a homey
olde finished look
and often inspires
the Early and Primitive 
look that I love.
I often envision a young ladye
practicing stitches
by the fire.

Last night,
had it's first offerings for 2018.
If you haven't visited before,
hop on the link and enjoy
some one of a kind
Halloween Art.
(My wee friend has been spoken for, but there are still lovilies to be had)
It is a great way 
to start a collection
and see 

thoughts of love
and the yearning for
the newness
of Spring.

I have
been tweeking
things a bit...
knowing that 
life always changes.
I have been
how to make those changes.
the balance 
of home,
work that I love.

Embracing more
each year.
(Pinterest has some lovely inspires)
embracing it
even in my work.
As the new Raven Witch
walks where
the Natty Rats
have been.
My work will
my heart
and roots,
and still challenge
my vision of growth.
~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~  ~*~

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