A Unique Primitive Art with a whisper to the past~

These truly ARE the voices in my head.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Merrye Thanksgiving

courtesy of 1890 Gable House Goods

Thanksgiving morning was
 a cold one here
at the cottage.
It was 29 degrees out as I awoke.
The coffee brewed...
signaling to my husband to awake.
I chuckled as I watched out the window.
A cold blue sky
with a few white clouds~
our gang of squirrels
and playing along the
stockade fencing.
I could hear the chickadees
in the hedgerow
along the side of the house.

Sauce was simmering and Ziti was in the making.
The Season is upon us.

Courtesy of 1890 Gable House Goods
 Thanksgiving becomes different
 as we grow.
Some seats are empty~
and new ones are filled.
Life's cycle.
While I am not nestled in
my beloved mountains,
they are within me.

While my Mom and daughter's 
celebrate up North,
I will join Tim's family
which has been our normal.
I always add 
the Caruso part of my family
within our Thanksgiving.
I may not mill the tomatoes 
at the Caruso table,
but the sauce is a part 
of blending families.

I find myself
settling into my new normal.
my biggest show is behind me.
For the first time
in 20 years,
I am not making for the holidays,
but simply enjoying

I know there are changes ahead,
as I settle on 
a new business model.

I love
the blackened wax ornaments
 Gable House Goods.
They bring me back
to a time
of my beginings...
I have loved making chalkware from my own sculpts and molds~
and have often thought,
that blackened wax
would be 
As I write my 
business plan for next year,
and shape my business
for the future;
I also see things 
that still catch my heart.
I'm not exactly sure
how I set things up,
but I do know 
that my heart will 
lead the way.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Inspiration Touches Your Soul

The TV is usually on as I work...
sometimes I will catch
 an oldie but a goodie ~
which I love because I can just listen 
and keep my attention to the matter at hand.

something that you see, 
will catch your eye.
You have seen the movie
many times.
you can just listen to it..
but as you catch a glance,
it is kismet.

Nanny McPhee.
A glance up in the beginning was all it took..
A china doll was hung on 
on a door...
and that day, 
it caught me.

There was a lot of research
on construction
along with a technique that 
would go perfectly.

Art is a labor of so much love....
reflects your soul..
and images that touch it.

is but a start.
I will grow with this...
and love both her
 the process.

This set
is also a wink and a nod
to another time...
I can be so weird.
I know,
but in my world,
it makes perfect sense.

Both are available 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

November Morning

Snowladye in the morning light.
This morning is dark and dreary.
The milky skies 
give little brightness,
but candeglow casts its warm light 
and a mug of hot tea
chases the chill away.

I am fast at work,
racing the light today
as it is upload day for Early Work Mercantile.
I took a moment to peek
out the kitchen window,
while I waited 
for  some clear coat to dry.

Not that long ago...
a week or so~
there were roses on my rosebush,
and morning glories 
were still in abundance;
such a pretty blue.
This morning however~
there are brown and orange leaves,
scattered on the still green lawn.
 The frost
has turned colorful 
blooms to a dark brown.

 on the stockade fencing,
 to the sparrows and starlings
swirling about...
is a gray squirrel.
I have to chuckle as he is happily 
munching on his breakfast.
A good sized piece of pizza.
Booty from the garbage next door.
A squirrel's breakfast in the burbs.

I am reminded
that our world is what we make it.
I love surrounding myself
with dollhouses
and dollys in the making.
Candle glow on these
dreary November days...
Needle and thread.
The busy hands of a maker.

Early Works offerings 
tonight at 9 pm.

Monday, November 6, 2017

It REALLY Happened!

Our Spidey powers were with us as we were Michigan bound.
I worked all year for this....
the biggest honor
of my art journey.

Tim had spent 
the last 3 months
keeping house...
making meals...
and going solo
 to family and friend events.
My surgeries had put me behind. 
I had to make up for lost time
and abilities.

An overnight stop on the way, to see family in Buffalo!!!
The start of a new tradition~

I also knew, 
it would take a village.
Nothing of this scale, 
comes without others.

And so I enlisted
dear friends.

Thank you Pea, for my amazing Banner.
It truly made the booth beautiful!
Thank you for also being as beside, as beside can be,
when you live on the other coast!
I called upon my Ohio friends,
that we had not seen in 6 years
at the Simple Goods show.
We have been friends for many years, 
but we don't get a chance to see each other.
Could you????

They became my set builders...
set up/tear down crew
and basically
they ran the ship,
so that the Goode Wife booth 
could shine
and run smooth.
We couldn't have done this without them.
Thank you Angie and Jake
for all that you did
and for being such a huge
part of our journey family!
We are already excited
 for next September~

Kaf and Joyce of
Grimitives and Enchanted Productions.

I met fellow artists, 
that I had long admired.
This show is more than a show...
it is a family.
They embrace you,
they guide you.
They hold you up when you feel shaky!

Hi Becky~ my neighbor across the way!

Set up was ...
and FUN!!!

Lots of Ladyes and ratties!
my Nattie Rats, in this style are now retired
after 6 years.

A few last minute changes;
lots of encouragement~
everyone telling us...
"this will be unlike any show you have ever done"
(we were already seeing this!)

Kaf really did bring Cape Cod to Michigan as promised!
We were all
giddy and silly that morning, 
before the opening!

~congratulations Kaf on winning Best Booth!

A peek of some favorites!
Nicol Sayer's work is stunning!
who woulda thunk,
that I would see her work up close and in person!

My breath stopped at Nicol's booth~
She has been an inspire 
for so many years.

Oh Carolee! You paint magic!
The King of Mice Studio
and the magic paintbrush 
of Carolee.

~Hats in the Belfry~
How cool are these hats??
We saw many a
amazing noggin 
throughout the day!

The Acorn Cottage
I fell in love with David's
artitstry and imaginative booth!

Enchanted Productions is right!!
how fun!

As a doll maker,
I have loved Joyce's
work for years! 

Joyce is just as magical as her dollies!

Joyce has stitching magic
within her
for sure~ 

Monkey Cats Studio

Laurie Harding's
skill at Paper Mache
and painting,
makes for
collector's treasures!
How could you not smile just
looking at her booth?
Dustin and Matt

...and these two?
Dustin creates and Matt
runs a tight ship!
(full of laughter, of course).

They took me under wing
in the most amazing way.
.....I am still reeling
and shaken~

My art journey
is forever changed.

my favorite piece of the show
you can see the pores 
in his face
in person~
such an attention to detail!

 Prim Pumpkin
are so unique~
I am in awe of their coloring~
and the freckles just make
your heart smile.
I am in love~~~

Rucus Studio

I would have never dreamed,
that I would have the opportunity
to see Scott's work.
I have admired his mastery
for a long time.
The details
up close
and in person~
just amazing!
(I think I am using that word
too much in this post~
but I call it as I see it!)

group smile!!!

...and then we were called...
time for a group picture
before the show begins.
lots of laughter!
Angie, Rebecca and I
I was able to meet
friends and collectors
that have been
 a part of my journey
from it's beginning.
along with husband Jake,
kept the booth running smooth.
is a collector,
 that I have long 
to meet and say

Angie, me, Diane and sister Erine

The night before,
while at the hotel~
Angie and I
had met up with longtime
friend Diane
along with her sister, Erine.
So we were in
 prime giggle mode,
by the time that
we met up again
at the show.

Rene, Ang and I

....And this gal~
blows me away.
has been a part of my journey
for many years.
Can you believe she is
race car driver???
She also
is talented in many other ways~
lamp beads,
folk art..
and a stitching magician.
She made this upcycled outfit.
oh. my. goodness.

Nicol Sayer and I

... I was able to meet
Nicol Sayer.
all those years ago,
as I sat in the 1812 house
with Netty,
she shared the
Holly Berry Hill
I was forever changed
when I walked
into the 1812 house,
and then as I saw the catalogs
I collected them as well
would pour over them for hours~
soaking up
the drawings
and the works
of the artists.
The catalog itself
was an artful
...this group of artists
inspired me.
I had little
sewing experience
other than basics
Home Ec
(which was not my best grade).
I would not be
this far
without their inspiration.

To meet Nicol
was to come
full circle.

it was over.
we packed everything up.
went to the hotel~
had dinner
and crashed.

Me, Jennie, Kaf, Laurie and Joyce

The next morning,
many of us gathered.
Lots of laughter.

one of my treasures (I also have the sister)
Mourning Glory Jewelry by Avery

is the family
that welcomed us with open arms.
 Such gifted
along with,
 the loved ones that help
as we join together
to make a magical show.
Avery, you are my spirit sister...
it's like you saw my soul.

I know that I am so late
in getting this to you.

I needed to recoup
and regroup.
I had time with family...

 I have been so blown away,
with the friends
that lifted, guided
and rocked me to my core.
I am forever changed.

My heart,
my soul
my journey.
I am sorry that I didn't get
so many other booths,
and pictures of
new friends and fellow artists
(and their support teams!).

The level of artistry~
the gifts we are given as makers,
is unique
to each of us.

This group
Celebrates each other ....
celebrates those that
do all of the support work
to make it happen....
celebrates the love of Halloween.

I am back...
and rested.
Building my plan..
challenging myself~
and ready to post
more frequently.

Sunday, October 15, 2017


Just popping in 
with a quick reminder 
that tonight at 
8 pm
I will be hosting 
a sale of offerings 
from the 
Bewitching Peddlers of Halloween Show
( http://www.picturetrail.com/thegoodewife )

Setting up

I promise,
 that I will return to
blogging this week
and catch you up with all
of the exciting news
and changes ahead!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Summer Days and Nights

How quickly Summer days seem to fly!
Our days are full and lively here.
As I work away, 
Grampa and Mackenzie do play!
Our home has never lacked for laughter 
and just as we think,
it's just the two of us...
we are blessed with visits~
furry kids.

Somehow, all that needs to,
gets done.

Early Work Mercantile opened last night...
brown pumpkins still fill my head.
so delightfully prim!

The Luna 
is always so serene

...and the Jarrahdale,
well what can you say?
Such a pretty color!

The friends that surround me,
are what inspire me.

Sometimes in ways,
that you would never guess.

and the nights???
I enjoy
our little kingdom
that is our back yard.
..and while it is hard to stitch
by the light of the moon~
sometimes we have to put the needle down...
listen to the cicadas 
the peepers 
and crickets.

A night at the Opera~
Country girl style.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Testament and Memories

Shelby on the bottom left and daughter, Jess on the bottom right/

Yesterday, Tim and I made a trip North. 
Back to my hometown. 
The mountains ever beautiful 
and we could see
 that leaves were starting to change. 

Our hearts were heavy,
 as our trip was to 
pay our respects
to Shelby. 
Too young a life taken.

The family of her father and his cousins,
a dear part of my childhood...
and Shelby ~
a school mate and team mate 
to my daughter, Jess.

I knew it would be a huge sorrow for our small village.
Small communities 
become so very close...
generations old.

Shelby earned her wings, 
several days after a car accident.
So many of us praying for days, 
that she would make it through
severe injuries.

As I stood in the long line yesterday...
(The wake is next door to my Grandparent's house)
Memories flooded.
Shelby's cousin and I 
met under Grampa's Maple tree...
Nancy said...
"how many hours did we spend playing under this tree???"
and oh the tears and memories.
As I looked around,
I saw groups of people,
that were a strong part of
Shelby's growing up...
the medical office,
school staff,

team mates,
and family...

I was reminded of how much life has changed since
Nancy and I played under the Maple.

Nancy's Mom and Dad
owned the
 Montgomery Ward's
mail order store across the way.
We would stop by, 
on our way home from school.
Dr. Lynch, 
would make home visits when needed.
 Medical bag in hand~
The parking lot on either side of the street,
was perfect for kickball or baseball.
The house on the other side of the funeral home...
well, that was the tiny home of
Mr. and Mrs. Barslow.
They seemed ancient to me as a tiny girl.
Mrs. Barslow 
loved to do her friend's hair 
all fancy...
and painted beautifully.
Mr. Barslow was seen 
every morning.
Dressed in a suit; 
fedora atop his head.
Making the short walk to Main Street,
cane in hand...
to buy himself the newspaper;
and donuts to share with his bride.

The community has grown.
Life has changed.
 Many gathered in a line  
(that remained
a length of a football field, 
beyond the calling hours).
The line, 
a testimony
of just how many 
lives were touched
by the gift of

I wanted to share with you, 
Shelby's legacy~
This is the local write up.

GRANVILLE — Shelby McEachron will live on, in her hometown and in other people’s lives.
“One of the things about Shelby was that so many other people felt like she belonged to them,” Suzanne McEachron said Wednesday, two days after her 21-year-old daughter died from injuries suffered in a July 17 car accident. “It was hard, because we were like, ‘She is our daughter,’ but really, I realized she belonged to the whole community. She was just a special kid.”
The family established “Shine On Shelby,” a fund that will renovate the softball field at the Granville Little League complex, and it raised $25,000 in just two days, including one $5,000 donation and another of $1,000.
“How does that happen?” Suzanne McEachron asked. “It is just amazing.”
Shelby was an organ donor, and her mother heard back from the doctors Tuesday night.
“The doctor said her heart was fantastic and will give someone 30 good years,” Suzanne McEachron said. “They were also able to take both of her kidneys and her liver, so that is four people who will live on because of her.”
“Some of the donation people were surprised she was a donor, because she was so young,” McEachron said. “But there was the option when she first got her driver’s license, and we told her to go for it.”

Helping others

McEachron was about to begin her senior year at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia, working toward a degree in logistics. She had been an active volunteer and athlete in high school, volunteering with Granville Food Pantry, Granville Little League and other causes.
She performed in plays, was an active musician and singer and played softball, field hockey, track, basketball, golf and her favorite sport, softball.
Her father, Andy, coached her and her sister in softball, and it was his idea to move forward with the field project.
“I asked him what he was thinking, trying to do something like that, and he told me, ‘It was like Shelby spoke to me,’ “ Suzanne McEachron said.
The plan is to put in new dugouts, fencing and a scoreboard and to light the field.

 Bill Toscano/ The Post Star

Shelby was an amazing gift 
to so many people.
There is a link to the "GoFundMe"
(Shelby's angel picture)
that will be used
to renevate the fields and name Field 7
in her honor.

I am not one to ask any for funding,
it is there if you would like..
but I will ask all of you
to say a little prayer~
send your best 
to Shelby's family.

Fly high, sweet angel~

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Smoosh Magic

There is something about clay
that I truly love.
while I may sit down and think...
I'm making a 
Pumpkin Ladye today-
in smooshing the clay around a bit, 
magic can happen instantly.

You see, 
the clay tore a bit at her mouth~
and suddenly her spirit emerged.

Perfect for my Early Work Mercantile 

When bringing her to life, 
I had a conversation earlier with a friend~
and old cabinet cards.

so what can be more Prim
a brown Pumpkin???

She is truly a favorite ~ so dainty and delicate.

Smoosh Magic happened once again...
as I thought "rabbit"
and played around with the muzzle~
Smoosh Magic..

My Adirondack heart
came through
in one of my most unusual 

I fell in love

As we enjoy 
getting out
here and there...
and putting together our vision of 
The Goode Wife
in September~

Smoosh Magic

And when my hands are not 
in clay~

they are making magic stitches.

This one of a kind,
Sleepy Mouse
napping on a flocked damask
Witche's Shoe.
(She's still 
available on 

While it may seem 
quiet around here,
it isn't really.

It's magical.