A Unique Folk Art with a whisper to the past~

They truly ARE the voices in my head.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

An Affair Of The Heart

Callie and her friends are available on

It's clear to see in my work
that I have Spring Fever,

I am ecstatic 
to be fully back 
and doing what I love~

I can't tell you,
how much I missed
I can tell you,
that I can see 
a huge difference
in spite of 
the healing that will continue.

Stitching never felt so good!

I am always researching.
 I want to continue 
to do better...
and keep
my original vision,
that grounds
me on my journey.

Sometimes, we don't find the answers 
that we are searching for
right away.
It can take years...
i am a true believer
that what we search for,
 will come when it is supposed to.

Pixie Sleepy Mousels!!!!

I will continue
to walk this journey, 
my way.

Sometimes stepping out
a bit differently
from others,
that may do similar
and concepts...

...shhhh, baby dragon sleeping

these friends of mine
heart driven.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

From Snow to Summer

I didn't intend to stay away so long.
The days have started to pass more quickly it seems.
I still have a ways to go,
but I am much more comfortable
and happy to be
fully back to work.

Clay is once again 
my beloved companion.
My sculpted friends are getting a bit 
of a make over.
Their bodies,
 going more in the direction 
that I originally wanted, 
while still whispering
 to the past.

Time away from my work,
gave time for research 
and success in 
the process that
 I originally wanted
years ago.

Reminding me to
stay steadfast and not lose 
sight of my
Answers come along 
when they are supposed to.
There were things 
I needed to learn first
and growing to do.

And so...
as our surprise snows 
 have melted;
 Summer temperatures 
have tickled us awake 
from our wintry slumber...
new friends are emerging
for April's
Early Work Mercantile.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Back To Work

Hello Everyone~
I wanted to let you know 
that I am back to work~
although still on a light schedule.

The Etsy Shop is open 
and I am ready to pack orders! 
A click on the shop banner above will take you there 

Many have asked
 about the bunny in the Peat Pot~
and this is the pattern that I used. 

The body has to be cropped 
and adjusted to fit your pot.

How fun, right?

And you can always go through 
the shop and see what else would work~



and if you just can't live 
without a touch 
of Halloween
A Pumpkin head would be fun! 

Use your imagination
 and let the pattern 
be a tool to let your
vision to shine through!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

My New Hand

Well...new to me.
"Stacey Scissorhand"
have been met with lots of giggles!

it will be a week.

Two procedures at the same time
has proven painful,
but it has gotten better each day.

Tim has been wonderful 
and beside me all the way~
he is a wonderful caregiver.

As the swelling goes down,
I am beginning to feel the difference.
I can't hold a pencil or 
silverware just yet...
I giggle at 
my lack of coordination with
the mouse....
but I do see improvement.

 I had to stop by
and tell you 

The comment's, notes,
private messages 
and emails
are amazing.

It is true~

you never know,
 just how many people that you touch
on this big web.

And so,
 while I am not able to work, 
I have been working on 
some wedding plans ~
making silly left handed sketches and notes...

My Imaginarium
is going full tilt 
with new concepts 
and techniques.

I can't wait 
to dive in!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

A Little Time For Me

I wanted to let everyone know,
 that I am taking a little time away 
from the work
 that I love so much.

I have needed 
surgery for
quite a few years now,
and it is time.
(thank you Affordable Care Act!)
I will be having
 a couple of procedures done 
and I know 
that recuperation time, 
is supposed to take two weeks
for one of the procedures.

I have closed my Etsy Shop
March 11th
if you know me...
I am not one to keep idle.
I am sure that by then, 
I should be able to pack orders!

I am also sure that my Pinterest pins
will grow enormously....
my sketch journal 
will probably be full 
of wonky sketches,
as I don't always do so well
with Lefty.

But I am excited to get this done 
and move on.

I have so many characters coming to life
and some new ones ahead...
there are 2 new models of Sleepy Mice
and a new Ratty all stitched and ready to stuff.

It may look and sound like Spring 
is happening at the cottage~
but most of my new friends
 will have a Halloween flair to them.
Oh yes~ 
Sparrow Witches are happening!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Gift Of A Day

We were given an amazing gift today~
a wonderfully warm day....
unusual for Upstate New York
in February.
A record breaking 67 degrees!

What to do, right?
We celebrated...
making Iced Tea~
opening the windows to let the breezes in 
opening the back door; 
allowing the glass door 
to help us enjoy
the sunshine and warmth.

It makes you realize,
 that the promise of Spring
is real.

The days are longer.
We are ready to awaken 
and enjoy our days...
filled with warm sunshine
 and greenery.

I had noticed yesterday, 
our Starling friends 
have returned.
Tonight they filled the trees 
and chattered happily,
as the sun went down.

We will enjoy tomorrow as well,
 as it will hold a similar warmth~
 then we will go back
 to our regular February.
The one that will glide into March...
with cold days....
and snow.

but oh, 
the glorious gift
that we have been given

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Life's Pace

We did it.
We have survived 
the first year of retirement 
for Tim.
It is uncharted territory,
both financially and emotionally.
I think now~
of course we survived it fine...
what was I thinking?!

We are enjoying ourselves. 
Tim watches Wee Mackenzie
during the week.
Young Master Thomas
stops by 
on those evenings, 
for a snack
and to blow me kisses
(he blows me over!).

How wonderful to have
all of our kids
 and family 
within an hour and a half radius.

Winter made a strong presence
 this past week~
I am truly a Yankee Girl and 
I love the storms.
Soup simmering and Hot Chocolate!
Add some candle glow to create by...

It has all been a nice pace.
We have had our share 
of bumps along the way,
as anyone does...

Everything fell into place
and what a lovely place
it has been.

As the year goes forward,
we do as well.
We look forward to 
all that this phase 
of our lives has to offer.
From the regularity
of  things,
 such as 
Early Work Mercantile;
the unexpected.
wedding plans are taking hold.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Battle of Good and Evil

Winter is proving to be a trying season.
I am back to not feeling well again.
A set back~
and haven't been around much...
trying to attend to the needful parts of our lives,
above all.

I did have a couple offerings for Early Work.
I know that I won't have
 as many offerings 
as usual this year,
but I promise
to make the offerings
special and imaginative.

I am so honored to be a part 
of this group
even though this past week
 has been spent
trying to get back to healthy~
I am excited to continue this path. 
I am thrilled for the opportunity to make Halloween year round
and show my work~
along side so many artists 
that I have admired
 for so many years....
I am excited for the opportunity to see
many of YOU!
How wonderful to see and meet 
those of you that I have enjoyed
through the years 
and now can say~
I'm happy to see you....
give a hug.

Without you,
I could not
do all of this.

Mourning Dove

The BAD crud.

The crud was looking to be the winner....
but yesterday
 and today I do feel better.
I think a Dr. visit
 will still be in order...
but. I am confident 
that the crud 
will give way.

...and I will be fully back on my path.

Friday, January 6, 2017

My Head In The Clouds

I still have a little sculpting on her,
but she will change into a Mourning Dove for September.
I am WAAAAY overdue.
I have tried to settle into a new work schedule.

My wee friends in the Hedgerow have been inspiring me.
I have tried to concentrate on sculpting....
really I have.
It looks like I will schedule
Carpal Tunnel surgery 
if my insurance stays the same.
Of course, 
I have to be different and do 2 surgeries.
One will move a displaced nerve.
so there will be healing time in between.
Nothing major, 
but it will interrupt my work.

Mostly, I have just had a hard time concentrating!
About two years ago,
I wrote of changes 
and hurdles 
that I had to go through.
It wasn't easy... 
but once done,
...and a couple other 
bumps for good measure~
it finally made it possible 
(after 15 years)
to divorce.

Tim and I have been together,
 however we could be,
 for 11 of those years.
and although we both knew that I would eventually divorce...

I was NOT prepared for this!!!
(you may want to scroll down to the bottom of the page and stop the music on the music video to hear this)

I had no clue!

On a visit North to see my Mom,
Tim asked her permission for my hand.
Both knew that passing on 
her engagement ring 
would mean so much
(I know my Dad was watching!)
Only my youngest ( now dubbed 007)
and my Mom knew...
So during
the Walsh Family Christmas Party,
Tim called everyone's attention for what I thought was Santa coming...
silly me.

My invitiation arrived!
A few days later 
(and my head in the clouds)
I received a very special invitation
for Bewitching Peddlers of Halloween!
Making another dream even more real.
I am so
VERY blessed!

I really need to make one for me....
I'm still having a hard time fully
as I adjust 
to full time HALLOWEEN creating...
plan a wedding.
I'm trying to plant my feet firmly on the ground...
but when I think of all that has happened and is happening,
I am afraid my head is still in the clouds!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Finishing Touches

The days are flying by so fast.
There are still a couple presents to get...
some gatherings to enjoy
and family to visit.

Snowflakes are swirling about 
and Old Man Winter 
is bringing bitter cold.

A perfect excuse to sip on 
hot chocolate...
a little more than I should.

Marks the end of my offerings for this year.
She is available 
waiting to be that special gift for someone.
She reflects the growth 
that I like to challenge myself with
 in all of my creating.

I am excited to
move forward.

There won't be 
as many offerings
with the New Year~

they will
still hold that magic
that is in my heart.

I am excited to wrap presents
put on the 
finishing touches
Christmas and Yule....

just as I have put 
on the 
finishing touches
I have created
this year.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

One Last Hurrah!

Olde Kinderhook Gingerbread Man

Blue sky is peeking out today,
with the promise for more.
Winter's cold has taken hold,
making December the perfect dance partner.
Heaven and Nature Adirondack Bear

There are very big changes for me.
I have already started to prepare for my
Bewitching Peddlers journey....

and that will mean,
no local Holiday shows.
no big PictureTrail shows.
The winds of change...

Sleepy Mouse Container

But for all of you,
It will be a great opportunity
to get some pieces that
I have kept or made for me....
Some past pieces~
that I won't revisit
and some special prices on some oldies but goodies.
Just waiting for a wee Mousel to take a nap....
And so....
On Monday Night,
December 5th 
7pm. EST

There will be a Picture Trail Show
which will be the last of 
my large Christmas Shows
as I embark on a new journey.

If you would like to be on the mailing list
for a reminder~ 
send an email to:


and if you would be so kind as to put;
"Picture Trail Show"
in the subject area~
I will add you to the list.

Monday, November 21, 2016


Where is your head lass,
 when you are stitchin?

It is in a time long ago...
in my mind today,
 Tis Downton Abbey that captures me.
Not upstairs...
but down.

Not just Downton~
actually more
Robert Todd Lincoln's
My Great Grandparent's served him
in his fields and house.

The maids and kitchen staff a flutter
 and at the table,
a young maid quickly makes
 tiny repair stitches. 
Her pins on a pinkeep 
made of scrap. 
Perhaps pieces of a uniform, 
long retired from it's obvious task?

I wouldn't be able to create 
in that time.
Life would have been spent with many more needful duties,
creating would have been made in small, 
stolen moments.

I wonder sometimes if my heart held memories, 
over years greater than I.
Could the stars and heavens
 have kept glimpses 
of another era
that heart?

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Busy Season

As the sun was making it's way to sleep
I scurried to finish
 my Early Work offerings 
and capture the sunset colors
through the picture window.

My inspire was home...
and family now gone.
Now they will live on,
 perhaps unknowingly
with their new families.

If you get a chance, 
do stop by
to see the offerings ~
along with others 
from my friends.
What better gift,
than a handmade piece for 
someone close to your heart!

I have been fast at work
creating for a local show
trying to get better.

 it just takes more than one try
and some ruling out.
So today,
it seems that my Asthma is the culprit~
and not willing to leave so easily.
When the Dr. stepped into
the room
 I said,
"just call me Rerun".
Apparently my age is not helping either.
I was so into that 
age is just a number thing...

One thing is clear 

I am enjoying my create time
healing and visits.

It will come together
and I hope 
my local friends will
at a new venue for me~

I hope you will stop by!