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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Goody Two-Shoes

Art is such a neat journey. I love to research and in that, sometimes the road that you take for something specific takes you somewhere else. Sometimes it is a little treasure or gift. I am drawn visually to certain things and shoes is just one. I was researching early shoes as seen in the above mid 1600 sample. Along that path, I found the story behind the name,"Goody Two-Shoes". I just had to share. I love to know how sayings got their start and this was PERFECT for this blog!
I love old woodcuts also and so it was such a joy to find a 1700 woodcut image of Margery Meanwell, also known as Goody Two-Shoes. This was a childrens story that was published in 1765. The story is attributed to an Irish author, Oliver Goldsmith, but it is not clear that he is the true author. The story itself is a fable. Margery was a poor orphan
girl that went through most of her life having just one shoe. A rich gentleman gives her a pair of shoes. She is so elated that she shows everyone and points to her feet, saying "two shoes, two shoes!". Her kindness and hard work pay off later in life, when she becomes a teacher and then marries a rich widower. The name Goody we already know is the shortened addressing of "Good Wife" or in today's term....Mrs.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Eggs......we've got EGGS!

This picture is for my dearest friends~ Netty of course, Christe', Katie and the Loadwick's; Cheryl and Emily. When looking very closely one can see that what sits upon my head isn't the latest style hat, nor a pill box....even something of a colonial bonnet. This is Dearie, the chicken. The last time Nettie and I went to Brimfield, I awoke early the next morning and did all my Mommy duties before heading off to Netty's to do the paperwork from the show. Still tired from the trip, we unloaded the Van and went to Netty's kitchen to do the paperwork. Poor Dearie was a chick that didn't quite fit in with the rest of the brood, so Netty and Dearie spent quite a lot of time together~ Dearie even kept best manners when inside the house. Being curious of me, she hopped right up my lap and onto the table as I wrote out the figures. We enjoyed quite a conversation and I guess that Dearie figured that any friend of Netty's was hers too. How fun to have this chick walk up my arm and hop up on my head for a NAP! Yes... a nap! Netty made us lunch and I ate with Dearie sleeping quite nicely the whole time. Thanks Netty for taking the picture! Dearie is passed now, but the memories and the laughs are still with us. Now for all of my friends that I have shared this story, a picture to really give you a laugh. For those of you just stopping by, Dearie did have one accident, but thankfully it was of a rolling nature!

A couple days ago I needed to stop by Netty's for a photo shoot. Besides the work photos, I did take the picture of some of the chickens just outside her window. What a wonderful opportunity to really see through the glass which is original to the house~ 1812. There is such a warm feeling to living simply. It's not easy, but there is much to be said for putting in a honest day in the garden and living far from prime time TV or rushing to bring back videos that are due.We've been working in the flower beds and the vegetable gardens the past couple weekends. It's been so warm and inviting in the new green of Spring. I am joyful to grow sunflowers again and excited that my Sweet Annie seeds are nicely sprouted. The Hollyhocks aren't co-operating well, but I haven given up. Spring is certainly all around us!

After taking the photos, Netty sent me home with a few fresh eggs. They are a wonderful treat! My daughters keep some chickens at their Dad's house. A couple given to them from Netty also. They have such a good time with them and I do love to visit them! They do hold some wonderful conversations if you really listen close. Now after the passing of winter and as we move on into Spring fully, the chickens are enjoying all the new grass and bugs too! Of course in it all, this means an abundance of eggs! If you have never had a fresh-from-the-farm egg, put it on your list of things to do! Yes Virginia, there is a difference! Although I can't keep chickens living here in the village, I do try to simplify and teach my daughters the same. They will be faced with a world of technology, but it doesn't mean that they can't balance life with the simple goodness of fresh eggs and a garden.

Sunday, May 13, 2007


I'd like to take some time and space in my blog to celebrate the life of this young man, Bryan Tressler. Bryan lost his battle with Cancer on Tuesday, May 8th. We received a call from the school to tell us of Bryan's passing and I had the difficult task of telling Bailey.
Bryan and his family moved here three years ago from down state. I remember Bailey telling me about him and how much she enjoyed him in class. She had a hard time understanding how someone her age would have cancer. Bailey has enjoyed watching Bryan and all he has done these past three years. She came home one day and told me that her classmates were collecting money to buy Bryan a snowboard and that they were all going to sign it. Bryan LOVED snowboarding and I have found out that he was a junior Instructor at the local slopes this winter! Bryan wasn't in school a lot but when he was, he made an impact. Bryan truly lived life. He walked his own path. He taught the kids at Granville High School to be exactly who they are and not worry what others may think.
Bryan's classmates and the community were has been devastated to hear that Bryan lost his battle. The school had counselors for the kids. Bailey asked me to go with her to the calling hours and asked her Grampa to go with her to pick out flowers. When we arrived at the funeral, the line was way down the street! His classmates along with parents, most of the school staff and so many others from this town. I was amazed at just how many people this young man had touched! As Bailey and I introduced ourselves, Bailey started to get teared up. Bryan's father told her to CELEBRATE his life and try not to be sad. We went through the memorial that Bryan's family had put together.. and yes, the snowboard with many signatures was among pieces and pictures of a young man that loved life!
Afterwords, we went across the street to the Church basement where everyone was having some refreshments. Not to long after we arrived, you could hear it start to thunder and rain. It poured so hard and then... it hailed. The hail came down sooo heavy that the lawns were white! Bailey and I looked out and I told Bailey that I think this is Bryan! He made it snow, the best way he could so that we would all know he was near!
Bryan's funeral was lively and musical. A town came together to celebrate a young man's life. I am adding a link in my "Eye Candy" section called the Caring Bridge with his parent's permission and also, if you would like to go to "My Space" and do a search for Bryan Tressler, you will see Bryan. Both of these places will tell you Bryan's Story in his words and the words of his family and friends. Bryan Tressler~ you rock!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Brimfield Is In The Air!

You can smell it even. Brimfield MA. hosts the largest Antiques show in New England three times a year~ May, June and September. It boasts 5000 vendors~ that's right! Tent city! Whether you are a vendor or a buyer, it is an adventure.

I heard about it during those early years with Netty. Now, if you know Netty, you know she has quite the mischievous sparkle in her eye when she has something good to share~ and sparkle she did. Netty shared this wonderful place that we could go and sell our things. A day to drive, set up, and camp in the van til the next morning. We would then sell our things, pack and leave. It took a little doing for me to do this. My girls were still little, 5 and 7 years old. I never knew for sure if both of my parents would be OK with me gone. I still worked a 40 hour week, and still had to make a inventory. It was tough, but it did work out. We packed my parent's van til it was about to burst. Netty drove and I was the co pilot. We have learned a few things with our adventures~

  1. Maps don't tell you everything you need to know, when you NEED to know it.
  2. Always plan extra time to visit a couple of different exits along the way.
  3. The van wants to go to Chicopee every time....we don't.
  4. Police cars do drive in your lane----in REVERSE!
  5. Good bladder control is a must.
  6. The co-pilot needs to have a Lamaze breathing control lesson under her belt.

We have arrived safely every time. Spent the afternoons browsing through Sturbridge "musts" such as, The Seraph, Colonial Crafts and Old Sturbridge Village. The Village is the largest outdoor museum in the Northeast. Here you can see and be a part of Early America during the years 1790-1840. They have the most wonderful bookstore also, we spend hours there!

After a bit of a breather and a Sturbridge fix, it's on to Brimfield and Hertan's Field. Hertan's Field opens on Wednesday, and we choose to sell on Thursday. We have always gotten the same spot, and a few of the vendors near know Netty. As we unload and set up the tent, there is some catching up to do. Darkness comes fast, and sunrise faster it seems. We are always up when the birds first start to chirp and it's still a bit dark out. In no time at all we are dressed and eating while we finish marking. As the sun rises over the fields and the mist of morning still lingers, you can see people starting to make their way to their favorite booths. Many of them pulling little handcarts to hold their booty. By 10 am, most of the serious buyers have come and gone. At about 4 we start packing anything that is left, and we are on the road. It is indeed exhausting, but it is such an adventure that I really do miss it. Yes, there are Porta-Potties to deal with and sleeping in a van is not always warm in early May or September. It's been a couple years now since we have been, but it does still call. Who knows, maybe next year the adventure will continue.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

aoi a bhfuil fáilte roimhe

I imagine you must be thinking , I'm a wee bit snockered! Instead I would like to welcome you in Gaelic~ it simply means, "a welcome guest". Welcome to my humble little blog once again. This weekend was a special treat for me. Bailey was able to spend a couple nights with her Gram and Poppa and all of cousins up at the old farmhouse. She celebrated a belated Birthday there. Tim whisked me away for my belated Birthday gift~ tickets at the historic Palace Theater in Albany and Riverdance!
It was indeed a chance of a lifetime. The seats were perfect~ five rows back~ we were just above stage level. If you have a love of any thing Celtic or mystical, music or dance, you will enjoy this! Irish history and ancient Celtic mythology are perfectly woven. Riverdance is not just about dance, it's about history. Not just the history of the seven nations, but history since the dawn of man. History of the river and the life it gives as it flows. They also touched upon how in the mid nineteenth century, Irish immigrants came to the new world, leaving loved ones, family and community behind. We saw the blend of of immigrants and their struggles in dance. One fascinating part was a scene called "Trading Taps". Here we are told,"the wealth of the poor is in song, dance and story." It was a riveting performance as we watched young men, Irish Americans and Black Americans, dance pridefully to their heritage and then come together and blend. There was so much~ the Russian Dancers, a beautiful display of Flamenco dancing and the songs...all of it was amazing.
My head is still spinning with it all. There is nothing more perfect a gift, than one that touches your heart and soul. I am at the time in my life where there isn't too much I need; I have that close to me every day in family and friends....some of the best gifts are still the things that my daughters make me and leave hidden for me to find... but this was perfect. This was a memory.